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Only For You (Forever and Always, #1)Only For You by E.L. Todd
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ARC generously provide by the author in return for an honest review.

It has been hours already since I finished reading this book but the problem was our internet connection went really crappy after that super typhoon passed by our place. I’m all good, everyone. Anyways, yesterday afternoon I receive a personal message from Ms. E.L Todd about this book of hers and giving me the opportunity to read her book in advance. Well, I did what’s expected … I immediately jumped to this opportunity to review it or at least make a post about my feels. Thank you, Ms. Todd for giving me this opportunity.

Story. Only For You starts off with our main character, Scarlet, meeting up with Sean’s (her best friend) girlfriend, Penelope. Scarlet was quite suspicious as to what they will be talking about because Penelope was this fidgety and all, clearly making an impression that something’s wrong. Then without any stalling now, Penelope dropped the bomb that she’ll be breaking off her relationship with Sean and that there’s another man involved in her life now. Penelope told Scarlet about this first because she would want Scarlet to be there for Sean for the post-break up. Anger flared inside Scarlet for this woman sitting in front of her, like how could she do that to her best friend.

The break-up happened and Sean was really devastated about it. Scarlet did her best to cheer up and distract Sean. They did all things together – watched movie, eat together and slept together. They’ve had this platonic relationship of theirs since their college years. Not until the night of the charity gala for the company Sean’s working for. One thing led to another and they ended up with a helluva steamy night together. The day after was just euphoric for Scarlet (Duh! ‘cause she’s like in love with her best friend) while it was just any ordinary day for Sean … Assumptions were made, fvcked up situations happened and the real reason why Penelope broke up with Sean was thrown out in the open.

What do you think will happen next to Scarlet and Sean? Will they be able to continue as friends after what happened between them? What would be Scarlet’s plan, will she just run away from everything … from her years of friendship with Sean because of what happened between them? What would be Sean’s plan? Well, you’ll be able to answer that for yourselves if you purchase and read this book on November 15!

Overall. I had a great time reading Only for You, it’s a light, fast and quite a short read. The pacing of the story was quite fast but it worked with the story and in keeping the readers to just continue on reading this book. Once I started reading this book it immediately caught my attention, what with that opening scene this book has. It will really prompt you to finish the book in one sitting, like what I did to this book.

In some parts of the book, there were memories from the past that were explored. The transition from present to past then back to the present was quite smooth. Readers won’t miss what the author is hinting.

I think, Only For You is a relationship story. It really focused on the different relationships a human being must/could have – girlfriend to boyfriend, best friends, lovers, boss to employee, colleague to a colleague, sister to brother, new found friend thing and children to parents. It was quite an experience reading and exploring those relationships in this book. With everything that happened in Only for You, it was a reminder that not all relationships last or that perfect. But surely, there will be people who will be there for us until the end and we must treasure those people. The story also makes us evaluate our own personal relationships.

The ending though, I felt that it was quite rushed and some things were left out. I can feel that it was meant to be ended that way to open/or create a new conflict for the second book. But at least, we got a closure to one of the relationship conflict here. I’m quite happy with that. I will definitely read the second book to know what happens next to that hanging other relationship conflict (Scarlet and her parents) and how Scarlet will resolve her other problem which involves money. Book Two for this series, Forever and Always will also be released on November 15!

Scarlet and Sean. Their friendship is a relationship that any people would envy, guy and girl with a platonic relationship and never did anything outside of that. But the problem with this, if one of them acted upon it and just thought of his/her sexual urges … everything is on the line. And that’s what happened with this two. But both of them are really at fault with why their friendship drifted apart. Anyways, I still don't know what to think of Sean's feelings towards Scarlet. Is he over Penelope already? Is he just feeling this love thing for Scarlet because he misses her? He may have said some convincing words at the end to Scarlet but I'm still dubious about his feelings. Well, let's see what happens next in the second book.

Scarlet and Ryan. I love how their dynamics as brother and sister work. Ryan is so sweet and caring to Scarlet even if she had blown off Ryan in the past. But at least Scarlet redeemed herself towards the end of the story. Even though, the act that she did will ‘cause something bad and terrifying in her life. She has shown that her brother will always come first before anything else.

Scarlet and Cortland. I was really enjoying their how their new found friendship unfolds. Cortland was a really cool, intelligent and at the same time an overtly gentleman. He has certainly helped Scarlet a lot during her lowest points of her life. But was it really necessary for them to sleep together? And slept together again despite Cortland admitting that he’s still in a relationship? Cortland and his girlfriend’s relationship may be on the rocks or at that time better quite as dead, but I really hate what they did. They may have hots for the each other but to act on it whilst the other is still in a relationship is just terrible.

Scarlet and Janice. Oh this one! I’m really annoyed with how Janice acted. She pretty much acted like a slut back there. Like duh! Ughh Janice already detected something shady about Scarlet’s feelings towards Sean but still she came barging in. Take a hint, girl. I think if girls are overly evasive in a certain topic, like how she feels for a certain guy and she denies it but her actions tells another story … then you have your answer already.

Scarlet and their parents. I’m really intrigued with her relationship with her parents. This part was really brought up towards the end of the book already, so not much was given about it. I’m hoping that in the second book we get to explore this relationship more because right now there are so many questions that surround this.

Well, that’s it for now.
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