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Hi, Book nerds and Fangirls!

It's been a long time since I’ve posted a ramblings feature here in my blog and I think it's just fitting for me to talk about the ‘Shadowhunters’ TV series. A lot of casting announcements happened in the Shadowhunter fandom recently and I seriously love it. It has been a long time since my fellow Filipino Shadowhunters made noise all over social media sites and now we even managed to trend stuff over Twitter (Worldwide and here in the Philippines). Most of the casting announcements, I’ve been up and using our The Mortal Instruments Philippines Twitter account (@TMI_PH) to join in the fun and fangirl with Shadowhunters across the globe.

As of now we have SIX actors on board with the show: Dominic Sherwood (Jace), Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle), Alberto Rosende (Simon), Kat McNamara (Clary), Matthew Daddario (Alec) and Isaiah Mustafa (Luke). Behind each casting announcement is a fandom quite divided into four: 1) Shadowhunters who are immediately on board with the actors, 2) Shadowhunters who believes that those actors will do well but still prefers the TMI movie cast, 3) Shadowhunters who will wait for the pilot episode before handing in their judgment and lastly, 4) Shadowhunters who negatively comments on the casting. I’m part of that group who has been constantly giving the casting team thumbs up with their picks. I love that the ones they’ve cast were not that famous and how it shows diversity within the cast members. But on the flipside of that, were boat load of negative comments and others with issues regarding changes to be made in the TV series.

Thus, pushed me to create this post and hopefully get everybody’s attention.

This morning, I posted a Facebook status and asking my friends this question: “Is ‘The Vampire Diaries’ TV series faithful to the books?”. I know the answer to this but question I just want them to answer my question. All of them responded with a “No.” and some even expounded that the series is far from the book and that there were characters who weren’t in the book but appeared on the TV show. If you want to take a look at it, here’s the link to that.

When evening came and I logged in onto my Facebook account again, I decided to compose a new status on how relevant my previous status is with the point that I’m making towards the ‘Shadowhunters’ TV series. I edited out my recent Facebook status and added more to it. But if you want to read the original status, you can read it here.

My thoughts: 

So, what’s the purpose of my previous status regarding ‘The Vampire Diaries’ TV show?

I just want to make a point on how Hollywood treats book to TV series adaptations. I'm not saying that 'Shadowhunters' TV series will not be faithful to the books (we still don’t know how the TV series plot line will go) but when the rights for having it adapted into a show was acquired, Cassie signed it away. Adapting it into a TV show means it will open a whole of possible diversions and changes in the story line and even with the characters. Just like this: “Luke Garroway is an NYPD detective investigating a string of “demonic” murders. This is a change from the books, but it’s one we’re embracing because it sounds like Luke will have a more expanded role in the series.” – from MTV’s article. In TV shows they can add, they have the freedom to expound more on the world and characters. Just like with ‘The Vampire Diaries’. I think it will be so much easier to develop since Cassandra Clare already created a very broad Shadowhunter world and it will only need the TV series crew the right timing on how they’ll fit (let say), ‘The Infernal Devices’ events to ‘Shadowhunters’. They could have flashbacks or whatever they want. With that being said, fans need to be open to these possibilities and stop being so narrow-minded.

Another thing, it's just the start of the casting process and some people are already reacting negatively. Some even resulted to being racists. It’s okay if you don't like or kind of iffy with the actors that were cast. It's normal and I know what you're feeling too with having a perfect TMI movie cast, it's really hard to let go of the previous actor’s images and how they delivered their roles flawlessly. But to result being racists, is a BIG NO. That's just rude and downright mean. We haven't even seen those actors act and portray our beloved characters but it seems like others are already set in stone that they hate this and that actor. Even going further with saying that they’ve lost hope with the adaptation. Those actors were chosen for a reason and only the casting directors and Cassie have seen that. Give them a chance, people. If you end up not liking their acting during the pilot episode, rant away. I don't care. But not now because we don't have the room to judge them.

Let's try and trust the 'Shadowhunters' crew. I know that every decision they're making, us, the fans, is always on the forefront of their minds. We should also consider ourselves very lucky too because the network is involving Cassie with major decisions regarding the show. Plus, we have a lot to be grateful for.

If Shadowhunters will keep this up, this could end up being the show's downfall. I don't want that. We don't want that.





Share your thoughts on the comment section below, Shadowhunters, book nerds and fangirls! I’d love to know your insights on this particular topic.

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