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BOOK REVIEW: FRIEND-ZONED (Friend-Zoned, #1) by Belle Aurora

Friend-Zoned (Friend-Zoned, #1)Friend-Zoned by Belle Aurora
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Oh man! I really did have a great time reading this book, made my heart squeal with joy and a little bit of sadness! It's a light and fluffy read! You totes need to read this book!!!

I love how the story got started *coughs* "Did I...? Did I just get friend-zoned?" *coughs*! That's so rich, I can't even HAHA! So basically our main characters here, Nik and Tina were just friends in the beginning of the story. We see how everything in their relationship unfolds - from the "getting to know each other" stage, their group of friends became buddy buddies also, their past unraveled and how they fell in love with each other were mixed in with the story. Thus, creating a really really great storyline!

Aside from how the story went, I love this book because of set of characters that we have here. Nik. Tina. Nat. Ghost. Max. Mimi. Lola. Trick. They're just relatable characters! I love them to bits and pieces!!! And I commend Belle Aurora for making me feel like I really know these characters personally, shizz! Well. It only goes to show that this book is well-written! Now, I want each and everyone of them to have a book specifically written for their characters! *begs*

NIKKKKKKKKI DHFSDJNFSDKMK *SPAZZING* HE'S SO SWEET AND ALL THAT!!! *HEARTS EVERYWHERE* Him and Tina are just so sweet to each other even as friends! FDSJFNDS Soooo cute! And I love how Tina bakes cupcakes for him, for his friends, for her friends ... basically for everyone HAHA! Oh gosh! Just read this book so that you'll get what I'm rambling about! BTW, I feel like a puddle of goo when I finished reading this book dfhfjsdn *FEELS*!

"We might all be misfits but we fit perfectly together." - Tina

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