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Sneaking CandySneaking Candy by Lisa Burstein
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*copy provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

I was checking my account on NetGalley a week ago (I think) just clicking random links of books that I could request and possibly granted for ARCs. Then I spotted this book...

The synopsis of Sneaking Candy caught my attention because of the premise. Candice Salinas is a creative grad student BUT she's also a self-published erotic romance writer under the pen name of Candy Sloane. It really got me curious as to how she'll be living the double life with her scholarship and respect for herself as an author and her works hanging on the line. Then we also have this two guy characters mentioned - Professor Dylan and James.

So, I requested for a copy of it. Then the next thing I know, I was granted a copy of this book days away from it's release date.

Hmmm. Sneaking Candy kind of fell flat to me. I was really expecting more to it than what was written. Yes, there were moments when I feel like laughing with what the characters were saying but it wasn't enough. This book is also filled with clichés, that Candice herself noted.

Candice keeps on stringing along what her characters would possibly do in this particular situation and in that one to her real life dilemma. This part was even pointed out by James, where he says that Candice may seem to have a split personality. I don't know if authors really feel that way too, but I think it's not healthy not to be able to distinguish yourself from their characters' behavior. Or in the sense of an author just relying to their characters' possible actions. We're our own person so it's just right for us to be able to face it as our own selves.

I don't know about you guys but I was sort of annoyed that "that James?" phrase keeps on popping out. That was totally overused. Candice, you know that it's James and we also know that too. So can you not repeat it again and again and again? It's not cute already.*sigh*

It totally lacked in the connection department for the main characters - James and Candice. Please do remind me of a scene where I can really pinpoint Candice felt love/like other than her "need" to be with James, way before she said that her feelings for James were more than the physical aspect. Because I really can't remember one. There's no depth with their relationship other than they're common answer as to who's the author they can't live without. Oh, and also the teacher-student relationship wasn't really that explored here.

Okay. There you go. It's 4AM already and *yawns*
Bye x

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