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Ramblings: Diary Ng Panget The Movie

Ramblings. I don’t usually write local (Philippine) entertainment related posts here in my blog but for Diary Ng Panget (and future Wattpad stories turned into movies?), I’m definitely making an exception. I’m not much into the local scene of our entertainment industry but I do watch movies and TV shows from time to time. That’s pretty much it. Then Diary Ng Panget The Movie happened.

It’s a known fact that I’m very updated and active every time an international book (that I love/like) is being adapted into a movie. My Facebook account’s constantly blowing up everyone’s news feed with updates, set photos, trailers, TV spots and movie stills from those movies. I know and I admit it, I’m such a “Book to Movie” junkie. Here’s the catch, I have NEVER FOLLOWED (keep tabs/social media stalking people involved in the project just to get a glimpse of the cast on set and what scene they are currently shooting) a PINOY movie being made/shot, not until this one.

I’ve been a fan of Diary Ng Panget way before it was even published as a book and doesn’t have any movie company optioning it of turning it into a movie. There you go, imagine me flailing around the house when I learned about it possibly becoming a movie. So we have a Wattpad story, book and then add the fact that there’s a potential movie … go figure. That’s actually expected of me to go gaga over it. When their shooting went underway, there were days when all I can see on my Facebook wall are updates and set photos from Diary Ng Panget. March has been a very enjoyable month for me because of the updates and teasers we got for this film.

April 2 experience. This movie made me experience another FIRST. I have never stood in line and waited just to be able to watch a Pinoy movie, not even the Metro Manila Film Fest movies made me do it. When I watch movies, I usually avoid crowds and long lines because I’m a very impatient person and that’s just not my scene. Huff. But for Diary Ng Panget, I did it. I stood in line for about an hour and thirty minutes just to be able to enter the theatre house and watch the movie. Looking back to this experience, I can say that everything that I endured during that waiting period was all worth it.

Movie. Wow, when we were walking out of the cinema after we’ve finished watching Diary Ng Panget I actually felt great and was just surrounded with an air of satisfaction with how they adapted the book. It was very faithful; they were able to stay very close to the book and was able to justify the material that they have. Yes, there were scenes that didn’t make it in the movie BUT the good thing here is they were able to capture the WHOLE VIBE OF THE BOOK. They were able to translate it really well through the lines, the banters of Cross and Eya and just every scene of the movie screams something that Denny, the author, would make her characters say and do. The movie made me giggle, laugh out loud (with tears in my eyes), squeal (or bordering on screaming), clap my hands, made me go like “awwww” and it really invaded me with loads of “kilig” feels! I had lots of fun watching the movie. All good stuff, thumbs up!

The pacing of the movie is at times good but there were moments that it tends to settle in so fast and goes directly into another scene of the movie. But that’s common error in movies based on books, even Hollywood movies have that. There were also some scenes that I wished that were given a little bit more emphasis or at least prolonged the length of it. Like the “walis-dustpan” scene (and the scene after that), the hospital and the cemetery scene because those scenes actually showcases the different side of Cross and that could’ve added with his character building/development. Another scene that I wished they could’ve emphasized more is the Masquerade Ball that was held in Willford Academy because it was such a pivotal scene in the book and it also runs through towards the end part of the movie. Anyways, those were just my wishes and opinions. Seriously though, I think the DNP Movie team did a really great job in handling everything given the time frame they were allotted to work for this project. If I’m not mistaken, they started shooting last February 26th (?) and the studio released the movie not even two months after they’ve shot it. So, congrats to you guys!

Cast. A batch of fresh faces nabbing the lead roles for the movie. At first I was quite uncertain on how they are going to take on their respective roles because I have never encountered their names (except James) and haven’t seen any TV show with them in it. Though, I like the very fact that the studio and the author, took a chance and entrusted James, Nadine, Yassi and Andre this huge project which could potentially jet start their career.

But when the set photos started to come in and the teaser trailer was released, I’m so done with the LITTLE cloud of doubts that I have. I was a hundred percent sure and confident that they fit their roles perfectly and will be able to pull off the whole movie. And as a “chemistry freak” like me, I was certain that there’s a spark between those pairings. Honestly, I already noticed James and Nadine’s chemistry even before Viva announced the cast for the movie and all we have were rumors circulating in the social media (and James’ music video for “Alam Niya Ba?” which “unofficially” debut their pairing). Actually, I’m now into shipping them. I guess it’s JaDine for James and Nadine while YaNdre for Yassi and Andre.

It was a very brave move for the studio and Denny to choose and place a huge responsibility on James, Nadine, Yassi and Andre considering that the four of them are just quite newbies in the industry to carry a movie like this, but look at what’s happening now. I think, I could say that the movie’s doing well in the box-office based on the lines that I could see forming outside the movie houses and the stories my friends keep on sharing to me wherein they’re experiencing a jam-packed and awesome crowd while watching this movie. Another thing is with the help of the movie, these four teens were able to gather a huge following and created a whole lot of new fans for themselves. Both love teams are also causing a stir amongst the youngsters in the different social media.

Last night, I had this random thought of: WHAT IF they weren’t the ones cast as Cross, Eya, Lory and Chad? Who could possibly fill their places? And you know what, I can’t name anyone that will fit their positions better. It was as if they were really fitted to be those characters. How they portrayed each of their characters was exactly how I imagined it to be. They pretty much nailed it. A plus is that all four of them gives off the vibe that portraying their respective characters is as easy as breathing, which gives their acting an edge because it comes out naturally. I hope that James, Nadine, Yassi and Andre will be given more chances and projects because in this movie they have proven how such effective actors and actresses they are and can really deliver something great to the general audience. I also think that they can really go a long way in the industry. I’m also begging that James and Nadine will still be paired up for future projects and people won’t let the chemistry between these two be put to waste. I would gladly watch any show or movie that they will do in the future. 

Soundtrack. Hands down. Diary Ng Panget The Movie is blessed with such versatile artists. James, Nadine, Yassi and Andre not only portrayed the main roles for the movie but they also took their singing talent into another level with this project. This may come as a shock to many or few, but here we go: ALL four of them are actually part of the original soundtrack for the movie. James, Nadine, Yassi and Andre even sung the movie’s theme song which is “Rocketeer”, originally by Far East Movement. Both pairings also did a duet, “No Erase” by James and Nadine while “Di Ko Alam” by Yassi and Andre. James and Nadine also did a solo, “Natataranta” and “Paligoy Ligoy” respectively. And seriously guys, the songs and their voices are in fact really good. The songs are very catchy and really coincide with the themes of the book and movie. That’s truly a great thing coming from me, because it’s just so often when a good OPM song catches my attention.

Part 2? My initial reaction after watching the whole movie was, “Is there a Diary Ng Panget The Movie Part 2? I --- WE NEED IT!”. If you’ve read Book 1 Wattpad version, you know that the movie’s storyline followed that one closely and basically ended the same way with it. Then you also know about the existence of BOOK 2, which is originally called as “Diary ni Eya”. So, the big question is WILL THERE BE A DNP THE MOVIE PART 2? I’m on my knees begging, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Viva will make one for I would love to see this four reprise their roles and take on the next chapter of Eya’s diary. I know for a fact that if not all, almost majority of the fans wants for this thing to happen.  Me thinks, that if Diary Ng Panget The Movie does well in the box office, Viva could option for a move of making another movie. Just my hunch, though.

Seeing the reaction of the public to this movie adaptation, will this officially launch the “Wattpad stories turned to Movie” craze here in the Philippines? I think that it probably would, just like with what’s happening in the international scene with loads of Young Adult books being adapted. Especially with Diary Ng Panget The Movie receiving great feedback from the fans of the book and even the moviegoers who got attracted by the movie’s official trailer. With that, I’m ending this post with … *SCREAMS* WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING AND READING THIS POST? MOVE YOUR BUTT, GO TO THE THEATERS NEAR YOU AND WATCH ‘DIARY NG PANGET THE MOVIE’! I assure you that you’ll have loads of LOL moments, kilig feels, learn a thing or two in the movie and will totes love it!

Bye x

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