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BOOK REVIEW: FACADE (Games, #2) by Nyrae Dawn

Facade (Games, #2)Facade by Nyrae Dawn
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Even before meeting each other, their lives have been tied up already ... Not in a good way, though.

This book has so much going on. From Delaney's past, Adrian's past and from what they both have at the moment. I'm not complaining, 'cause those back stories made this book even better.

Delaney Cross, I love how strong she is and persistent to make everything that surrounds her okay. Her being nice is over flowing. Her character is in a really hard situation. Then it turns into a harder situation as the story progresses. Delaney's in between of the truth and her feelings. She feels like telling the truth (the truth - which you'll only know, when read this book) but then keeps on stalling 'cause she knows that it will create a strain in her relationship with Adrian. So, more than half of the book we see her struggle that. But once she drops that bomb on Adrian and tells him the truth ... Another bomb drops immediately. And seriously, it rendered me speechless. Complete with my mouth wide open (good thing there weren't any flies around -_-) . But gahhh she's so strong! I love her character for that, she manages to stand up from that downfall and even face another problem head-on.

Adrian Westfall (Dagnabit! This guy has a very swoon worthy name! *swoons*) Let's start with the light and fun parts about his character: I died with your freakin' awesome ramblings - poems that is. Those bits and pieces of his writings just makes you feel close to his character, it's so wonderful to read what Adrian's character is feeling at the particular moment. It maybe sort of haunting topics but how he translates it into words are just so beautiful. (Great job, Nyrae!)

But who would've thought that, that guy from Charade is going through a very tough time. I never would've guess. Well, yeah. He maybe that intellectual and sort of all-knowing guy from that book but I didn't expect that he's suffering and going through that kind of pain. To know more about him and his life, better read this!

FYI. This book made me cried a lot. Seriouly. I cried during that moment when Laney already revealed everything to Adrian and Adrian has this comeback of a revelation, as well. I cried when Laney went to her mom and talk to her. I cried when Maddox talked to Adrian. I cried when Adrian was having those thoughts/dreams about Ash. I cried when Laney and Adrian got to talk and patch up things between them. And I cried at the scene in the cemetery. See? I cried freakin' a lot. Those scenes were just so sooooooo good. Painful. A certain tear jerker. You can just feel your heart clenching while reading those scenes. I just wanna hug both of these characters (hugs my pillow instead).

This book tells us, readers, that being with someone is not that easy and always filled with rainbows and unicorns. Some people have to put up a tough fight or go through hell for them to be together. But in the end, everything that they do to push through it - is worth it.

Okay. No more of that painful moments.

I also love the cameo parts of Colt in this book. Knocking some sense into Adrian's mind and trying to console him about losing someone important in his life. Now, they found this same experience, like a platform in which they can bond together or be able to go through together without hiding any emotion. Feels like they're going to be closer than ever.

Random thought: Is there going to be a story that will focus on Maddox? (Please, say yes) I think, it'll be cool to know more about him and his take on their family problems. On how he's going to be able to deal with it and find his own happiness. Just imagining what could be his story, makes me want to sigh and sigh and sigh.

Anyways, before wishing and day dreaming of Maddy's story - pick this book up and read it! It's a must read! Ha, also read Charade, the first book of the Games series by Nyrae Dawn!

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