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Emerald Green (The Ruby Red Trilogy, #3)Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier
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I started reading Emerald Green last October 11 (I think, at least that's what it says here on Goodreads. Ha!). By the time that I reached 35% of the book's entirety, I don't know (Huff!) I just felt that I don't want to finish this series just yet. So I tried to prolong reading it ... It took me a couple of days to continue reading but once that happened, oh man I can't even bring myself to focus on other stuff. I just read and read and read the book until I finished devouring it.

Emerald Green was still a great way to end the series, with the story coming into full circle already. The first part was quite slow paced blah blah but once it picks right up you'll just be craving to know the answers to every single mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, even though the revelations didn't come across as mind boggling. I was like, "Uh yeahhhh, that's it" and it wasn't that type of WTF and swear words triggering moment. It was just an easy flow of information. I think it's perfect considering that it's already dealing with the time travelling factor, which can be an overwhelming or messy type of element in a story's plot. Kerstin Gier handled time travelling and the story perfectly.


1. Lucas Montrose. Gwen. Meeting. Treasure. Chronograph. I love every single interaction they had, Gwen meeting the Young Lucas and them brewing everything from there. It was such a clever element of the story.

2. Gwen. Gideon. Relationship. Immortal. AT LAST. NO MORE DRAMA BETWEEN THOSE TWO. (Phew phew) They deserve to be happy and be together after this draining experience of theirs. Gideon’s lines in this book fhgdjfs! *dives off a cliff* *FEELS*

3. Lesley Hay. She’s one of my favorite characters of this series. She's so into it, so dedicated to explore and know the mysteries of the Lodge. I kinda agree with her, that it's pretty much cooler to have a friend that is a time traveller rather than herself being one. There's this added excitement when you're just a sort of "instrument/helper/outsider". I ship Lesley and Raphael (hearts everywhere).

4. Count. Mr. Whitman. Elixir. I really felt that there’s something wrong with Mr. Whitman’s character, just looming in the background waiting for his time …

5. Lucy and Paul. They did what they have to do. They are such brave characters.

6. Oh Xemerius, u da bomb! I'm so going to miss all those funny and crazy antics of his. He gave me pure entertainment amidst all the creeptastic and adventurous twists and turns of the story. Whatever comes right out of his mouth are just dead on funny and nothing but the truth.

7. But with the ending and all it just kept me wondering, what happened to the Inner Circle? To the Lodge? (just curious)

8. And OMG the epilogue!!!

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