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Finding It (Losing It, #3)Finding It by Cora Carmack
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Losing It series by Cora Carmack is one of the series that I've been really keeping tabs on. With the first two books (Losing It and Faking It) leaving a great impression to me, it's just expected for me to continue with this series. I was really giddy to start reading this book!!

Finding It is a story of overcoming the past and all the heartaches it has brought down to a person. It's about wanting yourself to pull through it. Life has so much to offer and for you to allow to be dictated by those experiences means ... you are wasting your life away already.

The story also opens a room for re-evaluating one's self and accepting one's self. Finding your strength. Finding yourself. Finding where you truly belong. Past is past, never let those BS decide where you steer your future. (Self-destruction isn't a solution to those problems.)

This is the book 3 of the Losing It series and it follows the story of Kelsey Summers (Bliss Edwards' friend). We know from the previous installment that even before graduation Kelsey was already planning to go an adventure in different countries. So yeah, we explore that here in Finding It.

Kelsey Summers is livin' it up (sort of), partyin' all night long and traipsing from one country to another. Nothing is constant in her life (except the BS her family is giving her) when she started this adventure and then this guy just waltzed in her life... Hello adventure!

Kelsey may seem to be a free spirit to the public's eye but behind that facade she’s been putting up her whole life there's a pretty much damaged gal, who's yearning for something in her life. Direction in life? Purpose in her life? Companion/Special someone? Attention from her parents? Yes, her parents may be providing everything for her from her wants to her needs but that's not enough. Her parents are the biggest factor that fvcked up Kelsey's being. They're a letdown to their own daugther and they should be ashamed of themselves (and I wanna strangle them).

In the earlier parts of the book, I was quite annoyed with how she's acting but as the story continue bits and pieces of her past were revealed. Making me realize how strong she is considering what she experienced in the past and still trying to live. Her ways of coping may not be the conventional/best way to overcome it but at least she got pass through that stage. In this novel, we see Kelsey transform into a mature, amazing and brave woman who tried her hardest to break through the claws of her past and her parents.

Jackson Hunt. On the opposite side of the equation we have this guy who seems to be the perfect guy. He's a gentleman, swoon worthy and someone who has self-restraint (not many NA guys have that, I think lol). But deep inside he's also suffering and going through a lot of stuff. He's also fighting his inner demons. It's quite hard to break into Hunt's character, for he is also so closed off. That in some parts of the book I wanna shake his frame already. But then, when he let everything out towards the end of the book ... Phew it was such a beautiful moment, with both of their characters out in the open.

Jackon and Kelsey's relationship seems to be like a perfect fit. Together they can overcome the inner demons whatever their past has brought up to them. The chemistry is there, dfhsj feels! The spontaneity of their actions – just like the adventure that they embark in Europe (dsgas the places they’ve visited – jelly). Sigh.

I definitely recommend this book and the entire Losing It Series. All of those books are certainly great reads!

“Every day. I will prove every day how much you mean to me. How real this is. You told me once that history matters, but it’s frozen, set in stone. This is part of our history. I can’t change it or undo it. But it doesn’t have to dictate our future.”

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