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BOOK REVIEW: LOST AND FOUND (Lost and Found, #1) by Nicole Williams

Lost and Found (Lost and Found, #1)Lost and Found by Nicole Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Phew phew it's already 2AM here and I am pretty much awake typing this thing down. (slightly zonking out over here LOL) Oh and if you haven't noticed my rating for this book, I gave it ... FIVE stars!

Lost and Found is actually the first book that I've read written by Nicole Williams, so I really don't know what to expect out of her writing. I just kinda gave this book a try because I saw a couple of my friends marking this thing down here on goodreads. So yeah, I ended up checking out it's blurb and I liked it. (And By the Angel, I can't wait to read the next book this series)

Let's get down to business.

This is not your usual sucky sappy romance novel. It's definitely more than that. What made this book really great is actually the thoughts the characters in this novel leaves the readers to think about. There are so many things that people could take away and learn from this book. The characters paved a way for people to stop and reflect on their personal lives as well, while the characters in this book goes into their own journey. Especially those lines by Rose and Jesse. *hands down*

The plot. Rowen's got her own baggage, Jesse's got this past with his ex and his famiy and mix in the romantic aspect of this book. You may seem think that there are too many things happening in this book, but seriously the author's execution was really great. The story ended up to be real smooth. I like how she tackled those one by one and not this "everything's happening at the same time" ordeal. So, thumbs up for that!

Rowen Sterling and Jesse Walker, I just love them! I love the witty/smart ass comments they keep giving each other (that really INTENSIFIES their chemistry/sexual tension) . And by that I can also conclude, that their wavelength is totally on the same level. Speaking of sexual tension, oh man it's ... *fans myself*

Yes, that's it. I'm off to sleep or I'll prolly read ... Bye x
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