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BOOK REVIEW: FOREVER TOO FAR (Too Far #3) by Abby Glines

Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3; Rosemary Beach, #4)Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines
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I know about the back story of Nan's life and where she's coming from in this "HATING BLAIRE" thing or should I say "HATING EVERYTHING THE MOVES AROUND HER" but (ARGHHHHH I'M JUST SO PISSED OFF WITH HER) it's just getting out of hand/control already! It really annoys the hell out of me! Why the need to let Rush pick between her and Blaire? Fudgecakes! Their (Nan and Blaire) relationship towards Rush is on different levels, she's a sister to him and Blaire's the girl he's in love with. Just why? (It only goes to show that Abbi Glines is good in making us or at least me, hate one of her characters LOL) I'm done with that drama. Off to focus on some good stuff now. HAHA

Good thing there were great stuff that happened here in comparison to the first two books. It somewhat compensated with the pain I’ve felt reading those two. For the first time, Blaire and Rush got to have “full-time” happiness. Though, with some “Nan” drama injected in some scenes. At least those were just temporary drama, because what Blaire and Rush have are more on the permanent side. Especially, with them being a married couple and having Nathan Rush Finlay already.

I’m just happy with the “relationship development” that happened in this book. Dean’s relationship towards them, it’s just really cute seeing a rock-star doing stuff for Blaire. Blaire’s father also, at least there was a huge progress on that department. I was totally shocked on this one – Woods being serious with a girl (Rush 2.0 HAHA). But I want to know more if there’ll be a possibility to Grant and Harlow to be together. *Screaming* There moments are just plain cute, Harlow being the shy type of girl and Grant just being Grant. Oh the possibilities.

All in all, it was still a good book for me.

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