Friday, February 20, 2015

RAMBLINGS | All About Advance Reader’s Copies...

I wasn't planning on writing a blog post for today but then an issue came up which concerns books and blogging. It caught my attention and I just can't help myself from keeping mum about it. 

It started off when somebody posted (in a certain Facebook group that I'm part of) a screenshot of an IG account which apparently sells ARCs. What the? Seriously, they're selling ARCs? Uh-oh, I smell chaos. Oh and I'm quite right with that 'cause once I logged in onto my Twitter account, a lot of my Filipino book blogger friends took notice of that specific post too. 

So now, here we are and you'll be reading through my sentiments about selling ARCs. 

The owner of this shop clearly don't understand the label placed by the publishers on the front cover of those ARCs: "UNCORRECTED PROOF NOT FOR SALE". I’m sorry but don’t give us that first sale doctrine you’ve posted over your IG account because le duh it has been stated that ARCs aren’t for SALE. That’s basically the term that these publishers set when you were granted ARCs.

Note that, there shouldn’t be monetary transactions involved when it comes to ARCs too. Publishers aren’t gaining profit from it and this shop just has the nerve to sell these ARCs. ARCs which were given and delivered to them for free. That’s just so wrong. Purely unethical. If you don't want those ARCs, the best way is for you to donate, lend or host a giveaway on your account.

The owner also didn’t factor in that he/she should consider him/herself to be lucky and privilege to have those. It's a blessing to receive an ARC and what more with SEVERAL ARCs at that. Damn, acquiring ARCs is a tough task to accomplish, you know? I’ve worked my ass off before I was granted print ARCs by Harper Collins International and am always working hard for the eARCs. This is just a very sad and disappointing situation. 

Anyways... Book nerds who happen to stumble upon ARC sellers, please please don’t patronize them. If you want to acquire ARCs, go over Twitter and test your luck in ARC giveaways! That’s the best way to snag a copy of your anticipated releases. 

Here are some additional reading materials for you if you want to know some thoughts coming from bloggers regarding this matter: StackedBooks, This Is Not Your Book Blog and Writer for Misfits. 

What is happening to us, Philippine book community?
Okay. I'm done here. I just hope I got my point across to you, my blog readers.  x


  1. This is really just crazy! I can't believe people would sell them! I would cherish those books forever!

    Did you report them? Or turn them into the piblisher? Because you should. That's not right.

    -Kayl @ Kayl's Krazy Obsession

    1. Kayl, yes! ARCs are such a huge blessing and it shouldn't be treated that way. Pissed off that somebody's taking advantage of being able to acquire ARCs.

      Yes, somebody emailed the publishers already and we're bumping up these posts to create awareness. Such a sad situation. Huff.

  2. Oh my! He/she should be reported. Or first, advise muna that what he/she is doing is not right. Tsk.

    1. Aizel, a friend of mine contacted the owner of the shop and he/she turns out to be a very rude person. You should check THIS IS NOT YOUR BOOK BLOG's link that I've included in my post. She included screenshots of that conversation. We also tried to comment on her IG posts but she/he deleted it.

  3. I'm following her shop on IG. She sells cheap hardcover books but when I saw those posts of for sale ARCs, I just shook my head in disbelief.

    1. I've seen her IG shop a few weeks ago but there wasn't a sign of these ARCs. Totally disappointed in this Filipino online seller. She's going to drag down the reputation of the readers and bloggers in our community.