Thursday, September 25, 2014

RAMBLINGS | ARCs, Shipping Celebrities, Until Forever Trilogy and Mayon Volcano

There’s just a lot of stuff to talk about and I’ve chosen four thoughts that are constantly bugging me and flashing like a neon sign inside my head.

ARCs from HarperCollins. Yehey for review copies from HC! Thank you so much, guys! I received THREE ARCs in the mail two weeks ago but I didn’t have the chance to make a “Thank You” post about it! Actually, two of these books that I got weren’t exactly included in my request list but I’m still excited to dive into it. So what are the titles that I got, then? Hmmmm. I have a review copy of Sara Shepard’s The Perfectionist, The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan and The Invisible by Amelia Kahaney. I haven’t read any books coming from these authors (YES, I haven’t read The Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard *shame on me*!) so I really don’t know what to expect towards their writing style and how they tackle their stories. It excites me, though. I’ll probably read The Dolls after I write my review for His Wounded Light by Christine Brae tonight. Again, Thank you so much HC for these lovely books!

Rob - FKA Twigs. I guess this thing between them is real already, huh? </3

I’ve been repeatedly telling myself for the past years that I should stop shipping celebrities because it’ll just give me heartache when they don’t end up together. Like, shipping Zac-Vanessa and Ian-Nina. But ughh, I JUST CAN’T STOP. Now, I’m currently mending a broken heart AGAIN!

Since Twilight days, I’ve been shipping hard and waiting for Rob and Kristen to be together. I’ve been social media stalking them and even joining a team who blogs about their movie premiers, sightings and all that jazz. That’s how hard I fall for them. So, you can probably imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw photos of Rob and Kristen holding hands and just seeing them together in one photo back in the days. *jumps up and down* And you can also imagine how down I was when the July 2012 (I think) issue and April 2013 break-up news hit the web. *tissues everywhere*

During those tough times, I still have this huge hope that there’ll be a sighting (with photos) of Kristen and Rob together after that alleged break-up. I have high hopes and desperate for something or anything to surface. Plus, I have faith that they were still together, like together together, because there weren’t any rumors surrounding them regarding other guys and girls being linked to them. Well actually, I really don’t believe articles in the web. It’s like I (or I think, any fangirl in any fandom has) have this principle that goes like this, “pictures or it didn’t happen”.

Photo grabbed from Just Jared Jr.
AND THEN THIS. This one, hit hard. I can’t even. I can’t believe that it’s happening already. Huff … If Rob’s happy then that’s it. I respect that. I won’t result into bashing Rob and FKA Twigs because of them being involved in a relationship, like others fans that I can see on Twitter. Remember, we are just FANS. We don’t have a say on who they take on dates. But I’m like you, guys, I’m heartbroken too. I’m upset too. We are just experiencing something a normal and devoted fan who’ve been following Rob and Kristen for years. *virtual hug*

Though, I’m still holding on to that idea that this is just a phase, a bump or whatever you want to call it that, in Rob and Kristen’s relationship. I’m still holding on that they’ll get a forever. Ha! Who’s with me?

I don’t know, I’ll probably stay away from shipping celebrities from now on … I’ll just stick to fictional characters. Hahahaha :) 

Until Forever Trilogy. If you’ve read my post last week under the feature, Fandomly Bookish Recommends … Wattpad Authors and Stories, you’ll know that I’ve mentioned Jonaxx and her Until Forever Trilogy. I’m going to talk about it here shortly because OMFG THE FEELS and I can’t handle the BOMBS Queen J’s dropping on us right now. I haven’t read the latest update which is Kabanata 40 but I’m going to do that later. Queen J’s writing was totally effective in making people sympathize with Klare’s character and hating on Elijah. Just WOW with the reactions of the readers. And oh, I cried in two consecutive chapters. I just really felt everything that happened and seeing the Montefalcos consoling Klare, makes me weep already. But I have to say that I’m keeping my mouth shut about Elijah’s character because I want to comment about it when I know everything that happened regarding that CLIMATIC moment. I won’t be ranting on about him and I have faith on the theory that I have in my mind.

Klare-Elijah will be the endgame of Until Forever Trilogy.

Photo grabbed from Gov. Joey Sarte Salceda's Facebook Account
Mayon Volcano. Okay, enough with my fangirling. Let’s have some real talk about the Mayon Volcano. I’m from Albay, particularly in Sto. Domingo, which means that I get to see Mayon daily. Wohoo, pretty volcano! But it also means that it’s a constant threat to me and my family right now since it’s on Alert Level 3. Our area is included in the 10km danger zone sooooo we’re only 2km away from the extended danger zone. People who are living in that extended danger zone were already evacuated since they placed the alert level to number 3. We’re up next to evacuate in case they try to extend it. Oh I still have to prepare my emergency bag. Huff. It’s really scary, though. Yes, really scary since Mayon Volcano’s being eerily calm for days already and we can’t see anything during the night time because it’s covered up with clouds. *wipes sweat on my forehead* I hope you, guys, will pray for everyone’s safety here in Albay and pray that if ever Mayon will erupt (not that I like for it to erupt) it won’t be a terrifying and huge eruption. Please pray.

That’s it! This one has become another lengthy post coming from me so I better stop typing in now. How about you, guys? What are you up to and where has your mind been in the past few days? Tell me in the comments down below!

Byeeeeee! x


  1. Fudge. Some of my relatives are from Albay too, I pray that the Mayon will calm down. #Pray

    1. Huhu yes! Pray pray pray! That's the only thing we can do! :)

  2. First off, thoughts and prayers to everyone in Albay!! My goodness, I don't live anywhere near volcanoes and I feel like I could never handle it with that possibility, you brave souls. Yay for those ARCs! I love how the cover of The Dolls look. Hope you enjoy them :) DUUUDE. Omg, I feel your ship pains. I totally shipped Zac-Vanessa (oh the High School Musical days) and Ian-Nina too. Even on tv shows (Klaroine and Stydia!). And lastly, I'll have to check out the Until Forever trilogy since I'm not familiar with that author. I've been slammed with school work and haven't really gotten around to read *cries*. Hopefully this weekend I'll have a chance to for a bit :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jennifer! Heh! I'm quite immune with volcanoes but when they tend to be active, oh dear! It's just scary! These ships just keeps on breaking our hearts. Huff! Life! Btw, Until Forever Trilogy is written in our language, Filipino. Hihihi So yeah.

      Hope you'll get a time for yourself over the weekend! :)