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Ryan Hunter (Grover Beach Team, #2)Ryan Hunter by Piper Shelly
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Awww man, Ryan Hunter's POV. I love books written in a guy's perspective. It makes me fully realize that it's not just girls who gets that tingly feeling when they met a nice dude/the "one" and the achy feeling when they're dumped, cheated upon on or when they realize that they weren't the chosen one. Boys do feel the same way too. That inside that macho bodies of theirs and no matter how swoon worthy they are, they're still human beings who has feelings.

I love how he truly cares for Liza. He'd do everything for Liza's happiness. *swoon*

Oh wow. In Play with Me we never witnessed Ryan and Liza's mom conversation before that "distraction thing" fully went underway (because of it being in Liza's POV). I'm just happy that Liza's mom really trusted Ryan to make Liza happy. Seeing how Hunter interacts with his parents and Liza's mom just adds to his swoon and drool worthy points. A dude with good manners.

Quite an internal mean streak going on there when it comes to Tony. All the hoping and praying inside his head. But then Tony did deserve that meanness reeling inside Ryan's head. (Still annoyed by Tony's character. Pfft!)

I'm also happy how he treats other people despite of him being up in the social scene ladder. In short, he's not a douchebag.

I'm really happy for Ryan Hunter's character. He deserves everything that happened. :)

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