Wednesday, July 11, 2012

International Books: TRANSLATED to FILIPINO!

Precious Pages Corporation (PPC), the company behind the very successful Precious Hearts Romances (PHR) is very known in the Philippine Market for its thousands of published Tagalog romance pocketbooks.

Martha Cecilia, Rose Tan, Vanessa, Heart Yngrid, Sonia Francesca, Angel Bautista, Laurice del Rio and Amanda are just some of the known authors of PHR pocketbooks. These paperbacks that they usually write are about 128 pages (minimum) and can be bought in the market for P37 (cheapest price in the market). Some of these stories where even made into TV shows in ABS-CBN (I'm sure you remember Precious Hearts Romances  presents: Bud Brothers.)  

TWILIGHT copies on my table. Finally, it will be out in the market
next week May 23, 2012. 
Visit any Precious Pages stores and 
 grab a copy of this limited premium Filipino version of TWILIGHT.
But shifting gears, last May 18 while I was surfing the internet a certain picture on my news feed caught my attention. 

Precious Hearts Romances translating Twilight in Tagalog. With that, making the title as TAKIPSILIM. [Which brings back all the memories from '09, wherein rumors were circulating that a certain Philippine TV station will be doing a Philippine version of Twilight] 

I was really shocked on what I saw (for I am a Twilight Saga fan, myself) and I don't know what to expect from this. I was really worrying over on what they could have possibly done to my favorite novel. Making it a TRENDING TOPIC among us Twilight fans in our Facebook groups. 

Fans were having MIXED EMOTIONS. 

But as PHR posted on their Facebook page, they just wanted to give the readers a choice , a variation on how they want to read the bestselling books out on the market - English (original language of the books) or in Filipino (translated). CHOICE is the keyword there.

Well, I guess Twilight (Takipsilim) did well in terms of their sales and the readers dig it. Why? For they are now venturing in doing a Filipino translation of ... The Hunger Games Trilogy and Fifty Shades Trilogy. 

What can you say about this TRIBUTES and Fifty Shades of Grey lovers
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