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Catching JordanCatching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Catching Jordan is the first book of the Hundred Oaks series by Miranda Kenneally. This is the also the first book that I’ve read written by Kenneally, so I pretty much don’t know what to expect with her writing style and all that. But I can tell you this now; I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s such a refreshing and fun read.

The story follows through the life of Jordan Woods, the captain for the Hundred Oaks High football team. And before you get the chance to ask me – YES, she’s a 110% GIRL! It’s not every day we get to read a book with this kind of premise, a girl taking on the men’s world like she’s been built to be guy or at least fit into it. So yeah, back to the story. She’s already in her senior year in high school which makes it a crucial point for her career. Jordan needs to do well with her football performance in order to catch the eyes of the recruiter from her dream school, University of Alabama, and land an offer to be on their team. The entire Hundred Oaks team, alongside with her friends HENRY (Oh Henry my baby!), JJ and Carter are fully supporting her with her dreams.

Everything’s going as planned … not until Ty Green makes an appearance on their school. Ty is a totally hot dude and truly a quarterback material. Obviously, he got in to the team. With his appearance, plans and relationships were shaken up. Will Jordan be able to contain a clear head (despite of Ty’s hotness) and play the game to perfection or at least enough to catch the interest of the University of Alabama's recruiter? Or will Ty Green cause her goals to blur into the background? But the ultimate question for Jordan’s heart is: will Ty’s existence be the answer to her zero love life or will it just make her heart realize who’s the person she wants to be with?

The whole football world and terminologies, what worry me the most is what’ll be the non-football enthusiasts (with zero knowledge about the sport) think about this. There was loads of football jargon thrown into the story. I don’t know, or maybe this book will help them gain knowledge about the sport and convert them into football enthusiasts. Mmmyeah. Anyways, I had fun reading it. It was really interesting and it definitely gave me a clear visual with everything that is happening with the games.

Jordan Woods. She’s such a bad ass player on the field. Her knowledge, attitude, skills and passion to football are the elements that makes her a great captain and a player. I like how this story bridges the men and women’s world (gender equality ish). It just goes to show that women can also do and play these men dominated sport. Women empowerment, hell yeah!

Henry. TEAM HENRY, FYeah! I like his relationship with Jordan, light, playful and always there when one of them is feeling low. He was there consoling and being the best friend that he can be. In the early parts of the book, I can already sense that Henry’s like *hearts everywhere* towards Jordan. So, when shit really hit the fan – I was like “DUDE, go get Jordan already!”! But ughh … Henry definitely needs some smacking in the head. Anyways, I'm 200% shipping Jordan and Henry. They’re such an adorable and bad ass pair!

Ty. He’s hot and sure is a great player. That’s it. I didn’t feel something towards his character. Uhhh maybe in the first bits of the story where he and Jordan’s like playin’ with fire in terms of their relationship. There’s chemistry between them but nahhh. I’m quite sad because Ty’s character wasn’t that explored in this book and I’ve got lots of question about it – his mother blah blah blah.

All in all, I had a fun reading experience and will definitely continue on reading the Hundred Oaks series! I’m quite excited about the other books!

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