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Summary of Epic Fail

At Coral Tree Prep in Los Angeles, who your parents are can make or break you. Case in point: 

- As the son of Hollywood royalty, Derek Edwards is pretty much prince of the school--not that he deigns to acknowledge many of his loyal subjects. 
- As the daughter of the new principal, Elise Benton isn't exactly on everyone's must-sit-next-to-at-lunch list. 

When Elise's beautiful sister catches the eye of the prince's best friend, Elise gets to spend a lot of time with Derek, making her the envy of every girl on campus. Except she refuses to fall for any of his rare smiles and instead warms up to his enemy, the surprisingly charming social outcast Webster Grant. But in this hilarious tale of fitting in and flirting, not all snubs are undeserved, not all celebrity brats are bratty, and pride and prejudice can get in the way of true love for only so long.

Ramblings. As I've mentioned in my review for The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden, I planned to read all three books from The Coincidence Series by Jessica Sorensen in the next few days (yes, including the 3rd one because I managed to snag a copy of it from Netgalley). BUT then The Redemption of Callie & Kayden, the second book, keeps on getting me frustrated and all which leads to me always putting the book down. Not to mention that my mood ends up quite off after reading just a few pages from it. 

With that dilemma, I was trying to look for something light and cutesy read on my list. Then I got caught up in Facebook commenting back and forth with a friend of mine. It ended up with her recommending to look up books written by Claire LaZebnik, with that I logged back in on Goodreads and randomly chose this one. 

Immediate reaction upon reading the book. I WANT MORE!!! When everything's going fine, cuddle-y, fluffy and all, you cut the story out ... I would just want more cute scenes with Derek and Elise. 

My thoughts. Epic Fail is a short, light, cute and sweet read. It truly took my mind/mood away from the impending reading slump if ever I would've carry on reading yeah you know what book already. This is one of the books that you could totally finish reading in one sitting, not only it is a short read but you can easily slip into the story and to the characters. 

Yes, there's drama in here but it's the normal kind of drama teenagers face when they are at that certain point of their lives. So it comes off as a very bearable and understandable drama. I could totally deal with this one. And besides, this book is also a modern/high school setting take of Pride and Prejudice which LaZebnik handled really well. 

Let's talk about the characters and relationships in this book. I'm going to start with their parents, WHOA. They're totally a  brainy pair (both of them are teachers), live by certain principles and implements crazy stuff in their family household rules. But, of course I know that they mean well with it. (Though, Mama and Papa Benton could use some loosening up with their house policies.) Actually, I really appreciate how they're dealing with everything because most books that I've read in the past have or portrayed their matriarchs and patriarchs as people who always neglects their kids and never showed an announce of care to their offspring. In which it always makes me question if is it really a rampant situation in reality or people are just using those situations to add dramatic effects to the stories they're writing... 

The Benton Sisters. First of all, I'm totes irritated with Layla. All she ever did was to lie, complain, make excuses and pity herself in the book. I know she feels left out but she could've approached her sisters about it in a nice manner. And she doesn't have that. Psh. Annoying brat. 

However, I adore Elise and Jules relationship. I would really want to have that kind of relationship with an older sister, sadly I don't have one. 'Cause I only got a very playful relationship with my 10 year old brother. Anyways, I love how both of them get to be protective and caring about each other. 

Chase and Jules' relationship. TOTALLY CUTEEEEEE!!! They seem to be very sync with what they like and were like the female and male versions of themselves. 

LASTLY, DEREK AND ELISE! I know they've got into misunderstandings and prejudice set up but I uber love that they eventually had the courage to talk and work everything out. In one part, I commend their pairing when they set aside their differences and personal issues just to help Chase and Jules. Their conversations (which sometimes turns into a cute banter) were also very entertaining and shows how both of them are witty. The last bits of the book wherein Derek and Elise gonna couple-y already was sooooo cute and adorbs. And oh, the PIZZA and the KISS SDBSNFNNDJ! That's it, I'm done with this one. I absolutely recommend this book if you're up for some short read and would just want something to pass the time. I'm sure you'll end up having a good mood upon reading this. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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