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BOOK REVIEW: FOREVER, JACK (Eversea #2) by Natasha Boyd

Forever, Jack (Eversea, #2)Forever, Jack by Natasha Boyd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Forever, Jack is written in both of their POVs which made us understand their actions. Especially Jack. The book picks up where Eversea left off with Jack and Audrey talking about the fake pregnancy plan Andy and her concocted. Switches and the book is now written seven months after the first book ended, and then there are some inserts from what happened five months prior. The inserts were used for retelling what really went down with the issue with Audrey. The story now follows through with the consequences Jack and Keri Ann have to deal with in terms of the decisions they've made in the previous months.

This book is basically about Jack winning Keri Ann back and waiting for Keri Ann’s decision if she is willing to take a chance on their relationship. And I love the fact that Jack gave her the option. He may have been pushing himself in the early bits of the book but he did tone down a bit. Being with Jack is not an ordinary case of being in a relationship. Being with him comes with strings attached to his profession.

Keri Ann. It gave us a glimpse on how she stood back up after the Jack-Audrey fiasco. She proved that it didn't totally messed her up but it only paved way for her to do something meaningful out of her life. She isn't the girl who's just going to wait for her chance/time but she's this woman already who knows what she wants in her life. There's a new found courage within her now. I love the character development for Keri Ann.

The first conversation they've had after several months of not seeing each other, wow I really like how Keri Ann handled it. She wasn't this woman who's just lured in with the charms of this famous actor and ready to kiss n' make up. She's grown into a quite strong character and finds her way to battle her situation out with words. Just dead on saying what she wants too. Even if it hurts Jack.

Even if she's hurting too with every word coming out of her mouth, I commend Keri Ann for standing her ground. It'll totally took some guts to send away someone you love.

“If you truly love me, then you’ll respect my request … and walk away from this. Leave. Me. Alone.”

How Keri Ann reacted was very realistic. It's what a woman in her position would be doing after going through that same scenario she had with Jack. I like how Keri Ann wasn't just swayed with Jack's proposition about them being together. She was able to stand up for herself and express what she wanted to happen. And I think, there's a few NA characters pretty much like her.

For the most parts of the book, you can really feel her doubt and restraint with pushing through a relationship with Jack. Keri Ann's indecision comes from the fact that it isn't the life she would want for herself. All the possibility of the vicious attacking paparazzi hounding them anywhere they would go just to get the latest scoop isn't really a nice way to live one's life. Keri Ann also has aspirations in life and she would want to be able to fulfill those without being tied down or labelled with her association to Jack. She wants to be recognized in achieving those things as her own person.

But what I quite don’t like her character is the fact that she lacks self-confidence. Even if people are already acknowledging her talent, she still keeps on doubting herself. Maybe it'll take more time for that fact to sink into her system.

“Let’s start with something I never told you before. I, Jack Eversea, am … utterly in … love … with you, Keri Ann Butler.”

Jack. Despite the mistakes and BS Jack has done, I like the fact that he was able to pinpoint on where he went wrong. He was able to deduce the things that could possibly tip off Keri Ann. His arrogance and cowardice truly played in that part. Contracts and vicious people obviously plotted Jack's life for the past seven months, you might as well consider Jack tied on a leash. This scenario makes his previous decisions somewhat understandable. He did this self-sacrificing thing and just didn't want to string Keri Ann along the mess.

But if I were Jack, I would've at least talked to Keri Ann already and notified her of the situation. It makes me feel sad that Jack didn't man up and just faced her weeks after their fall out during Eversea. He just prolonged everything and messed up more their relationship. It could've been them together battling the odds out. Not just Jack facing the shit storm being stirred by Audrey.

This book made me cry, their emotions truly seeped through inside me. I can feel the devastation and the longing they've felt for the past seven months. Especially with that journal Jack gave Keri Ann. If he just explained everything out loud, it wouldn't be as dramatic as this. (IT INVOLVES A CERTAIN JOURNAL HA! Read this book, if you want to find out!)

All in all, Eversea was a great series. I had a good time reading it. You should totally grab this book and read it when you have a free time and up for some Hollywood craziness.

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