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BOOK REVIEW: SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND (Drew + Fable, #2) by Monica Murphy

Second Chance Boyfriend (Drew + Fable, #2)Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is - Sexier. Hotter. Steamier. *wipes fog in the mirrors*and MESSIER. Oh man, our dear characters encountered even more fvcked up situations in this book. If I said that One Week Girlfriend (Book of Drew + Fable series) is already a FULL BLOWN ROLLER COASTER RIDE – wait till you read this one.

*inhale* *exhale* There’s a lot of information to take in from this book. Drew and Fable were dealing about their relationship with each other, their parents and the haunting past Drew has. And I pretty much love how their issues were addressed.

Let’s talk some parts of the book: I was concerned about what his father will be thinking if he learns the truth. Like, maybe he’ll lash out to Drew and disown him or whatsoever. Because we certainly can’t avoid the fact that his Dad kissed and made up with Adele at first; and decided to put off his action for divorce. We didn’t know if he could be blinded by her and blame Drew for everything. But *sigh* … (HAHA read the book)

WTF Character: CAN THIS BE THE MOMENT WHERE I PUKE AND THEN STRANGLE ADELE AFTER? This woman has been a pain in the ass the whole time her character is interacting with Drew and Fable. She’s trying to play with the emotions of the people around her and using them to gain something. UGHHHH I freakin’ hate her. She’s totally mad.

Fable’s mother, I consider her as another WTF character in this book. Seriously? You do that to your own kids? Woman, grow up! Be a mother to them, not robbing their things and leave them to fend for themselves. I pity you, woman.

I’m free now to talk about unicorns and rainbows this time, right? puddle of goo on the floor OKAY. DREW, YOU’RE SUCH A SWEET AND AMAZING GUY! The poems you’ve been writing for Fable, those were killer lines. Any woman would swoon in a matter of seconds upon reading those! It made me happy that Drew does stuff like that. And the tattoo thing, HOT! I like the growth in his character, his mature this time around.

Though, I was a bit frustrated with Fable’s character. But yeah, it was totally understandable on why she’s reacting that way. All or most of her life, she has no one who cares for her and she’s not familiar on having someone to depend on. I understand her but still … Huffs. Anyways, I’m pretty sure that in time she’ll learn to accept and let people in her life.

HA. Sexual tension between Drew and Fable, too much to handle. Sizzling hot.

THIS - Colin and Jennifer’s character though, I’m intrigued by them. Me thinks, that there’s more to their relationship than the one discussed in this book. AAAAAH I hope that there will be a book that will focus on these characters. I think, their back story will be a great spring board for a great story.

Drew + Fable is a great series and you should totally read these books, as well! Enjoy!

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