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Weekends Required (Danvers, #1)Weekends Required by Sydney Landon
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With my mood clearly not fervoring into jumping to another Young Adult book/series as of the moment (saving my FEELS for Allegiant), I decided to randomly pick from my latest marked books. Well yeah. That's how I ended reading this one.

Weekends Required starts off with Claire working for Danvers Intl. as Jason Danvers' personal assistant. She's been in that position for almost three years already and they've clearly maintained a very professional relationship. But one weekend changed everything ...

Jason has been pushing through with a merger between Danvers Intl and Mericom company. And to do that, he needs to work even on a weekend and obviously with the help of Claire. The catch here is during that specific weekend Jason also needs to attend his friends' bachelor party and wedding. Figures. Claire and Jason ended up travelling to Columbia for the said wedding weekend and will be working on the merger during the free hours. Relax. Laid back. Both of them seeing the other person in a new light. Chemistry. Yada yada.

But wait there's more. A girl needs to do what she needs to do in order to sustain for her mother's medical needs and be able to fend for herself. Claire has this alter-ego/second job and it's quite out of character for her. Poof! Claire pops out of the cake (She's not a stripper!), only to find out that the party she was assigned to that night was at the bachelor party of Jason's friend. ... Well, that's just the start of the story and if you seem interested in it, better pick this one up and read it already!

Story. I actually forgot the blurb for this book, so when I started reading this I was just like "Ohhh maybe they're just gonna be hooking up blah blah blah." But as the story progresses, it proved my assumption wrong. Engk!

This is one of those stories that will make you say that the past is a huge factor of shaping up a person. Weekends Required got it's depth from that. This book is a good take on that idea and I quite enjoyed reading it. Plus points for this book for being a light read.

Oh man. Having dual POVs in a book (especially with main characters) somewhat messes up with my emotions. It's because of the fact that you're being clued in to what they're both thinking and feeling. It sucks to be in that position. It makes me want to jump inside the book, try to shake some sense in to the characters and also console them. But having this element in a story is a huge help in getting to know a great deal about the character's character.

Claire Walters. She's afraid of losing control of her life which was caused by the abuse that they suffered from the hands of her father. It was like every move they make were being controlled by her dad and he used to tell them that they lack intelligence, only dependent to his money dadadada or to sum it all up they were just a bunch of good for nothing people. And that fear of hers happened ...

Jason Danvers. He is Claire's oh-so-hot-boss! It is in his nature to take care of people and fix their problems. (I think you're having a clue already where I'm getting at, am I right?) Well stuff happen blah blah blah and Claire noticed that his ways were sort of similar with his father. Then things got messy from that part... Dagnabit. Honestly, Jason was really way overboard with the things he did. But man was he totally concern for Claire and how sincere he is when he did those stuff. *sigh*

I can say that what happened to him and Claire was "insta-lust upon seeing the other person in a new light" kind of thing (LOL). (How could like years pass without them having a getting to know you in a deeper sense happen? Idk if it's just me or what! Ugh lol help)

Suzy. I love her character. She just lightens up the book with what her playful self out in the open. I kinda ship Grayson and her! I think, they could be a cute couple. She could pretty much help Mr. Uptight loosen up!!!

Bye x
Oh wait. As expected though, Jason and Claire got their HEA!

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