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Allegiant (Divergent, #3)Allegiant by Veronica Roth
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It has been hours already since I’ve finished reading Allegiant and I’m still in awe how Veronica Roth concluded the series. Just whoa. I didn’t expect something major like that to happen. As of now I’m having a book hangover, all the events from Allegiant are just playing over and over again in my head. I’m trying to let every single detail sink in to my mind and heart. I really can’t get over with that ending. *deep sigh*

For me, Allegiant is a good conclusion for the series. To see the Divergent world to come full circle; lies unravelled, truths explained and sacrifices here and there it was just beautiful, amazing and heart-warming. It wasn’t just a story about the journey of Tris, Four, Caleb and so on and so forth but it’s also a story in which all of us can take something from and most importantly use it in our daily lives.

With it being classified as a dystopian kind of novel it truly explored all the possible things that may spring out amidst the turmoil happening in their society. Roth did not hold back. No one was particularly safe in her hands.

Style. Roth’s style is easy to identify or very distinctive. Veronica Roth is practically labelled or written all over her writings, specifically in Allegiant. What she studied in college, Psychology (considering that psychology holds a big part in how the series got started) just shines through it. With what her characters are constantly going through they are bound to be like questioning and questioning and continue on questioning with what is right and what is wrong, in terms of the problem solving and the decision making factor and the specific behaviour that accompanies those decisions. I think, Roth really invested in this element of the book, analyzing the minds and actions of the characters.

There were parts where us, readers, will also be like questioning ourselves (with the DUAL POV happening), “Who’s telling the truth?” “What’s right?” “What’s wrong?” and “Where do I stand among these life threatening situations?”. In some ways, it feels like annoying (‘cause all we want is to just read what’ll happen next to the book’s characters) but on the other hand it makes us evaluate ourselves – if we were in Tris’ and Four’s shoes what will we be doing and how are going to behave/act?

Roth's great in describing places, things, what’s currently happening in the scenes of the book and how the characters are feeling. She also have this intricate/tricky world-building and back-up explanation for the “behind the fence” element of her story and it was just uhhh whoa! But for me it didn't come across as mind-boggling sort of thing. It was just a plain narration/explanation of everything about the truth.

DUAL POV. When Veronica Roth announced that the book is going to be in Tris’ and Four’s perspective, I was pretty much giddy and scared at the same time. Giddy because we are going to be given a chance to read and explore the Divergent world in a much broader scope. Like there may be things that Tris can pick up on but Four can’t and that can go the other way around. Scared because there’s a chance that it will pave way for something bigger or a game changer in terms of the story’s plot, just like what happened in *coughs* Origin *coughs*! Seriously, dual POV's scare the hell out of me!

And I was right with that. Giddy and scared it is.

In the early parts of the book, it feels like the POVs were muddled - like I can't distinguish the difference from Tris and Four's voice. But as the story progresses and there's this change with Four's character, now that's it. I’m amazed with both of the character's train of thought and how Tris and Four process and comes to a conclusion with regards to all of their decisions made in Allegiant. In some parts you can read the contradicting sentiments that they have and will leave you in a way to be frustrated in one or both of them.

(view spoiler)

Direction and pacing of the story. So, what’s behind the fence? Allegiant just picks up where Insurgent left off. If you’ve re-read Insurgent days before Allegiant’s release, well then I think it’ll be easier for you ‘cause you’re still be like feeling the fvckin feels it left us.

The pacing of the book was good and I was carefully treading with the pages of it to let all those information soak in my head. So, if you thought that you've already mastered the Divergent world with just reading Divergent and Insurgent ... well you're up for another round to fully perfect it.(view spoiler)

Nahhh! I won't discuss here all the things that happened in the book. Here you go, rapid description about stuff in Allegiant: Messy situations. Shocking truths were revealed. Shocking decisions. Shocking events. Too much to handle and too much to take in! Allegiant is a helluva roller coaster ride! BAMMMM!

Four – Tris. I commend Veronica Roth for taking such a big risk in handling this element of the story. A very bold move. FourTris ship is a very popular ship in the YA world and it has been sailing every since Four and Tris laid their eyes to each other. (view spoiler)

Ending. It's a love it or hate it type of ending. So, I'm sure Allegiant will get mixed reviews amongst readers. (view spoiler)

There's so many things that I would love to comment on but jfcjsd this is all I can put up for now. Maybe in a couple of days or months, I'll revisit this post. *sigh*

"Life damages us, every one. We can't escape that damage. But now, I am also learning this: We can be mended. We mend each other."

Help! Someone mend me…

Bye x
PS: Messy review? Obviously, my emotions are all over the place ...
Rating: 3? 4? 4.5? 5? Idk. I'm a mess! I'll just evaluate this in a few days.

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