Sunday, December 30, 2012

FEATURED: Kyla LoPresti, Author of FlashBack

Kyla LoPrestiSource:
My dear readers, I had the opportunity to interview a lovely young lady named, Kyla LoPresti, author of the FlashBack series. 

How did I came to know about her? Twitter is the answer to that. I was checking my friend's twitter account (who's an avid reader of YA books, just like me) and saw her account. I was really curious about her, why? Because a part of her twitter bio says this one: "13 year old Author, I published my first book when I was 12! ..." AMAZING! Yeah. Like who else gets to publish a book at the age of 12? For me, I certainly don't know any one. Then I checked her website, saw the preview of the book and liked it. That's the time I decided that I want her to be featured on my blog. 

I tweeted her about the blog interview, she followed, replied and DM'ed me, there you go. Communicated and all those stuff I needed to be able to send her the interview questions. Waited for a couple of days. Then, I'm here blogging all about it. Not to keep you waiting, here's the interview!

Get to know more about Kyla: 
1. First and foremost, can you tell us more about yourself?  
- My name is Kyla LoPresti.  I am in 8th grade at Bailey Middle School in West Haven, CT.  I live with my parents, my little sister Zoey and dog Cole.

2. Who’s your favorite author?
- My favorite author is Cassandra Clare

3. What kind of music do you prefer?
- I like different kinds of music. My favorite artists are Christina Perri, Green Day, Monsters & Men, Lincoln Park, Ron Pope, Ed Sheeran

About being an author: 
4. How did you end up becoming an author?

- I didn’t always know I was going to be an author.  One night I had a dream about the character in my book and I woke up and just starting writing about her.  It started as a short story and I decided to make it longer and add more characters and ideas.

5. Any person who inspired you in creating your own line of books?
- I like reading series.  I thought I could make my book into a series too. My parents inspired me to keep writing and share my ideas with others.

6. When did you start writing this? Is there any dream behind it (just like the birth of The Twilight Saga) or any inspiration for this? Any hardships you faced in getting this book published? 
- I started writing my book a week before my 12th birthday. I wrote it just for myself because I had a dream about it. I started telling friends and family about it and they were really interested in reading it. So, my parents helped me make it into book format and publish it. I self published my book so there were no hardships of being turned down or people telling me it wasn’t good enough. I am lucky to have people to so support me and are excited about reading my book.

7. How many books do you plan to write for this series?

- I plan on writing 5 books for the series.  I already have them planned out and named.  But I will keep that a secret for now. :) 


Yes. You've read the blog post title correctly. INTERNATIONAL IT IS

You may now be questioning me on how did I manage to do that, am I right? Well, the answer is staying up late and being on Twitter for 1,2,3 ... I don't know hours. 

Even before I started this blog, I already had this game plan on my mind to have a "FEATURE" an artist or an author portion here in my blog. But I don't have that much time to look for potential interviewees because of too much school stuff going on. That's why I grabbed this holiday vacation as an opportunity to take time and focus on this part of my blog. Well, it turned out pretty fine because I already received a couple of responses from artists and authors! Wohoo! I'm so stoked to craft my individual blog posts for them! That's about it, everyone! :)
- Amanda xxx