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Sapphire Blue (The Ruby Red, #2)Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier
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Yes, I enjoyed reading Sapphire Blue but for me (what the?!) the book was a tad bit disappointing. All that ever happened to this book was just a motion of piling up loads of questions in my head and sad to say the story ended with none of those being answered. I already thought that my head was seconds or minutes away from exploding. I think, it could've been great if at least some matters were already addresed here in this book.

Sapphire Blue only have 12 chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue, it's much shorter than Ruby Red. *sobs* Me thinks that the author should've tried to do more than that. The concept and the main storyline of the series is amazing which offers tons of matter that are great to explore. *sigh* But still it doesn't diminishes of how amazed I am with the way the author's mind works. She had to go through loads of past-present-past-present dilemma and I think it's already a mind game of its own.

I'm hoping and praying that Emerald Green will be much longer and a great conclusion to the series. Surely, all these questions that sprouted from our minds since Ruby Red will be answered. I'm quite excited on how everything will unfold.


1. I love those tables and written records that appear before each chapter. It gives us more knowledge about the Precious Stone Trilogy world.

2. Gahhhd that scene with Puffylips and Charlotte! I wanna strangle both of them right then and there! They're just full of insults towards Gwyneth! Pssh people, she doesn't need all of those! Arghhh! That was just so frustrating! *pulls my hair out*

3. Xemerius. Oh how I love this gargoyle. Xemerius just makes the book all better and lighter. He's a great and useful buddy to Gwen. Even though, he keeps of pestering Gwen about buying him a dog. LMAO! That scene of him and James the ghost was just soooo funny HAHAHA!

4. Gywneth and Lucas Montrose conversations. Those scenes were really cool. Imagine talking to your grandfather way before your mother was born. Awesome, right? But what's more awesome is them trying to find out why things happened - why Lucy and Paul stole the chronograph. It's kind of weird 'cause from Lucas Montrose point of view it's still about to happen in his near future and discussing that already is ... But there he is trying to solve the mystery of it. And oh even himself still doesn't know about the Green Rider thing in which Lucy mentioned in Ruby Red that once Gwen saw his grandfather she should ask him what it's all about.

5. What's the real deal between Gywneth and Gideon?! I kind of hate Gwen towards the end when she didn't allow Gideon to explain. For fvcksake, I need that answer! And I terribly hate Gideon for the most part of this book! One second he's all these mushy and sweet to Gwen and the next thing we know he's all that stone cold being. Love and Ignore relationship at its finest. Psh. Grow up.

6. Lucas Montrose? Count? Lucy? Paul? Gwen and Gideon? Lord Alistair? I want to know the answers between their characters involvement to this whole chronograph fiasco. Gimme answers.

Secret from the chronograph? Green Rider? That thing that happened to Gideon and Gwen's possible involvment to that? Treasure thing in Gwen's house? Aunt Maddy's visions? That Alliance thingy? Answers please.

This series will really make your mind and imagination run wild trying to come up with the possible answers for each question you have. (Whilst taking the time concept/factor in to consideration.)

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