Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fandomly Bookish Recommends ... | Wattpad Authors and Stories [2]

WOW! Thank you so much for supporting my debut post last week under this weekly feature that I've created. I was really overjoyed and actually going nuts to see loads of people responding to my post. Seeing how people are agreeing, commenting and complimenting how I’ve written that blog post just warms my heart. I never really thought that it would spread on the web like wildfire. Phew!

*coughs* Avon, mah friend, you have a huge part in this blog achievement. I was so shocked that you truly posted it on that group (a group I didn’t know that existed until you’ve mentioned it that day. Tsk. Tsk. Bad!). Anyways, Thank you. Thank you.

And this. Massive thanks to Queen J and her royal supporters because without you, guys, reading and sharing that post it wouldn't exceed to a THOUSAND reads! Totally insane, right? But oh well, that’s just how awesome Queen J and her readers are (including me, yeah?).

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! *virtual group hug* 

I just hope that Non-Wattpad readers were also able to read this post so that there’ll be fruition with the goals of this feature and those are 1) for Filipino readers to learn how to appreciate works written by Filipino authors and 2) to promote Wattpad worthy-read stories. My feelings actually get hurt when I see people generalizing everything and continuously ranting on about how Wattpad stories are. Please. Stop. I want people to realize that not all stories in Wattpad are badly written and in “jejemon” style (said by some of my Facebook friends). There are actually good stories in Wattpad that really deserves the hype and of being published. Give Filipino Wattpad stories a chance, you guys.

So to those who’ve read my blog post, last week and will be reading this one … I hope you try and share it with a Non-Wattpad reader friend of yours. ‘Cause maybe there’s still hope that he/she will give chance and read a story or two from Wattpad. We never know.  

Back to what this feature is all about. When I saw that the number of reads for my first ever Fandomly Bookish Recommends ... | Wattpad Authors and Stories feature was increasing and increasing by the minute, I knew that I have to dig into Wattpad and look for more authors/stories that I can feature. And I really did that. I asked for recommendations from my friends and look into Wattpad PH related accounts for What’s New and What’s Hot. That’s why I got tons of new Wattpad stories to read and I’m so excited about it! 

One of the titles that got my attention was Akin Ka by @asherina_kenza. (Congratulations, Ash for getting Akin Ka published under Sizzle!) I remembered that I already have this story loaded into my Wattpad account and I just have to look for a time to read it. Luckily, I have time to read this one last week and I’m so glad that I did. Akin Ka is under the New Adult genre and that’s the type of book that I always read and deal with here in my blog. I read Akin Ka for two days straight and only to find out that there’s a prequel and sequel kind of story to it! Dagnabit! Nobody told me that!  Can you guess what I did?

Well … I MARATHONED Young Minds and More Than Just A Bet! Oh joy oh boy oh joy! And I’m currently reading Just Fall In Love Again (a companion novel to Akin Ka) and will probably proceed to Save The Best For Last and Somewhere Down The Road. Ha! I just can’t get enough of these characters!

Oh guys, I pretty much loved everything about these stories! There were moments wherein it gets predictable but dear lawd there were HUGE scenes that just rendered me speechless and chanting “What the HELL”! There were scenes where the reasoning of the characters tend to get blurry for me but the author still managed to deliver and wrap everything up nicely. Reading three of her works consecutively, I can say that I’ve already picked up on how she does her formatting in the plot and where she tries to hit the BOMB and WHAT HELL buttons in her stories. I hope she does a few more tweaks here and there, so that her next works won’t be chapter or rising action/climax placement predictable.

Some readers that I know of dislike the idea of stories branching out from the original one and thinks that it won’t live up to their expectations. But for me, series and companion novels about side characters completes me being a reader. I’m really thankful that Ash decided to write stories about Michael-Sabrina, Kyle-Kei, Liam-Lian and Drake-Marie. Their stories aren’t exactly connected with each other but the characters in it are. I enjoy reading and following through their stories. Through, these companion stories that she created we were able to know more about the intentions and feelings of these characters we’ve met in Akin Ka or from the other stories. Everything just comes full circle.

Asherina Kenza reminds me of Abbi Glines, an international New Adult author, because of two things. In case you don’t know, Abbi Glines wrote the Rosemary Beach Series (which includes the really popular Too Far Series) and Sea Breeze Series. Abbi writes individual stories for her side characters and prominent characters. In Ash’s works, she managed to create four stories that showcased three generations of the Cando family and two companion novels of Akin Ka. It was just a delight to read and witness the development of every character. *sigh*

Young Minds, Akin Ka and More Than Just A Bet are the first three Wattpad stories that I’ve read that gets so descriptive when it comes to the *fans myself* scenes and damn, Asherina knows how to work her way around those scenes. Come on, Abbi Glines is one of the masters that I know of *fans myself* scenes! There you have it.

Here are some of her works: 

Akin Ka Companion stories:  Just Fall In Love Again | Save The Best For Last

For the complete list of her works, you may refer to her Wattpad account here.

I’m definitely going to be one of those readers who’ll be keeping tabs on the updates regarding Save The Best For Last and Somewhere Down The Road. That’s Tom Andres Santos’ and Ethan Luke Cando's stories, right? OMFG I’m so excited for their characters! I hope Tom gets to have his happily ever after in STBFL and I really can't wait to fully meet the real Ethan Luke!

Please comment down your favourite Wattpad authors and recommendations below and I would gladly check those out! x


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  2. I've got tons of stories that I want to recommend but I'll just settle for one. Try to read Chelsea_13's For Hire: Bad girl for a girlfriend. It's not yet fully edited and has many flaws in the start but when you get past those flaws you'll find yourself hook :) Even if I am guy, I still enjoyed the story. It's a must read. Anyhow, this blog is nice. Keep it up. :)

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for taking time and commenting on this post, Janus! It's rare for a guy who comments down on my blog, so YAY! Ooooh yes yes! I'm going to check that out since people are really recommending that story to me!

      Thanks again! :)

    2. Don't mention it. :) I liked what you did with jonaxx's so I read more. haha anyway enjoy!