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Madeleine Abducted (The Estate, #1)Madeleine Abducted by M.S. Willis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is really dark where it involves prostitution, killings and not for the faint-hearted stuff. But the good thing here is … at least there was a story.

Madeleine Clark. I don't know if any girl in reality will act the way Madeleine did. Dude, if I were in her position I'll just be trashing around and end up being killed. I think its better that way than ughhh those people doing unimaginable things to me. I can't even. Well, her guts are totally there. She was still able to think and push through with everything that she wanted to happen. Freedom. Kill that filthy bastard Joseph.

Aaron Carmichael. I like Aaron's character. He proves that not all men would grab every chance to flat out abuse and take pleasure in someone. It was already served in a silver platter to Aaron but you can see through his mind that he really feels sick with the situation and that he truly pities Madeleine. He’s killed people in the past and does these repulsive things to them but he seems to have a soft spot with Madeleine. He cares for Maddy more than he should. His ways of showing care for her may seem to be twisted (still going along with the preparation his father was asking) but at least he’s just thinking of what'll happen to Maddy or Maddy's welfare if he didn't submit to his father's wishes. You can see that he has a heart despite all the crazy stuff going on.

"Dream of me, Maddy. See me as I want to be; not the nightmare who torments you, but the devoted and mystified man who worships at your feet." - Aaron Carmichael

Joseph Carmichael is such a sicko. I want to strangle him! He does not have a single bone in his body that screams goodie good good or for the sake of humanity. All he cares about his sexual needs and The Estate.

Madeleine Abducted is still a good dark read. So yeah, if you're quite diggin' this whole abduction thing ... go ahead and add this up in your tbr list!

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