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I am accepting books and ARCs for review. Digital copies/eARCs in .epub is probably the best format to go since I'm a book blogger living in the Philippines. But if you're kind enough and would really want to send me a physical copy of it ... then who am I to say no to that kind of blessing? 

Please be reminded that I would prioritize ARCs since they're advance copies and I definitely want to help promote the book as early as I can. 

Here are some of the genres that I enjoy reading the most: Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary romance, Chick lit, Dystopia, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and Mystery/Thriller. You can send emails to amandabanzuela[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to get in touch with me and have your book be reviewed. 

Here's what you'll find once I post a review of your book in my blog: 
  • Cover art
  • Book Info (Title, Author, Publisher, Date Published)
  • Synopsis
  • Goodreads link
  • Purchase links
  • Review (with some quotes coming from the book)
  • Rating
  • About The Author  

It doesn't even matter if you're one of my favorite authors, an upcoming author, an indie one or so because a review is a review and it's ultimately about the book. I treat everything equally. I can say that I'm completely honest in my reviews because I just type down whatever I'm feeling towards a certain book. I'll include it there if it felt like that the book didn't live up to hype, disappointed me in one way or another or if it was an AMAZING one. One thing that I always try to do in my review is pinpointing what for me felt like the strength and the weakness of a book. I think of it as a way to balance everything out.

I usually write lengthy reviews and I see to it that the content would always include the following:


  • Introduction about the book
  • What I felt about the book as a whole; did I enjoy it or meh
  • My thoughts about on how it was written, the plot, pacing of the story and other elements involved
  • A little introduction of the main characters and comments on how they are as a character of the book. It also includes what I love about them and what I didn't.
  • Quotes injected in some places
  • When I review New Adult books, I always include comments about their chemistry. Yes, feels feels feels. I'm the type of girl who love books with loads of feels in it and if I felt that certain FEELS in a book then I would certainly gush about it in my review. 
  • Other added stuff, which I picked up on the book that I would love to comment on.

My review will be posted here in my blog and Goodreads. Plus, it will appear on all of Fandomly Bookish's social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin', Google+, NetworkedBlogs and Instagram. 

This blog is also open for cover reveals, book blitz, release day launch, excerpt reveals, giveaways and author interviews! Once again, if you would like to contact me ... you can email me at amandabanzuela[at]gmail[dot]com or any of these accounts.


I tried to finish reading it but uhmm, what even happened here?

It was a so-so read and me thinks that it's seriously lacking major bits. 

It was an okay read but there are things that needs to be fleshed out. 

 I enjoyed reading it and will definitely recommend this book to my friends!

This book really deserves a crown and be shelved on my top favorites!

If needed, I will be using half crowns too. 

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