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Allegiant (Divergent, #3)Allegiant by Veronica Roth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It has been hours already since I’ve finished reading Allegiant and I’m still in awe how Veronica Roth concluded the series. Just whoa. I didn’t expect something major like that to happen. As of now I’m having a book hangover, all the events from Allegiant are just playing over and over again in my head. I’m trying to let every single detail sink in to my mind and heart. I really can’t get over with that ending. *deep sigh*

For me, Allegiant is a good conclusion for the series. To see the Divergent world to come full circle; lies unravelled, truths explained and sacrifices here and there it was just beautiful, amazing and heart-warming. It wasn’t just a story about the journey of Tris, Four, Caleb and so on and so forth but it’s also a story in which all of us can take something from and most importantly use it in our daily lives.

With it being classified as a dystopian kind of novel it truly explored all the possible things that may spring out amidst the turmoil happening in their society. Roth did not hold back. No one was particularly safe in her hands.

Style. Roth’s style is easy to identify or very distinctive. Veronica Roth is practically labelled or written all over her writings, specifically in Allegiant. What she studied in college, Psychology (considering that psychology holds a big part in how the series got started) just shines through it. With what her characters are constantly going through they are bound to be like questioning and questioning and continue on questioning with what is right and what is wrong, in terms of the problem solving and the decision making factor and the specific behaviour that accompanies those decisions. I think, Roth really invested in this element of the book, analyzing the minds and actions of the characters.

There were parts where us, readers, will also be like questioning ourselves (with the DUAL POV happening), “Who’s telling the truth?” “What’s right?” “What’s wrong?” and “Where do I stand among these life threatening situations?”. In some ways, it feels like annoying (‘cause all we want is to just read what’ll happen next to the book’s characters) but on the other hand it makes us evaluate ourselves – if we were in Tris’ and Four’s shoes what will we be doing and how are going to behave/act?

Roth's great in describing places, things, what’s currently happening in the scenes of the book and how the characters are feeling. She also have this intricate/tricky world-building and back-up explanation for the “behind the fence” element of her story and it was just uhhh whoa! But for me it didn't come across as mind-boggling sort of thing. It was just a plain narration/explanation of everything about the truth.

DUAL POV. When Veronica Roth announced that the book is going to be in Tris’ and Four’s perspective, I was pretty much giddy and scared at the same time. Giddy because we are going to be given a chance to read and explore the Divergent world in a much broader scope. Like there may be things that Tris can pick up on but Four can’t and that can go the other way around. Scared because there’s a chance that it will pave way for something bigger or a game changer in terms of the story’s plot, just like what happened in *coughs* Origin *coughs*! Seriously, dual POV's scare the hell out of me!

And I was right with that. Giddy and scared it is.

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Weekends Required (Danvers, #1)Weekends Required by Sydney Landon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

With my mood clearly not fervoring into jumping to another Young Adult book/series as of the moment (saving my FEELS for Allegiant), I decided to randomly pick from my latest marked books. Well yeah. That's how I ended reading this one.

Weekends Required starts off with Claire working for Danvers Intl. as Jason Danvers' personal assistant. She's been in that position for almost three years already and they've clearly maintained a very professional relationship. But one weekend changed everything ...

Jason has been pushing through with a merger between Danvers Intl and Mericom company. And to do that, he needs to work even on a weekend and obviously with the help of Claire. The catch here is during that specific weekend Jason also needs to attend his friends' bachelor party and wedding. Figures. Claire and Jason ended up travelling to Columbia for the said wedding weekend and will be working on the merger during the free hours. Relax. Laid back. Both of them seeing the other person in a new light. Chemistry. Yada yada.

But wait there's more. A girl needs to do what she needs to do in order to sustain for her mother's medical needs and be able to fend for herself. Claire has this alter-ego/second job and it's quite out of character for her. Poof! Claire pops out of the cake (She's not a stripper!), only to find out that the party she was assigned to that night was at the bachelor party of Jason's friend. ... Well, that's just the start of the story and if you seem interested in it, better pick this one up and read it already!

Story. I actually forgot the blurb for this book, so when I started reading this I was just like "Ohhh maybe they're just gonna be hooking up blah blah blah." But as the story progresses, it proved my assumption wrong. Engk!

This is one of those stories that will make you say that the past is a huge factor of shaping up a person. Weekends Required got it's depth from that. This book is a good take on that idea and I quite enjoyed reading it. Plus points for this book for being a light read.

Oh man. Having dual POVs in a book (especially with main characters) somewhat messes up with my emotions. It's because of the fact that you're being clued in to what they're both thinking and feeling. It sucks to be in that position. It makes me want to jump inside the book, try to shake some sense in to the characters and also console them. But having this element in a story is a huge help in getting to know a great deal about the character's character.

Claire Walters. She's afraid of losing control of her life which was caused by the abuse that they suffered from the hands of her father. It was like every move they make were being controlled by her dad and he used to tell them that they lack intelligence, only dependent to his money dadadada or to sum it all up they were just a bunch of good for nothing people. And that fear of hers happened ...

Jason Danvers. He is Claire's oh-so-hot-boss! It is in his nature to take care of people and fix their problems. (I think you're having a clue already where I'm getting at, am I right?) Well stuff happen blah blah blah and Claire noticed that his ways were sort of similar with his father. Then things got messy from that part... Dagnabit. Honestly, Jason was really way overboard with the things he did. But man was he totally concern for Claire and how sincere he is when he did those stuff. *sigh*

I can say that what happened to him and Claire was "insta-lust upon seeing the other person in a new light" kind of thing (LOL). (How could like years pass without them having a getting to know you in a deeper sense happen? Idk if it's just me or what! Ugh lol help)

Suzy. I love her character. She just lightens up the book with what her playful self out in the open. I kinda ship Grayson and her! I think, they could be a cute couple. She could pretty much help Mr. Uptight loosen up!!!

Bye x
Oh wait. As expected though, Jason and Claire got their HEA!

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BOOK REVIEW: KILLING SARAI (In the Company of Killers, #1) by J.A. Redmerski

Killing Sarai (In the Company of Killers, #1)Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Killing Sarai was recommended by a friend of mine and has been sittin' in my to read list for a month or so already. I have so many books piled up in my list that I haven't managed to read this book earlier. But once I started reading this book, oh dear I can't put it down.

So. I think this is the first book that I've read that dealt with the elements - drugs, human trafficking, sex slavery and hired killers in the core of it's story. At first it made me uneasy, for I have seen people reviewing other books with the same topics tackled here and it just left them disturbed by the circumstances in the book and how graphic it can get. But I've seen great reviews and good ratings about this book, that's why I decided to pick this one up.

I commend the author for handling those elements perfectly. It was just the perfect way to incorporate it in a story. The thought of a girl being violated alone is already repulsive but at least this book didn't delved into that area and graphically described it. The story revolves around the positive and empowering end of the equation which is about survival and the constant question of where your loyalty lies.

Killing Sarai is the story of Sarai who tried to escape from the clutches of Javier (the man who caged her away from the world since she was fourteen years old) only to be tangled up with Victor (the man who kills a person for a job)...

Sarai. Oh man. She's such a strong character. She didn't allow herself to rot in that hell of a place. It may have taken her years to find a way to escape but at least she managed to remove herself away from that compound. My heart aches for her. For her to experience those shit at a very young age, gahhhd. No one should experience that.

Well now, that she was able to escape that place ... She's now clueless as to what'll happen next for her. She doesn't have anyone or anything. Awww man it really breaks my heart. She had gone through sooooo many hardships in life and to still be standing (despite the fears and her being unstable), I'm amazed by her.

Victor. No matter how cold he treated Sarai, you can't erase the fact that he allowed Sarai to change his plans (somewhat considering Sarai's well being into every single plan he have on that specific mission). He is somewhat a blessing in disguise to Sarai. He helped Sarai to get her life back or should I say start living her new life.

“It wouldn’t be the first time I risked my position and my life to follow my conscience rather than my orders.” - Victor

From the beginning of the story, I was asking myself "What's the real deal of Victor's order? I'm pretty sure they don't just kill innocent people." And towards the end of the story Victor explained to Sarai, "My Order deals only in crime, government corruption and a host of other things that make bad people bad. And sometimes we eliminate people who might be considered innocent, but who are a threat to a large number of innocent people, or an idea.”

He may be saying that he's just using Sarai as a leverage or as a bait but pssssh Sarai has really cracked into his soul. For Victor to sacrifice himself or what he has trained to do ever since he was a kid just to protect Sarai djfsjd *feels*. It truly touched me. There were already several circumstances in which he could have gotten rid of Sarai but NO, he still kept Sarai to himself even if it means of endangering his life or his reputation in the Order.

"But you did something else that no one else ever could. You made me feel real emotions. You unlocked me." - Victor

Figures. Book 2 which has a title of Reviving Izabel, my guess would be Sarai woven back to Victor or to the Order. I'm really excited to read the next installment of this series!

Bye x

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BOOK REVIEW: FRIEND-ZONED (Friend-Zoned, #1) by Belle Aurora

Friend-Zoned (Friend-Zoned, #1)Friend-Zoned by Belle Aurora
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh man! I really did have a great time reading this book, made my heart squeal with joy and a little bit of sadness! It's a light and fluffy read! You totes need to read this book!!!

I love how the story got started *coughs* "Did I...? Did I just get friend-zoned?" *coughs*! That's so rich, I can't even HAHA! So basically our main characters here, Nik and Tina were just friends in the beginning of the story. We see how everything in their relationship unfolds - from the "getting to know each other" stage, their group of friends became buddy buddies also, their past unraveled and how they fell in love with each other were mixed in with the story. Thus, creating a really really great storyline!

Aside from how the story went, I love this book because of set of characters that we have here. Nik. Tina. Nat. Ghost. Max. Mimi. Lola. Trick. They're just relatable characters! I love them to bits and pieces!!! And I commend Belle Aurora for making me feel like I really know these characters personally, shizz! Well. It only goes to show that this book is well-written! Now, I want each and everyone of them to have a book specifically written for their characters! *begs*

NIKKKKKKKKI DHFSDJNFSDKMK *SPAZZING* HE'S SO SWEET AND ALL THAT!!! *HEARTS EVERYWHERE* Him and Tina are just so sweet to each other even as friends! FDSJFNDS Soooo cute! And I love how Tina bakes cupcakes for him, for his friends, for her friends ... basically for everyone HAHA! Oh gosh! Just read this book so that you'll get what I'm rambling about! BTW, I feel like a puddle of goo when I finished reading this book dfhfjsdn *FEELS*!

"We might all be misfits but we fit perfectly together." - Tina

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Finding It (Losing It, #3)Finding It by Cora Carmack
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Losing It series by Cora Carmack is one of the series that I've been really keeping tabs on. With the first two books (Losing It and Faking It) leaving a great impression to me, it's just expected for me to continue with this series. I was really giddy to start reading this book!!

Finding It is a story of overcoming the past and all the heartaches it has brought down to a person. It's about wanting yourself to pull through it. Life has so much to offer and for you to allow to be dictated by those experiences means ... you are wasting your life away already.

The story also opens a room for re-evaluating one's self and accepting one's self. Finding your strength. Finding yourself. Finding where you truly belong. Past is past, never let those BS decide where you steer your future. (Self-destruction isn't a solution to those problems.)

This is the book 3 of the Losing It series and it follows the story of Kelsey Summers (Bliss Edwards' friend). We know from the previous installment that even before graduation Kelsey was already planning to go an adventure in different countries. So yeah, we explore that here in Finding It.

Kelsey Summers is livin' it up (sort of), partyin' all night long and traipsing from one country to another. Nothing is constant in her life (except the BS her family is giving her) when she started this adventure and then this guy just waltzed in her life... Hello adventure!

Kelsey may seem to be a free spirit to the public's eye but behind that facade she’s been putting up her whole life there's a pretty much damaged gal, who's yearning for something in her life. Direction in life? Purpose in her life? Companion/Special someone? Attention from her parents? Yes, her parents may be providing everything for her from her wants to her needs but that's not enough. Her parents are the biggest factor that fvcked up Kelsey's being. They're a letdown to their own daugther and they should be ashamed of themselves (and I wanna strangle them).

In the earlier parts of the book, I was quite annoyed with how she's acting but as the story continue bits and pieces of her past were revealed. Making me realize how strong she is considering what she experienced in the past and still trying to live. Her ways of coping may not be the conventional/best way to overcome it but at least she got pass through that stage. In this novel, we see Kelsey transform into a mature, amazing and brave woman who tried her hardest to break through the claws of her past and her parents.

Jackson Hunt. On the opposite side of the equation we have this guy who seems to be the perfect guy. He's a gentleman, swoon worthy and someone who has self-restraint (not many NA guys have that, I think lol). But deep inside he's also suffering and going through a lot of stuff. He's also fighting his inner demons. It's quite hard to break into Hunt's character, for he is also so closed off. That in some parts of the book I wanna shake his frame already. But then, when he let everything out towards the end of the book ... Phew it was such a beautiful moment, with both of their characters out in the open.

Jackon and Kelsey's relationship seems to be like a perfect fit. Together they can overcome the inner demons whatever their past has brought up to them. The chemistry is there, dfhsj feels! The spontaneity of their actions – just like the adventure that they embark in Europe (dsgas the places they’ve visited – jelly). Sigh.

I definitely recommend this book and the entire Losing It Series. All of those books are certainly great reads!

“Every day. I will prove every day how much you mean to me. How real this is. You told me once that history matters, but it’s frozen, set in stone. This is part of our history. I can’t change it or undo it. But it doesn’t have to dictate our future.”

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BOOK REVIEW: FINDERS KEEPERS (Lost and Found, #3) by Nicole Williams

Finders Keepers (Lost and Found, #3)Finders Keepers by Nicole Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was supposed to be reading Hallowed, Book 2 of Unearthly Series and suddenly I remembered that Finders Keepers’ release date was September 16. It is Garth Black’s story, so I really and totally need to read it first before anything else! And I didn’t regret reading this first …


Let’s get started …

You’ll be introduced to Garth Black as the villain of the series because of the fact that he screwed his best friend’s girlfriend, which made me hate him, his guts and his actions. Now comes the second book of the series and the readers see him in a new light. I immediately joined him in his Garth Black boat because of his witty comebacks, love and support he showed for his best friend, Jesse Walker.

Garth Black annoyed the hell out of me in Lost and Found and I ended up LOVING him in Near and Far. That’s just how much his character developed and how I felt towards his character changed in the course of two books. And that’s a great reason for me to be jumping up and down for the release of this book. Up and personal with Garth Black, since this book is in his perspective!

From my review of Near and Far, I said that "He isn’t just this guy who screwed the girlfriend of his best friend, there’s more to him than that" and this book proved me right. Garth Black grew up without LOVE surrounding him. A non-existent mother and a drunkard, abusive and good for nothing excuse of a father. He puts up this mask of a sarcastic, annoying, strong, a-hole type of guy. But deep inside he's just broken - he sees himself as a person who is unworthy to be loved.

His entire life there were only two people he considered as a family/friend - Jesse Walker and Josie Gibson. He cared for them deeply and even did a very martyr move which is to repress his feelings towards Josie so that he won't be in the way of the couple. Garth thinks that Josie deserves a man who could make her happy, a man who could provide and a man better than himself, so he did it. And for that my heart goes out to him ... *weeps*

But that unfaithful/blissful night between Garth and Josie happened and that was the game changer for everyone's life. Life for them seems like righting itself already. Lost and Found (Book 1) and Near and Far (Book 2) happened ... then we have this book.

Finders Keepers is filled with the twists and turns in the life of Garth Black. This book is such a great read. He lost and gained people in his life, able to strengthen his bond with friends and most importantly he rekindled his relationship with the woman he love. I felt the angst, pain, joy and every single emotion that passed right through his character. It broke my heart. It made my heart swell. It was soooo good. Highly recommended. Actually I recommend the entire series.

Rapid discussion from here:

1. GARTH GARTH GARTH GARTH I FREAKIN' LOVE GARTH! The story of his life made me weep - in the hands of his father, the constant judgment the society has been giving him and how vulnerable he gets when it comes to his love life.

Yes, he may have crazed ass vices - liquor, girls and numerous brawls all over the place. But he's still human who goes through different obstacles in life which pushed him to those stuff. And he's still human who has emotions, needs to be cared for, needs to needed and needs to be love. (ssssh I'm having a super Garth moment, weeps)

Anyways, Garth Black is now a changed man and damn happy with his girl, Josie Gibson!

2. Josie Gibson. I JUST WANT TO THANK FOR THE EXISTENCE OF HER CHARACTER! For showing Garth the love that he deserves ... (Dagnabit, I need to stop already!)

3. The Best Buds - Jesse and Garth. It was so much fun reading the banter and the advice giving sessions of these two. It's their own girly moment, so cute!

4. Two misfits - Rowen and Garth. Good thing, Rowen is here to knock some sense into the head of her fellow misfit. Their bond really clicked because of the circumstances they've stumbled upon their lives. And it's good to have that certain person in one's life.

5. 3 & 4 builds this fifth point. The characters are now well-developed and basically readers got the idea of how their character and relationships work. I mean the dynamics of it. I'm completely attached to them!

“I wasn’t the guy who fell in love with you this past winter… I was the boy who fell in love with you that day on the school bus when we were five. And I’m the man that always will.”- Garth Black

6. Seeing this romantic, sweet, caring, vulnerable or should I say the flip side of Garth Black is just dream like. I just can't imagine that I finally get to witness something like this out of his character. Surreal. I'm so happy for him though, he deserves to have a happy life.

7. The most striking part of this book is when Garth was having his speech and the words were just tumbling out of his mouth. I WAS WEEPING THAT ENTIRE SCENE, my heart was just aching so much! GARTH AND JOSIE FEELS

“Who we choose to love, and who chooses to love us has nothing to do with being deserving or undeserving. It has to do with who you simply have to love and who simply has to love you.” – Garth Black

8. Oh and before I leave .... there's a wedding in this book! Read and find out!

I'm off! x

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BOOK REVIEW: NEAR AND FAR (Lost and Found, #2) by Nicole Williams

Near and Far (Lost and Found, #2)Near and Far by Nicole Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After days of stalling into reading Near and Far, I’ve finally decided to pick this one up and continue the story of Jesse and Rowen’s life. Well based on the ending of Lost and Found, I already have this presumption that this book will be having loads of drama. Aaaaaand I’ve guessed correctly.

We get to read this book from Jesse and Rowen’s POV, using that style just made this book even better. It feels like we were being tricked to pick what side are we on or who gets our sympathy. But it’s not that, because we are now being bombarded with various emotions for we see what they were exactly going through and what was reeling inside their minds. In the end, we understand whatever decision they make. Sooooo, there were numerous times I was doing face palms and head pounding on desk movements because of the somewhat stupid decision or just even the thoughts they were having. And there were loads of time that I just want to give both of them hugs.

Just having long distance relationship as an element of a story, dude it’s already a call for some major drama. That LDR equation wouldn’t be complete without third wheels. I’m still fuming over the said third wheels – Jolene and somewhat Jax. Shizz Jolene, I was totally having this Rowen-ish rage also. I want to strangle Jolene. Gahhh the girl can’t obviously take a hint that the guy she’s lusting over is soooooo into his girlfriend. And Jax is just an a-hole, I was so pissed with him because of what he did back there in that internship revelation scene. Pssh! Anyways, the good thing here is that the said third wheels were not the total problem here. It was just a small part of the drama content.

When it comes to Jesse and Rowen’s relationship and the challenges that they faced here, their reaction and how they handled it was totally expected. Both of them having many things going on in their own lives, having people meddle and handle out random advice. Surely, that will mess up with how they look at things and ending up having doubts.

Then mix in, Jesse’s past to that … I was not expecting that we will be able to meet Jesse’s mother and for her to be the one putting all those doubts to Rowen’s mind UGHH! It broke my heart knowing what Jesse’s parents did to him when he was a kid. No kid should experience something like that. *sobs* But I might need to whack Jesse’s head also, that thing he pulled towards the end … whatttt. It was the I think this is the right thing to do, but it just ends up on both of them suffering. Jesse. Tsk. Tsk.

Jesse and Rowen’s relationship totally went into an uphill, downhill and uphill here in this book. From pure bliss to experiencing a temporary wreck in their relationship and the ending … Well, it’s for you to find out what happens in the end.

Let’s talk about Garth Black, shall we? Garth Black’s character has undergone a serious character development. He still got his bastardly ways and his love for profusely cussing but he was some sort of voice of reason. All throughout the book, he was just unloading tons of advice to Jesse. All of which were really making sense. It amazed me. This makes me excited to read Garth’s story already – Finders Keepers, which will be released tomorrow. Seeing this other side of Garth in this book, just makes it more interesting for us to be able to explore his character. He isn’t just this guy who screwed the girlfriend of his best friend, there’s more to him than that. My bet is on Josie as his love interest, I’m just basing it from the reactions of Josie from this book. I’m so stoked!

I definitely recommend this series by Nicole Williams! It’s certainly a great read. You’ll fall in love with the story and the characters in an instant.

To end this post, here’s a quote: “But it seems like you don’t fall out of love with someone because of their fuck ups. It seems like if you really love someone, you love them in spite of their fuck ups.”Garth Black

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BOOK REVIEW: LOST AND FOUND (Lost and Found, #1) by Nicole Williams

Lost and Found (Lost and Found, #1)Lost and Found by Nicole Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Phew phew it's already 2AM here and I am pretty much awake typing this thing down. (slightly zonking out over here LOL) Oh and if you haven't noticed my rating for this book, I gave it ... FIVE stars!

Lost and Found is actually the first book that I've read written by Nicole Williams, so I really don't know what to expect out of her writing. I just kinda gave this book a try because I saw a couple of my friends marking this thing down here on goodreads. So yeah, I ended up checking out it's blurb and I liked it. (And By the Angel, I can't wait to read the next book this series)

Let's get down to business.

This is not your usual sucky sappy romance novel. It's definitely more than that. What made this book really great is actually the thoughts the characters in this novel leaves the readers to think about. There are so many things that people could take away and learn from this book. The characters paved a way for people to stop and reflect on their personal lives as well, while the characters in this book goes into their own journey. Especially those lines by Rose and Jesse. *hands down*

The plot. Rowen's got her own baggage, Jesse's got this past with his ex and his famiy and mix in the romantic aspect of this book. You may seem think that there are too many things happening in this book, but seriously the author's execution was really great. The story ended up to be real smooth. I like how she tackled those one by one and not this "everything's happening at the same time" ordeal. So, thumbs up for that!

Rowen Sterling and Jesse Walker, I just love them! I love the witty/smart ass comments they keep giving each other (that really INTENSIFIES their chemistry/sexual tension) . And by that I can also conclude, that their wavelength is totally on the same level. Speaking of sexual tension, oh man it's ... *fans myself*

Yes, that's it. I'm off to sleep or I'll prolly read ... Bye x
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Emerald Green (The Ruby Red Trilogy, #3)Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started reading Emerald Green last October 11 (I think, at least that's what it says here on Goodreads. Ha!). By the time that I reached 35% of the book's entirety, I don't know (Huff!) I just felt that I don't want to finish this series just yet. So I tried to prolong reading it ... It took me a couple of days to continue reading but once that happened, oh man I can't even bring myself to focus on other stuff. I just read and read and read the book until I finished devouring it.

Emerald Green was still a great way to end the series, with the story coming into full circle already. The first part was quite slow paced blah blah but once it picks right up you'll just be craving to know the answers to every single mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, even though the revelations didn't come across as mind boggling. I was like, "Uh yeahhhh, that's it" and it wasn't that type of WTF and swear words triggering moment. It was just an easy flow of information. I think it's perfect considering that it's already dealing with the time travelling factor, which can be an overwhelming or messy type of element in a story's plot. Kerstin Gier handled time travelling and the story perfectly.


1. Lucas Montrose. Gwen. Meeting. Treasure. Chronograph. I love every single interaction they had, Gwen meeting the Young Lucas and them brewing everything from there. It was such a clever element of the story.

2. Gwen. Gideon. Relationship. Immortal. AT LAST. NO MORE DRAMA BETWEEN THOSE TWO. (Phew phew) They deserve to be happy and be together after this draining experience of theirs. Gideon’s lines in this book fhgdjfs! *dives off a cliff* *FEELS*

3. Lesley Hay. She’s one of my favorite characters of this series. She's so into it, so dedicated to explore and know the mysteries of the Lodge. I kinda agree with her, that it's pretty much cooler to have a friend that is a time traveller rather than herself being one. There's this added excitement when you're just a sort of "instrument/helper/outsider". I ship Lesley and Raphael (hearts everywhere).

4. Count. Mr. Whitman. Elixir. I really felt that there’s something wrong with Mr. Whitman’s character, just looming in the background waiting for his time …

5. Lucy and Paul. They did what they have to do. They are such brave characters.

6. Oh Xemerius, u da bomb! I'm so going to miss all those funny and crazy antics of his. He gave me pure entertainment amidst all the creeptastic and adventurous twists and turns of the story. Whatever comes right out of his mouth are just dead on funny and nothing but the truth.

7. But with the ending and all it just kept me wondering, what happened to the Inner Circle? To the Lodge? (just curious)

8. And OMG the epilogue!!!

Bye x

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Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

August. Yep, Hopeless by Colleen Hoover is the first book that I've read for the month of August. I hate myself for that. Balancing my real life problems (LOADS OF IT) and my online/The Mortal Instruments Philippines problems (LOADS OF IT AGAIN) is really hard. I truly know that I need to focus on those stuff before reading books or else... Shadowhunters might kill me ! But here you go, I have one right now.

So, Hopeless is also the first book that I've read written by Colleen (I'm such a loser!). I loved it, it didn't disappoint me and I'll be pretty much hunting down her other books. Ha!

The story. Gahhhh! UNPREDICTABLE . I love how she inserts hints, hints that you can't still make out anything of the entirety of the story. While reading the book, I was like "is this going to be the climax of the story orrrrr?", "is this just a mini bump of the story and there's gonna be a bigger bump or something later?" , "is it?", "huwattttt?! and other loads of questions running through my mind. There was also a time when I was freakin' scared to flip a page, 'cause yeah climax (or not @_@) - too much emotions!

In a serious note, I like how the story is very relatable. Maybe someone's in the exact position as to Sky and Karen right now or in a down scale someone could be experiencing physical, emotional, mental stress. This book just teaches how people can deal with the dark phase of his/her life for it has so much about life, love and the relationship we build towards the people that surrounds us. Like, there's this particular scene in the book where Holder asked Sky to do something that could prolly help her out face her problem/past, and I tell you guys, it was a great scene. (Must read!)

The characters. Sky/Hope, at first I was like "oooookay gurl, why u like that?" and "meeeehhhh" but as the story progresses.. You'll get to realize that she's helluva strong girl . Eventhough, she's thrust in to these messy situations, Sky manages to face it and decide on what's going to happen next on her life. (Thanks to Holder for the moral support!)

What Holder can say about Sky:

"Think about how much courage it took you to laugh again after everything that happened to you. And your heart…” “How your heart can possibly find a way to love and trust a man again proves that I’ve fallen in love with the bravest woman I’ve ever known."


DEAN HOLDER AHDHEUEIUWHDYE! Everytime Dean says 'baby', I die! He's just Sky's personal cheerer. He's always there for her - shoulder to cry on, help her get through her problems, someone who loves her dearly *sighs* iz the perfect guy already. Not to mention, he just says the perfect lines. *flailing*

This one: "When you become mine, it’ll be a forever thing. I’ve told you before that the only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers, and I mean that."

Oh yeah, melt with me. *swoons again*

I was utterly shocked about Karen's character back story. I thought that she just have a mental problem going on which led her to abduct Sky. But it goes wayyyyyy deeper than that. My jaw dropped on the floor when she was telling Sky about it. And oh dear her intentions of pushing through with her actions. That part of the book was just soooo good.

I also loved the lines spoken by the characters and I saved some of those down. Quotable quotes it is.

For people planning to get married, here's a quote for you from Dean Holder: “All marriages have a time limit if you enter them for the wrong reasons. Marriage doesn’t get easier…it only gets harder. If you marry someone hoping it will improve things, you might as well set your timer the second you say, ‘I do.’”

This quite a lengthy review-ish already, so babye!

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BOOK REVIEW: FACADE (Games, #2) by Nyrae Dawn

Facade (Games, #2)Facade by Nyrae Dawn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Even before meeting each other, their lives have been tied up already ... Not in a good way, though.

This book has so much going on. From Delaney's past, Adrian's past and from what they both have at the moment. I'm not complaining, 'cause those back stories made this book even better.

Delaney Cross, I love how strong she is and persistent to make everything that surrounds her okay. Her being nice is over flowing. Her character is in a really hard situation. Then it turns into a harder situation as the story progresses. Delaney's in between of the truth and her feelings. She feels like telling the truth (the truth - which you'll only know, when read this book) but then keeps on stalling 'cause she knows that it will create a strain in her relationship with Adrian. So, more than half of the book we see her struggle that. But once she drops that bomb on Adrian and tells him the truth ... Another bomb drops immediately. And seriously, it rendered me speechless. Complete with my mouth wide open (good thing there weren't any flies around -_-) . But gahhh she's so strong! I love her character for that, she manages to stand up from that downfall and even face another problem head-on.

Adrian Westfall (Dagnabit! This guy has a very swoon worthy name! *swoons*) Let's start with the light and fun parts about his character: I died with your freakin' awesome ramblings - poems that is. Those bits and pieces of his writings just makes you feel close to his character, it's so wonderful to read what Adrian's character is feeling at the particular moment. It maybe sort of haunting topics but how he translates it into words are just so beautiful. (Great job, Nyrae!)

But who would've thought that, that guy from Charade is going through a very tough time. I never would've guess. Well, yeah. He maybe that intellectual and sort of all-knowing guy from that book but I didn't expect that he's suffering and going through that kind of pain. To know more about him and his life, better read this!

FYI. This book made me cried a lot. Seriouly. I cried during that moment when Laney already revealed everything to Adrian and Adrian has this comeback of a revelation, as well. I cried when Laney went to her mom and talk to her. I cried when Maddox talked to Adrian. I cried when Adrian was having those thoughts/dreams about Ash. I cried when Laney and Adrian got to talk and patch up things between them. And I cried at the scene in the cemetery. See? I cried freakin' a lot. Those scenes were just so sooooooo good. Painful. A certain tear jerker. You can just feel your heart clenching while reading those scenes. I just wanna hug both of these characters (hugs my pillow instead).

This book tells us, readers, that being with someone is not that easy and always filled with rainbows and unicorns. Some people have to put up a tough fight or go through hell for them to be together. But in the end, everything that they do to push through it - is worth it.

Okay. No more of that painful moments.

I also love the cameo parts of Colt in this book. Knocking some sense into Adrian's mind and trying to console him about losing someone important in his life. Now, they found this same experience, like a platform in which they can bond together or be able to go through together without hiding any emotion. Feels like they're going to be closer than ever.

Random thought: Is there going to be a story that will focus on Maddox? (Please, say yes) I think, it'll be cool to know more about him and his take on their family problems. On how he's going to be able to deal with it and find his own happiness. Just imagining what could be his story, makes me want to sigh and sigh and sigh.

Anyways, before wishing and day dreaming of Maddy's story - pick this book up and read it! It's a must read! Ha, also read Charade, the first book of the Games series by Nyrae Dawn!

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BOOK REVIEW: CHARADE (Games, #1) by Nyrae Dawn

Charade (Games, #1)Charade by Nyrae Dawn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a game. Our game. One that I asked for, but with each day it feels more real. More real than anything ever has and I’m not sure how I feel about that. What to do. I shouldn’t fall for this guy. - Cheyenne

You can never tell to whom you'll fall in love. *sighs* It may have started as a charade - both of them just finding an out to their problems, but in the end ...

Cheyenne, you need to find some release over your emotions. Cry it all out if you want, just don't keep all your pent up emotions inside of you. It just makes the entire situation difficult. You don't need to be this toughen up girl you're letting the world see, be yourself - if you’re broken, feeling low or whatsoever, let it out. Oh so lucky that you have Colton by your side.

Oh dear. That particular moment when it was mentioned that Chey was softening up to Colton, I was pretty much ahead of her already with her "insides softening" thing. I don't know, but for me when Colton brought Chey to his mother's house, my heart is already swelling with feels for these two characters.

Colton, dude! Why u so sweet? Gahhh! Can I play charade with you as well? I love it when he gets out of his character and just follow what his gut and heart says. *flailing* Like when he gets to be so caring to Chey, kissing her head, kissing her forehead, hugging her, calling her baby, I need to stop now before I turn into a puddle of goo on the floor.

The way he's getting money for her mother's bills, I don't really approve of that. But given in his situation, he's that desperate already and just needs to have enough money to keep his mom alive and I understand him for that. (Still I won't approve of that, he should just looked for a proper job). But that part of the book when he realizes, he wants change to himself and be better - I think 'twas the turning point for Colton's character.

That moment when they already give in to what they feel for each other ... I temporarily died. Their lines were just so good, you can feel their emotions. Perfect moment for Cheyenne and Colton. Damn, it was about time for them to realize that from the early stage of their charade the lines were already blurry. And they're more than what they're supposed to be - just two people playing a game.

When they were in Bev's deathbed and she's saying all this kinds of messages to them already, I can't refrain myself from bawling my eyes out. And then Colton launches into this confession part 2 to Chey - perfect, "bawling my eyes out" part 2 happened.

And then were thrown in this jaw-dropping situation (WHOA WHOA WHOA, I didn't saw that one coming), I was not breathing (okay, that was an exaggeration! But it feels like it.) ! I just need to know what happens next to the story, so that I can finally release the air that I've been holding in. Intense last few pages. Phew phew! *wipes sweat on my forehead*

Oh yeah! We get to have an epilogue on this one, which makes me really happy! You, guise, should read this one! I don't know about you but I really love it. Hope you do too. Thank you, Nyrae Dawn for crafting such a great story!

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Finding Cinderella (Hopeless, #2.5)Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, Finding Cinderella is the first book I've read after that reading break that I gave myself since Friday night. Actually, I was just fangirling all over the place during those free days. But right now, I'm back and will try to catch up with the books I was supposed to read...

Finding Cinderella is a novella companion to Hopeless Series (and if you haven't read that yet, PLEASE go look for a copy of it). At first I was kind of doubtful with this one with just being a novella. I don't know how the story will play out and if it'll fit as a novella considering that it's much shorter than a full blown book. But after reading it, I was like Mmm yeah it was just perfect for the story and it still feels like a novel at the same time. It was a beautiful, great, amazing (and I could go on and on and on with this use of other adjectives) novella. The story made me laugh/giggle and made my heart ache. I definitely enjoyed every single bit of it. I loved it.

With the identity of "Cinderella", I think for the readers it was pretty much obvious on who's the mystery girl. But it was the matter on how the main characters will be able to realize that fact and what other factors that may spring out out of that situation. It just makes you want to carry on reading and begging that they'll realize it already.

Aaaaand this book also brought the element of surprise to the table. Come on, I never would've guessed what "Cinderella" revealed upon Daniel realizing that she was the girl. That idea didn't even cross my mind. Sad.

Anyways, I’m just happy for Daniel and his “Cinderella”. They are just spot on perfect for each other. Both of them had their fair share of lows in their lives but sdfjds they freakin’ deserve to be happy now and to just be with each other. Every single moment that they had in this book was so beautiful, so sweet and in other bits was so intense (their chemistry just blows off the roof of our house lol). *sighs* Perf!

Wait. A BIG LOL to POWDER PUFF! Oh man, that nickname for Breckin just cracks me up!!!

Okay bye. x

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BOOK REVIEW: FAKING IT (Losing It, #2) by Cora Carmack

Faking It (Losing It, #2)Faking It by Cora Carmack
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cora Carmack, you did it again! *SCREAMING* I was laughing really hard for the most part of this book! The whole pretend as boyfriend-girlfriend ordeal was just asfkffl! But the serious parts, oh dear. Just read the book, so that you’ll also be able to feel the happiness and lil bit of pain that I felt while reading it!

The whole set up for this book - Mr. Nice Guy and Ms. Bad Girl (diggin’ it), I consider it as a breather from the NA books that I’ve read in the past few days. Reason: Those books presented their female lead exactly the opposite from what we have here in Faking It. I’m not complaining, because I love those stories too.

Well, hello there Golden Boy and Angry Girl! The characters – OMG Cade – Bliss’ best friend from Losing It. I’m extremely happy that we were given the chance to get to know more about his character and his life after his relationship with Bliss went a wee bit downhill. Shizz! This guy is the perfect pretend boyfriend ever – flack! The sweetness, the proper manner towards the parents and everything else he has! PERFECT. If I were the girl in this book, Oh Cade you totally owned me from that moment when you made that move towards my parents – hugging them and the conversation . *sighs*

Then we have a newbie on the Losing It Saga, Mackenzie, Max (I don’t want her to get mad at me for calling her that). She may seem to be a lady rebelling of some sort towards her parents, but once you know her reasons … You’ll perfectly understand her and the whole situation she have with her family.

Cade-Max chemistry hands down! Even those pinching moments and the entire “pretending in front of the parental” moments, you can see it (ugggh imagine it really happening). Dagnabit. I just love this book! Cadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 Go read it!

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BOOK REVIEW: LOSING IT (Losing It, #1) by Cora Carmack

Losing It (Losing It, #1)Losing It by Cora Carmack
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The past few days have been hard for me … well because most of the books that I’ve been reading are making me cry. Huff. So I decided to take a breather and wohoops! I picked this book up from my to be read list. Best decision ever.

Let’s get started with BLISS EDWARDS, this girl – HAHAHAHAHAHA (Sorry, I just need to laugh first) Seriously? A cat? Hamlet? Oh girl! Her thoughts are just dead on straight as to what every girl in her position would be thinking! I thoroughly understand her reactions towards that guy (which I will mention later), like wouldn’t have that kind of reaction? Damn girl, you got lucky!

GARRICK TAYLOR , oh boy oh boy! You see this man here is very swoooooooooon worthy, not only he got the perfect hot body, the perfect words that comes out of his mouth but he also got the BRITISH ACCENT thing going on! And I’m a total sucker for British guys, like seriously I adore loads of artists who are Brits. *fans myself*! I love how both of their characters are that witty – an example is the Shakespearean reference to their relationship (so witty). I love those banters.

Oh man! The story and the situation where the characters were thrown into got me cracking up, doing loads of *facepalms*, me rolling on the bed, giggling out loud and whatsoever! And I just can’t handle to put it down, it has this feeling that I need to finish it at once! *happy dance*this one’s a really great read, I enjoyed it!

Excited to read other books from Cora Carmack!

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BOOK REVIEW: ORIGIN (Lux, #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Origin (Lux, #4)Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HSDBFHSBDAJSDNAS THE ENDING ACKKKKK! CLIFFHANGER *dives into a cliff* I CAN’T FREAKIN’ WAIT FOR THE RELEASE OF THE NEXT BOOK! Now, everyone you may want to tie me down first ‘cause I’ll be like freakin’ jumping up and down and be as impatient as I want for its release. HELP ME! Seriously though, the ending ... *freaks out*


Origin is written to its perfection, from the writing style used by Jennifer Armentrout down to the smallest detail of this book. GAHHHHHD PERFECT! This book is truly a piece of art! *hands down*

Writing Style. So, I read Opal a few days ago and it's ending was --- and I already thought that maybe Origin will be in both Katy and Daemon's POV. (I haven't checked the blurb for Origin or any spoiler thing except it's book cover, so I don't really have an idea as to what's the gist of this book. CLUELESS.) And when I got started reading this one and progressed a couple of pages, my hunch was right. Katy and Daemon POVs for this book! *happy dance*

It was a great experience reading from both, Kat and Daemon's sides of the story. Especially, Daemon's POV (not that I don't enjoy Kat's POV because I FREAKIN' DO!) 'cause finally we get a glimpse of his thoughts and how his mind works. It was so COOL! I think it actually set the pacing of the story, which was also great. (Addicting, in a sense. I don't want to put this book down but chores everywhere phew phew.)

And I'm sure all of you notice the epic terms Kat and Daemon comes up with! It totally cracks me up even though the scene is already gory or a very intense one. Gahhh. Like "Baby Einsteins on crack" and "made a masterpiece out of F bombs". It makes reading this book a very fun one!

Story. I have this status update here on Goodreads which says, "Wtf is happening here in Origin?! Omfg mindblowing, Ms. Armentrout!". I forgot what I was exactly referring too, but there were loads of moments here on Origin that that status is applicable. One WTF moment to another WTF moment. I was really blown away by how the story progressed from Opal to Origin. That freakin' Origin concept was so AWESOME. I can't even ...

Characters. Okay. I'm just gonna *spazz* here. I'm placing this one on the spoilers!


3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Here's to my ramblings!

1. HOLY ALIEN BABIES EVERYWHERE! There’s a freakin’ crossover in this book and guess who those characters are - GAHHHHD! It’s HUNTER AND SERENA of Obsession, Jennifer Armentrout’s Arum Novel! *SCREAMING* 

DAEMON BLACK MEETS HUNTER! OMFG *flips table*I squealed when Hunter’s name was mentioned in this book and then Serena’s name came on next – totally confirmed what’s reeling inside my head! CROSSOVER! CROSSOVER! CROSSOVER! She used the same scene Serena witnessed in Obsession and the only difference here in Origin is that it’s in Daemon’s POV. Serena also noted that Luc is “wearing a shirt that said something about zombies,” in which Daemon noticed too in Origin and even hinted us on the statement written on the shirt -“ZOMBIES NEED LOVE, TOO.”!

Daemon’s name wasn’t mentioned in that book though but Serena gave a description of him: “Unruly dark brown hair fell in careless waves across his forehead. He was almost as tall as Hunter, which would make him gargantuan but not as broad. His face… wow, there really were no words, and I felt like a creeper for even allowing my mind to go there for half a second. The stranger was attractive in a mind-blowing way.”

The bouncer also mentioned in Obsession, “They took his girl from him, and getting her back ain’t going to be easy. Probably impossible.” The freakin’ girl he was talking about was KATY!

If you’ve read Obsession already, I’m pretty sure you’ll be cursing around and fangirling really hard also! I just can’t believe that I’ve already read a certain scene of Origin way back in the summer. Amazeballs! 

2. Gahhhh that moment when Blake showed up I just want to pummel his face with my own hands! Fvck this shit if I'm not that strong to do that but I really would want to hurt him in anyway I can. I want to let him pay for his bastard-ish decisions he made in the previous book! Grrrr! I freakin' hate him with every fiber of my being! Son. Of. A. Bith - Katy's own words . 

BUT he did pay up already. Because not more than halfway of this book his character cease to exist already. That moment, I was totally in shock and was like "Did he really die? That way?". I was thinking that maybe Daemon or another Luxen would be the one to kill him but *jaw drops* 

3. Daedalus. The Origin concept. The idea of Luc being an Origin. *mind blown* Everything was just so cool! Seriously,*hands down*.



6. HERE YOU GO, MIND BLOWING FACTS THAT ALSO HAPPENED IN THIS BOOK: Matthew tried to turn Katy and Daemon over to the Daedalus. It was also revealed that Matthew was the one responsible for Dawson and Beth ending up with the Daedalus. Dawson was enraged by it and Matthew ends up dead. Paris, Andrew and Ash ends up being a deceased character in this novel. And oh Beth's pregnant! 

I'm done here! 

For those of you who haven't read this series/book, I tell you ... BETTER START READING THIS SERIES/BOOK NOW BECAUSE THIS IS A TOTALLY AWESOME ONE! 

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