Friday, June 13, 2014


Yes, you've read that caption right! INVALIDS, WHERE ARE YOU???? 

Entertainment Weekly says, "Fans of Lauren Oliver’s YA dystopian tale Delirium, you’re in luck.

A TV show based on Delirium, which centers on a society in which love is considered a disease, was originally developed in 2013 at Fox. The network didn’t pick up the Emma Roberts-starring show to series, but now WIGS and Hulu are bringing its pilot online — but only for a month.
The Delirium pilot will be available to view starting June 20."

Check out Delirium's trailer: 

What do you think about this decision of Hulu to air Delirium? What can you say about the trailer? YAY or NAY? Comment your reactions below towards this surprise airing + trailer of Delirium!

[Time Check: 3:30AM] Short Ramblings: 

I'm kind of in between YAY and NAY! Last year, I was one of those fans who followed closely this project through the various Delirium Fan Pages. I was online most of the time just to check on any development happening regarding it. I was there from the beginning with the casting and all that till the time FOX announced that they won't pick up Delirium's pilot. I was totally upset and heartbroken with their decision to just dump this show. But then, I saw a part of the script and rough cut of the clips floating online ... That's when I knew why they didn't chose this one. It was quite a mess. And it wasn't the Delirium that I've imagined in my head. 

Since then, we didn't have any news regarding this adaptation up until NOW. So, what's going on inside my head right now is that I personally know that this unaired  pilot is probably not that good. Some of the fans of the series would prolly even dislike the idea of it being aired because of plot changes and that messy kind of stuff. 

But on the other end, I'm glad for the actors and the crew that were involved in this project because after 183930217272 days, they'll finally be able to share what they've worked hard for to the fanbase that was supporting them and have been waiting for this pilot. But come to think of it Invalids, we'll finally have something new to fuss over with the videos, stills and screencaps that'll be made available once Delirium starts airing. Graphic peeps out there, *winks* you know what to do! Haha :) 

With that being said, even if Delirium's pilot ends up being a total mess just remember ... WEYHEY we've still got our books to treasure and imagine for ourselves!


  1. I don't really know what to think anymore. I've always been wary of TV/movie adaptations because I can't help but compare the adaptions to the books. Somehow I can never just enjoy an adaptation and yet many are great. I guess I can't turn off my brain. :)
    Yet, I'm quite intrigued by this pilot episode. I'll watch it, that's for sure, and we'll see then if it should have been picked up or not. At least, the trailer is well-done. It makes me want to watch the show.

  2. Yes, and some times they make huge changes in the storyline just to prolong the airing time and all that. :3
    To think that we've already encountered several TV/Movie adaptations yet we still can't manage to turn off our reader brains! Ha! Same here. I really want to know if their pilot deserved a shot in being picked up by FOX or not! :)