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BOOK REVIEW: BAD REP by A. Meredith Walters

Bad Rep (Bad Rep, #1)Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters
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"Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especially since mine had gone straight to hell in the span of thirty minutes".

dsbhdbjfajsa I equally love and hate this book. Seriously. I was pulling my hair in most parts because of the decisions our dear characters are choosing and also the situations they're being thrown in. Great job on that one, Ms. Walters!

Bad Rep. Just WHOA. This book was one helluva ride! Maysie Ardin and Jordan Levitt's relationship is truly a crazy journey! The drama. The gossips. The decisions. The tension. The insecurities. The parents. And even the society is involved in their relationship. It seems like everything is in here! It was very believable.

Jordan Levitt *fans myself* is just an uber hot guy. And he's also romantic - can make you swoon with his gestures and can even write a song about you. Who wouldn't want that? Now, that just makes Maysie an uber lucky gal! *sobs* But iz okay that there's no hot dude for me, Maysie and him are just perf!

I just hate the part of their relationship that they'll give in to each other one second and the next one Maysie pulls back. It was really dragging tho. Well yeah, I totally get it that her character just responds towards the situation ... but still.

Quick Discussion:

1. Shizz! Eli and Maysie talking at the end part. A-AAAAND Eli being the voice of reason/person who enlightens Mays. Whoa. I totally didn't expect that 'cause basing it from Eli's attitude in the beginning of the story - uh yeah it totally seems out of character. But then again we weren't given the chance to get to know Eli in a deeper level. That makes him a great character to explore. So please Ms. Walters, make a story about Eli's life.

2. When Maysie just let loose of all the pent up emotions she has all throughout the course of the book and deciding to stand up for herself. I truly love that scene. I'm hoping that people who always picks on others or criticize others can reflect and learn from that.

3. And when Jordan spews his own speech, *clap clap clap* after 14739292 days. Thank you for standing up for Maysie in front of the freakin' student body, including the Chi Delta sorority and Pi Sig fraternity. Hotness meter - 100%

4. Riley! Omg I'm totally excited to read Riley's story, which is Perfect Regret! The blurb of the book - fgbjdsfsj *screams* she's going to be involved with Garrett! H-O-W OMF I need to read it NOW!! Buh-bye!

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