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Return Of The Runaway Bride (Silhouette Romance, #999)Return Of The Runaway Bride by Donna Fasano
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Story. Return of the Runaway Bride starts with minutes away from Daniel Walsh III and Savanna Langford’s wedding. And Savanna was fidgety, doubting everything, realizing shit and all. Her mom tells her that it must be just cold feet about the wedding. But in her heart, Savanna knows that it’s more than that. She comes to realize how her life have been perfectly planned and orchestrated her parents. It’s not that she doesn’t love Daniel but it’s a now or never situation for her life. It’s now for her to decide if she’ll make this life changing decision or never have the chance to make a decision for her own life.

Savanna decides NOW and she ended up leaving her own wedding.

Six years later … accomplished in life, Savanna makes a decision to go back to their town and re-establish their family house. How will the people in their town react to her return? Most importantly, how will Daniel Walsh III react? Will they still be able to rekindle their relationship? What will Savanna do to earn Daniel’s trust and heart? I’m sure she needs to do some explanation for her actions in the past…

Overall. For me, the story lacks some back story to Savanna’s life after she left their town. I’m really shocked when I saw that “after six years” thing appeared in the book after the part wherein she left. I expected that the book will at least show how she started her life alone for it could’ve been a very prevailing element for the entire book. Yes, stuff was mentioned about her past but readers weren’t treated to get a glimpse on how Savanna worked her ass off to graduate in college and all. So yeah, I was disappointed about that. Though, I like everything that happened to Daniel and Savanna's story.

If you’re curious enough as to what happens to Savannah and Daniel after six years, then you should read this book. Plus point for this book for being a short read.

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