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Deeper (Caroline & West, #1)Deeper by Robin York
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*ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

It was my first time participating in the Read It Review It program of the New Adult Book Club here in Goodreads and I got lucky to get a hold of a copy of Deeper. This book is scheduled for release next year on January 28th and NA Book Club was only giving 25 copies. So, I was pretty much ecstatic to know that I was included in that list of lucky readers and reviewers. Anyways, I should get started now with my ramblings for Deeper.

Story. Deeper’s story begins with a short back story/overview of the premise of the book. Caroline Piasecki received a text message from Bridget, her best friend, which only said “OMG”. She just thought that maybe it was an unfinished sentence or train of thought of her friend and clearly wasn’t thinking the worst out of that simple message. But it seems like life’s treating her hard. Her friend sent another message, now with a site link included in it…

Caroline opened the link and photos of her and her ex-boyfriend, Nate, were posted in that certain site which showcasing private moments of theirs. But mostly photos with her face on it. A private moment of them was out there in the open for everyone to see. Caroline can already see her life crashing down and all the possible consequences were flashing right before her eyes.

How will Caroline cope with this situation? Will she ever recover? How will be life like for her now? What obstacles will she face in the future? Will she forever be under the scrutiny of the public? How will she be able to stand back up after hitting the ground so hard? [ Oh my gosh. While I’m typing this down, “Diana” by One Direction started playing on my mp3. And it’s in freakin’ shuffle. I’m spazzing right now because the lyrics were quite fitting for the book’s premise. Oh god. ]

Weeks after that internet incident, Caroline gets tangled up in a situation when West Leavitt (a guy she must stay away from, according to her dad) stands up for and beats the shit out of her ex-boyfriend…

What could’ve triggered West for him to punch Nate? How will Caroline deal with this West drama? Will West be the person whom she’ll seek refuge to?

Dual POVs. If you think that Deeper only includes the story of Caroline and the process of her hitting the rock bottom, well then you’re wrong in assuming that. The book is written in a DUAL POV, which is from Caroline and West’s POV. I won’t mention more (it’s for you to find out) about West’s story but I’ll just say that his life growing up isn’t as easy as Caroline. I just noticed awhile ago when I was checking the Goodreads’ page for this book that the blurb doesn’t give any hint with West’s story. So I tell you this; his story is as much of importance as Caroline’s story is.

Going back to the POVs talk, I actually love that part of the book because we get to read about both of the characters’ past and where they’re actually coming from with their opinions and decisions all throughout the story. Everything just makes sense when it is being told in dual POVs. We understand them in a deeper level. Especially with having something that holds them down - it may be their past or their present. The DUAL POV somewhat messed up with my emotions, in a good way. I felt every emotion these two were having, even the minor characters.

Issue/s Tackled. This book is definitely recommended to those who’ve experienced the same fate with Caroline, I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two how to stand back up. Deeper tackled a very sensitive issue which was about revenge porn. I know that there are porn sites out there. I don’t know how things work there, but I may have come across the internet some news about women being violated because of their private photos being posted on the internet.

Ughh, that’s just sick for people to post it or even consider posting that stuff out there. It pains me to think about those people who have experienced this and how they deal with the aftermath. I’m sure there’s humiliation, pain, scared and other emotions running through them. *sigh* The author handled this issue well in her writing. She gave us this character of Caroline to get through her head and learn the instant feelings and actions one does when thrown in a situation like this. It was very realistic.

By the way. At the end of the book, the author included a simple note addressing this issue.

There’s another issue included in this book and it involves West’s character.  Resolving that issue was somewhat lacking. It would’ve been great if a couple more pages were dedicated as to the resolution process to West’s issue.

Caroline-West. Yes, the sexual tension/chemistry is there. It isn’t the kissy kissy from the first chapter of the book until the end type of relationship. There were important factors that needed to be taken into consideration with Caroline and West characters, which in turn gave as front seats on how their relationship progressed. But what I love the most about this two is the fact that they’re there for each other. Both of them are helping each other out – pulling each other out of their sorrows in life. They were just what the other person needed. They fit together. (getting emotional here) In terms on how the book ended … it is an open ended one. But I’m not complaining for it fits the story. It’s a very hopeful kind of ending. I love it.

Book Two. I need to know what happens next to these two. I want it now though. *pouts lips*

We're right together, Caroline and me. Even if I'm doing this wrong, completely fucking wrong, it doesn't matter...We're right.


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