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Finding Cinderella (Hopeless, #2.5)Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
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So, Finding Cinderella is the first book I've read after that reading break that I gave myself since Friday night. Actually, I was just fangirling all over the place during those free days. But right now, I'm back and will try to catch up with the books I was supposed to read...

Finding Cinderella is a novella companion to Hopeless Series (and if you haven't read that yet, PLEASE go look for a copy of it). At first I was kind of doubtful with this one with just being a novella. I don't know how the story will play out and if it'll fit as a novella considering that it's much shorter than a full blown book. But after reading it, I was like Mmm yeah it was just perfect for the story and it still feels like a novel at the same time. It was a beautiful, great, amazing (and I could go on and on and on with this use of other adjectives) novella. The story made me laugh/giggle and made my heart ache. I definitely enjoyed every single bit of it. I loved it.

With the identity of "Cinderella", I think for the readers it was pretty much obvious on who's the mystery girl. But it was the matter on how the main characters will be able to realize that fact and what other factors that may spring out out of that situation. It just makes you want to carry on reading and begging that they'll realize it already.

Aaaaand this book also brought the element of surprise to the table. Come on, I never would've guessed what "Cinderella" revealed upon Daniel realizing that she was the girl. That idea didn't even cross my mind. Sad.

Anyways, I’m just happy for Daniel and his “Cinderella”. They are just spot on perfect for each other. Both of them had their fair share of lows in their lives but sdfjds they freakin’ deserve to be happy now and to just be with each other. Every single moment that they had in this book was so beautiful, so sweet and in other bits was so intense (their chemistry just blows off the roof of our house lol). *sighs* Perf!

Wait. A BIG LOL to POWDER PUFF! Oh man, that nickname for Breckin just cracks me up!!!

Okay bye. x

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