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Ruby Red (Precious Stone Trilogy, #1)Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier
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I was really giddy to start reading this book, for I have heard such great reviews about Ruby Red and the entire Precious Stone Trilogy. I also happen to stumble upon Xtinemay's review of this book but stopped the video before it reached the spoiler-ish portion. I just knew that I don't want to spoil myself and I deffo need to read this book. It was that catchy and interesting.

Ruby Red is the first book of the series and it has been a great ride reading this one. The book is all about Gywenth being part of a family who has this history of time traveling. Whoa! It's awesome, right?

Sad to say her cousin, Charlotte, was said to be the one who inherited that gene. So since childhood Charlotte has been trained, prepped and all that if ever her time to elapse comes. All of her grandma and aunt's attention were all on Charlotte. All she got from those people were snarky comments and comparisons on how special Charlotte is. Sucks to be in Gywenth's positon ...

But a single travel (or should I say twice) through time will change that. Had they got it wrong all along? Have they trained the wrong person? What'll happen next to Gywenth? (If you find it really interesting, you better pick this book up and hurry on read this thing.)

It was mindblowing. It totally made the wheels in my brain keep on turning. It was obviously well-written. Come on. Just going through the past and present events, I think that alone is quite mind boggling to write. And for the story to end beautifully and intricately woven into one, phew phew! Everything was just well thought out. Beautiful. Awesome. I'm just quite sad that it was sooooooo short. I want the story to go on and on and on. *grabby hands* for Sapphire Blue.

Gywneth's character. Omg. Bringing a mobile phone in the past and taking photos during her visit there ... I'll prolly do that also. I wouldn't pass up that opportunity of taking photos from the past. Coolio!

The romance department of the book though, it quite shocked the hell out of me. The turn of events was so sudden in terms of Gywneth and Gideon's relationship. Yes, they have this love-hate chemistry but I was like..."What?! Where did that come from, Gideon?!" It would be a ton more convincing if this first book just focused on chemistry building because there were so much going on that that change of heart that happened to Gideon seemed to be abrupt. I don't know about you but for me it feels that way... (Anyways, this is just a small part of the story and it certainly won't change the fact that I love this book!) I want more moments on the next book.

I'm uber looking forward to get started with Sapphire Blue. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Gahhhd with that ending, OMFG there's so many things that'll be happening on the next two books (that I'm sure of).

It has also reached my knowledge that there's a movie adaptation of this book aaaaand I'm trying to do researches or some serious stalking with the actors involved in the movie. The actor who portrays Gideon is a total eye candy. (Now, imagine my eyes with hearts all over it. Lol!) Gideon actor and Gywneth actress looks great together... Cuties!

Bye. x

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