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BOOK REVIEW: NEAR AND FAR (Lost and Found, #2) by Nicole Williams

Near and Far (Lost and Found, #2)Near and Far by Nicole Williams
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After days of stalling into reading Near and Far, I’ve finally decided to pick this one up and continue the story of Jesse and Rowen’s life. Well based on the ending of Lost and Found, I already have this presumption that this book will be having loads of drama. Aaaaaand I’ve guessed correctly.

We get to read this book from Jesse and Rowen’s POV, using that style just made this book even better. It feels like we were being tricked to pick what side are we on or who gets our sympathy. But it’s not that, because we are now being bombarded with various emotions for we see what they were exactly going through and what was reeling inside their minds. In the end, we understand whatever decision they make. Sooooo, there were numerous times I was doing face palms and head pounding on desk movements because of the somewhat stupid decision or just even the thoughts they were having. And there were loads of time that I just want to give both of them hugs.

Just having long distance relationship as an element of a story, dude it’s already a call for some major drama. That LDR equation wouldn’t be complete without third wheels. I’m still fuming over the said third wheels – Jolene and somewhat Jax. Shizz Jolene, I was totally having this Rowen-ish rage also. I want to strangle Jolene. Gahhh the girl can’t obviously take a hint that the guy she’s lusting over is soooooo into his girlfriend. And Jax is just an a-hole, I was so pissed with him because of what he did back there in that internship revelation scene. Pssh! Anyways, the good thing here is that the said third wheels were not the total problem here. It was just a small part of the drama content.

When it comes to Jesse and Rowen’s relationship and the challenges that they faced here, their reaction and how they handled it was totally expected. Both of them having many things going on in their own lives, having people meddle and handle out random advice. Surely, that will mess up with how they look at things and ending up having doubts.

Then mix in, Jesse’s past to that … I was not expecting that we will be able to meet Jesse’s mother and for her to be the one putting all those doubts to Rowen’s mind UGHH! It broke my heart knowing what Jesse’s parents did to him when he was a kid. No kid should experience something like that. *sobs* But I might need to whack Jesse’s head also, that thing he pulled towards the end … whatttt. It was the I think this is the right thing to do, but it just ends up on both of them suffering. Jesse. Tsk. Tsk.

Jesse and Rowen’s relationship totally went into an uphill, downhill and uphill here in this book. From pure bliss to experiencing a temporary wreck in their relationship and the ending … Well, it’s for you to find out what happens in the end.

Let’s talk about Garth Black, shall we? Garth Black’s character has undergone a serious character development. He still got his bastardly ways and his love for profusely cussing but he was some sort of voice of reason. All throughout the book, he was just unloading tons of advice to Jesse. All of which were really making sense. It amazed me. This makes me excited to read Garth’s story already – Finders Keepers, which will be released tomorrow. Seeing this other side of Garth in this book, just makes it more interesting for us to be able to explore his character. He isn’t just this guy who screwed the girlfriend of his best friend, there’s more to him than that. My bet is on Josie as his love interest, I’m just basing it from the reactions of Josie from this book. I’m so stoked!

I definitely recommend this series by Nicole Williams! It’s certainly a great read. You’ll fall in love with the story and the characters in an instant.

To end this post, here’s a quote: “But it seems like you don’t fall out of love with someone because of their fuck ups. It seems like if you really love someone, you love them in spite of their fuck ups.”Garth Black

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