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BOOK REVIEW: KILLING SARAI (In the Company of Killers, #1) by J.A. Redmerski

Killing Sarai (In the Company of Killers, #1)Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski
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Killing Sarai was recommended by a friend of mine and has been sittin' in my to read list for a month or so already. I have so many books piled up in my list that I haven't managed to read this book earlier. But once I started reading this book, oh dear I can't put it down.

So. I think this is the first book that I've read that dealt with the elements - drugs, human trafficking, sex slavery and hired killers in the core of it's story. At first it made me uneasy, for I have seen people reviewing other books with the same topics tackled here and it just left them disturbed by the circumstances in the book and how graphic it can get. But I've seen great reviews and good ratings about this book, that's why I decided to pick this one up.

I commend the author for handling those elements perfectly. It was just the perfect way to incorporate it in a story. The thought of a girl being violated alone is already repulsive but at least this book didn't delved into that area and graphically described it. The story revolves around the positive and empowering end of the equation which is about survival and the constant question of where your loyalty lies.

Killing Sarai is the story of Sarai who tried to escape from the clutches of Javier (the man who caged her away from the world since she was fourteen years old) only to be tangled up with Victor (the man who kills a person for a job)...

Sarai. Oh man. She's such a strong character. She didn't allow herself to rot in that hell of a place. It may have taken her years to find a way to escape but at least she managed to remove herself away from that compound. My heart aches for her. For her to experience those shit at a very young age, gahhhd. No one should experience that.

Well now, that she was able to escape that place ... She's now clueless as to what'll happen next for her. She doesn't have anyone or anything. Awww man it really breaks my heart. She had gone through sooooo many hardships in life and to still be standing (despite the fears and her being unstable), I'm amazed by her.

Victor. No matter how cold he treated Sarai, you can't erase the fact that he allowed Sarai to change his plans (somewhat considering Sarai's well being into every single plan he have on that specific mission). He is somewhat a blessing in disguise to Sarai. He helped Sarai to get her life back or should I say start living her new life.

“It wouldn’t be the first time I risked my position and my life to follow my conscience rather than my orders.” - Victor

From the beginning of the story, I was asking myself "What's the real deal of Victor's order? I'm pretty sure they don't just kill innocent people." And towards the end of the story Victor explained to Sarai, "My Order deals only in crime, government corruption and a host of other things that make bad people bad. And sometimes we eliminate people who might be considered innocent, but who are a threat to a large number of innocent people, or an idea.”

He may be saying that he's just using Sarai as a leverage or as a bait but pssssh Sarai has really cracked into his soul. For Victor to sacrifice himself or what he has trained to do ever since he was a kid just to protect Sarai djfsjd *feels*. It truly touched me. There were already several circumstances in which he could have gotten rid of Sarai but NO, he still kept Sarai to himself even if it means of endangering his life or his reputation in the Order.

"But you did something else that no one else ever could. You made me feel real emotions. You unlocked me." - Victor

Figures. Book 2 which has a title of Reviving Izabel, my guess would be Sarai woven back to Victor or to the Order. I'm really excited to read the next installment of this series!

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