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Unearthly (Unearthly, #1)Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
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This book has been on my to-read list even before I created my Goodreads account. I just didn’t have the time to read it yet and my priority to-read books are that many. So when I finished reading Near and Far yesterday, I noticed that my to-read list is messed up already … I decided not to follow it anymore and just randomly pick books. Which got me into checking a couple of blurbs of different books … and UNEARTHLY stood out from my pile. The blurb was really interesting annnnd maybe it’s also because of its purpleyyyy and prettyyyy cover.


Based from that reaction, I think you can already conclude that I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK. I LOVE THE STORY, WRITING STYLE, THE PREMISE AND CHARACTERS! It was so much fun reading this book and being introduced into a new world about angels.


1. The pacing of the story. Yes, Unearthly may be a slow paced one but I think it really works for the book as a whole. Ms. Hand really took into consideration the world building aspect, in which she carefully laid out all the pieces of information and proceeded with building everything up this "new world of angels" she created. She took it one step at a time, which leaves the story of the book to flow in smoothly. Achieving that kind of pacing, let the readers ease in and be comfortable with it. Thus, creating a really great effect when she dropped those BOMBS towards the ending of the story.

2. The world and the terminologies used - SO COOL! I even jotted down notes and some important terms used. Like Dimidius, Quartarius,Intangerene, Black Wing and etc. There is also the vision, the purpose, their abilities AND THE GLORY THING (WHICH BY THE WAY IS FREAKING COOL *SCREAMS*). I'm ecstatic on getting to know more about this world Ms. Hand created 'cause it is so damn interesting.

3. Let's start with Clara Gardner. Clara is basically a normal teenager who goes through normal teenage stuff, which makes her a relatable character. She feels insecure, she gets pried on by students, she gets as awkward as she can be. She's got a brother, Jeffrey, who annoys the hell out of her but still both of them cares for each other. Her mother, a typical mother - loving, caring, protective and oh she's one bad ass mother. So yeah, normal.

But that's just half of who she is though, for she is a also a quarter angel or a Quartarius. Here in Unearthly, Clara is just starting to learn the ropes of being an angel and we get to join her in that process. We see her difficulties and her worries about dealing with it, but in the end she still manages to come out strong and do what she believes is right for her. Her character is AMAZEBALLS, not only because she's an angel, she makes this decision and takes these risks in her life but she is ... “I won’t be that girl who lets the guy treat her like crap and still fawns all over him.” and that's a line we don't normally hear from female heroines. Simply amazing!

4. Well well well. We've got two *melts in a puddle of goo* guys in this book. Christian Prescott, the sexy-brooding guy and Tucker Avery, the sexy-rugged one (those terms were provided by Clara in the book).

Christian Prescott, the man starring in Clara's vision. Her visions from the beginning and how she described him *swoons*. I was having major feels for Christian and Clara in the beginning. Especially when they already transferred and Clara got the chance to meet Christian in person already fkjnsdkfsd! The idea of him just living inside your mind and now he's in front of you OMGEEEEEE ... *sigh* And the next thing you know, he's got a girlfriend LMAO. *stabs knife in chest* Twist and turns and shocking revelations are involved towards Christian's character. Clearly he will be much involved now in book 2, Hallowed, because of the ending Ms. Hand pulled off. Though, WAHAHA I guessed correctly regarding that part of the story. I just got that inkling that maybe it will end up that way, and SEE! Anyways, I don't know what'll happen next.

Tucker Avery jkfdgsjkdfnkamfkdds halpppp this time I'm drowning with feels. Tucker's gentleman, sweet, adorable, funny and so much more. The moment he was introduced, I just know it that I need to look out for his character. He just gave off this vibe, "I'm going to annoy her to death but I'm secretly in love with her" one. It's so cuteeeee, I'm greatly entertained just by reading how Tucker and Clara's relationship played out. The bickering, witty comments slowly turning into something more ... dfbdsjns! *melts on the floor*

5. There are loads of stuff that I would want to comment on but I'll just end this post with this one. I love how Ms. Hand handled the love triangle card in this book. OR was there really a love triangle? Because Clara's involvement with Christian and Tucker wasn't of the same time frame. Her infatuation with Christian started and ended. Now Tucker makes a grand entrance into Clara's life. Christian re-enters the scene, wohoops and *cue* for the mess to start. Then the purpose thing happened ... Ok. I'm done here.

It's about time for me to take flight and read the next book of this series. I'm so stoked! (Well, thank goodness I read this book just now. I can proceed immediately.)

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