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BOOK REVIEW: CHARADE (Games, #1) by Nyrae Dawn

Charade (Games, #1)Charade by Nyrae Dawn
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This is a game. Our game. One that I asked for, but with each day it feels more real. More real than anything ever has and I’m not sure how I feel about that. What to do. I shouldn’t fall for this guy. - Cheyenne

You can never tell to whom you'll fall in love. *sighs* It may have started as a charade - both of them just finding an out to their problems, but in the end ...

Cheyenne, you need to find some release over your emotions. Cry it all out if you want, just don't keep all your pent up emotions inside of you. It just makes the entire situation difficult. You don't need to be this toughen up girl you're letting the world see, be yourself - if you’re broken, feeling low or whatsoever, let it out. Oh so lucky that you have Colton by your side.

Oh dear. That particular moment when it was mentioned that Chey was softening up to Colton, I was pretty much ahead of her already with her "insides softening" thing. I don't know, but for me when Colton brought Chey to his mother's house, my heart is already swelling with feels for these two characters.

Colton, dude! Why u so sweet? Gahhh! Can I play charade with you as well? I love it when he gets out of his character and just follow what his gut and heart says. *flailing* Like when he gets to be so caring to Chey, kissing her head, kissing her forehead, hugging her, calling her baby, I need to stop now before I turn into a puddle of goo on the floor.

The way he's getting money for her mother's bills, I don't really approve of that. But given in his situation, he's that desperate already and just needs to have enough money to keep his mom alive and I understand him for that. (Still I won't approve of that, he should just looked for a proper job). But that part of the book when he realizes, he wants change to himself and be better - I think 'twas the turning point for Colton's character.

That moment when they already give in to what they feel for each other ... I temporarily died. Their lines were just so good, you can feel their emotions. Perfect moment for Cheyenne and Colton. Damn, it was about time for them to realize that from the early stage of their charade the lines were already blurry. And they're more than what they're supposed to be - just two people playing a game.

When they were in Bev's deathbed and she's saying all this kinds of messages to them already, I can't refrain myself from bawling my eyes out. And then Colton launches into this confession part 2 to Chey - perfect, "bawling my eyes out" part 2 happened.

And then were thrown in this jaw-dropping situation (WHOA WHOA WHOA, I didn't saw that one coming), I was not breathing (okay, that was an exaggeration! But it feels like it.) ! I just need to know what happens next to the story, so that I can finally release the air that I've been holding in. Intense last few pages. Phew phew! *wipes sweat on my forehead*

Oh yeah! We get to have an epilogue on this one, which makes me really happy! You, guise, should read this one! I don't know about you but I really love it. Hope you do too. Thank you, Nyrae Dawn for crafting such a great story!

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