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Isn't She LovelyIsn't She Lovely by Lauren Layne
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So, I stumbled across this book here on Goodreads and was really interested on what'll happen during the course of the novel. The synopsis just got me - with Pygmalion, Pretty Woman and with this contrast thing going on between the two main characters. It's a cutesy and light read novel!

Story. Hmmmm. Let's see. The story revolves around the characters of Stephanie Kendrick and Ethan Price, who comes from opposite ends of a pole. Stephanie is the kind of gal who embraces this goth scary-ish vibe, complete with dark clothes, eyeliners and numerous amount of ear piercings. While Ethan Price is this preppy hot dude and soon to inherit his family's huge company. Oh and he happens to be in the same summer elective class (Film class/screen writing class) with Stephanie!

Heaven must be doing something wrong, oh I mean right when they ended up being partners for their final project. And that project was to be able to create and submit a screenplay! Phew, surely this will be a blast! Brainstorming. Brainstorming. Ting. They decided to have Pygmalion as the base for their screenplay.

With both of them having a problem and the solution to those lies in each other's hand ... They ended up acting up Pygmalion in real life. Ethan also says that they could produce a better output in class with the help of this charade they're putting themselves into. But uh-oh. What problems do they have to deal with to perfect their charade? Will lines get blurry along the way? ... Ha!

Screenplay concept. I love that idea in this book, where it involved another story inside of it. I think, I haven't read another book with that same style. And somehow it added more drama, conflict and interesting bits to the entirety of the book. We witness how the characters react to that factor and how they try to separate themselves from what they were writing. I love how everything worked out in that area.

Characters. Gahhhhd just imagine watching two opposite people interact! Pure entertainment HAHA! We have a total package here in this book. Character development - check! Dealing with the ghosts of their past - check! Sarcastic, witty and fun banters - check! Steamy and *fans myself* scenes - CHECK!

This book also imposes a lesson on accepting people for who they really are. It isn't about what they wear and whatever stuff they have placed on their faces but it is for what's inside that person. And if you truly love that person, you won't be having doubts about your feelings just because of what they look on the outside. If you love them, you love them. Done.

Instead of keeping someone close that was perhaps bad for me, I was pushing someone away that was absolutely good for me. All because she didn’t fit.

Bye x

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