Saturday, October 18, 2014


I know that this is quite a late post already since Until Trilogy by Jonaxx ended last week. I’ve just been so busy with real life and I also need time to gather my thoughts about the completion of the three-part story of Klare and Elijah’s journey to love and happiness.

I think, it was a couple of weeks after I read Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews that a friend of mine gave me a heads up about Until He Was Gone. She said that the story contains a cousin falling in love with one of his cousins. That’s new for me, cousins. At first, I was unsure if I’d read it or not because … Come on! I feel like I’m subjecting myself for another round of constant heartache. But then she mentioned that it’s a Wattpad story written by Jonaxx, okay, I’m sold. If you’ve read my previous posts here in my blog, I’ve been a fan of Queen J for quite long time already. But well I got lost in a sea of Young Adult and New Adult books which resulted for me not being able to visit my Wattpad application. Yes, I've been missing in action. Then she further elaborated that it has interesting characters, a pair that I’d definitely fuss over with because of their chemistry and I’d die for wishing and shipping them to be together till the end of the story. But despite everything that she said, I'm more curious as to how Jonaxx is going to handle such a conflict for this book. This is a sensitive topic. Not an easy and common conflict to tackle. You have to brave enough to write it. How is she going to weave and surprise her readers? With those thoughts in my mind, I dropped whatever that I was reading at that time and started my journey. 

Now after several months, it’s done. Klare and Elijah’s story has been written already… How are you, guys? Still reeling over Until Trilogy’s ending? Then that means that I’m not alone. 


THEY WEREN'T REAL COUSINS. I just want to get this out before I went on my merry way of gushing about my feels. If you're curious as to how it happened, then read the entire trilogy and don't just stop until you've finished Book 1 or Book2. Though if you've been a keen observer, I'm sure you've correctly pieced together some of the suspicious things that happened in the first book. 

Now, I can resume. Thank you so much, Queen J for sharing this trilogy to us. Thank you for this beautiful roller coaster ride that we’ve been riding for the most part of year. Every tear we’ve shed, every heartache and anger we’ve felt and just about any emotion that you’ve gotten out of us, were unquestionably worth it. Until Trilogy isn’t something we’re going to forget any time soon. Right?

“That last chapter was the most beautiful last chapter I’ve ever read in a Wattpad story”, I can still remember tweeting that after reading Kabanata 50 of Until Forever. It really sent me into frenzy that I was just constantly pouring my feels and thoughts on Twitter regarding that chapter. From that moment, all those theories and foreshadowing stuff that some readers were posting didn’t even matter to me. I already felt it in my gut that Klare and Elijah will be getting an ending that they truly deserved. Plus, come to think about it. If Queen J had thrown a curveball at us in UF’s Epilogue and gave us a tragic ending, I think it wouldn’t be an ending that would feel right and justified. I feel in my heart that it’s only right for Klare and Elijah to have a HAPPY ENDING because they deserve it. They deserve to be accepted by their respective families and experience happiness with them.

Other than the fact that I love the story (despite all the dramas that we’ve encountered), the Montefalcos and the Tys were enough reason for me to stay and continue reading it. And considering that this story offers a heavy topic to digest in, these characters created the balance that this story needed. I’m certainly missing them so much, especially reading the cute and funny banters these characters always have. Queen J created interesting characters with very distinct personalities and being a reader I cannot also help but to adore their dynamics. They weren’t just interesting characters but they were also pro-active characters. Every single one of them plays a huge part in the story and Until Trilogy wouldn’t be the same if one of the characters weren’t present. All of them matter in the story. Their actions and decisions matter. Their placing in Klare and Elijah’s lives and story were smoothly done. Everyone was given time to shine and showcase their own characters.

Until Trilogy may be a trilogy about Klare and Elijah’s story but Queen J was able to give each of her “side” characters an equal treatment. It wasn’t just us going through this journey with Klare and Elijah. It was actually us going through every single journey of the characters in the story – may it be Claudette, Azi, Knoxx, Hendrix, Pierre and the others. In Until Trilogy, you can actually see where Queen J can take the storyline for each of the characters. In the entire duration of the trilogy, we were given the opportunity to know these characters by heart already and you can clearly notice the possible ordeal their characters will be facing in their individual stories in the Montefalco series.

SPG scene was a no show down to the last page of the trilogy. So much love for that decision of Queen J. At the back of my mind I knew it that there wouldn’t be one. Why did I think of that? Well, Until Trilogy brushed up on a grave and taboo topic which is incest. Yeah yeah, they weren’t exactly cousins but you know that they grew up together and all that kind of stuff. That reason alone gives you an idea that it’s a story that with just one wrong move/decision by the author it would affect everything how readers would perceive the intention of the characters. It’s a hard one to move around in. In this move that Queen J choose, she was actually able to clearly impose how strong and serious Klare and Elijah’s relationship is. It showcased that they’re not in a relationship just because of lust and its forbidden (that’s why they want it). It also avoided the whole situation where readers will denounce and question their love for each other. What’s there to question when everything is presented right in front of you?

Honestly, SPG scenes weren’t even needed because Klare and Elijah’s chemistry alone can kill you with feels already. Ha! Their chemistry goes from the cutesy-adorable type to just over the roof “even my toes are curling” kind of feels. So it’s really enough to satisfy us, chemistry junkies out there. Plus, it really made Elijah Riley V. Montefalco’s character stand out from all the other male characters in Wattpad. He doesn’t need a SPG scene for us to know and feel how much he loves Klare. He only needs himself, his actions and his words. Dude, you the man.

At the end of the day when you come to think of it, Until Trilogy wasn’t just about romantic relationships and all that. It was totally more than that. It was about family and our own selves. The story showed us the importance of family and how we (should) consider and value their opinion in every decision that we make in our lives. We learn to value it because they are our family and they only want what’s best for us. But then it isn’t only their opinion that should matter when we decide on things, we also need to offer our own input to it. We need to have our own stand about things too. We should always take into account and listen to what our mind and heart says. Remember to 1) always go after the things that will make you happy and 2) never be afraid to fight and follow through something, as long as you know in your mind and heart that you are in the right. Oh I’m sure every character gives you something that you could take away from the story.

Congratulations, Queen J for a very successful and beautiful trilogy. I’m sure that Until Trilogy will FOREVER be remembered and be dear to every single of your reader’s hearts. *sigh* I can’t thank you enough for sharing and giving us something like this. Even though I cried a bucket full of tears, I really had fun while reading every single update. Thank you for giving us several months in the company of the Montefalcos and the Tys because it was definitely a blast being with them.

Guys guys! What are your thoughts about the conclusion of Until Trilogy? Share your feels in the comment box below! I would love to talk and fangirl with you, guys! <3


  1. BRAVO! This post has already told everything a reader can react about the Until trilogy.

  2. I can totally agree with you! I don't really think that SPG is needed. Elijah saying "baby ~ ~ ~" is more than enough lol

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