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Eversea (Eversea, #1)Eversea by Natasha Boyd
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I admit it. I'm currently in a major reading slump after I've read Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. My head just imploded with everything that that book tackled. It made me question a lot of things, yes including my sanity. So please, bear with me. I'm doing everything I can to push this slump out of my system and hoping to get back on track in a few days? I guess. Huff. Hard. Here we go ...

Eversea is a story about Keri Ann Butler and Jack Eversea. Keri Ann is a small-town girl at the prime of her life but is currently being held down by her responsibilities (to the Butler house and her deal with her brother) and a non-existent confidence to herself. While, Jack is a famous Hollywood actor escaping the plague in his life - which was in the form of a scandal of her girlfriend cheating on him with a director. He then ends up leaving California and went into hiding in Butler Cove ... the town where Keri Ann lives.

They met. There's undeniable chemistry/tension between them. Quite predictable ride here ... Resisting each other. Sizzle fizzle. Then Jack divulged a Hollywood secret to Keri Ann that could possibly alter her mind about their relationship and hopefully take a chance on him. Would she take a chance on Jack? If she says yes, what would happen to them if Jack needs to go back to Hollywood already? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?

This book reminds me of Love Series by Tina Reber because of the "Hollywood actor meets a small town girl" concept. But Eversea is totally different from that one, in terms of the flow of the story. Though, I wasn't that affected with everything happening to them. It quite lacked punches for the readers to fully feel the emotions of the characters.

I like that Keri Ann is a fan of Jack (not the stalker-ish type) or the character Jack's playing in the movie franchise but she was able to see through who Jack really is. BUT I didn't like the fact that after she decided that Jack was worth taking the risk for she immediately jumped to the opportunity to "be with him", in a every sense of those words. Like, seriously? I can't even.

Though. At least, something good came out of her day with Jack and the downward spiral that happened the next day. Keri Ann realized things about her life and her priorities, which drove her to apply already to an art school or something. We should probably find that out in the next book.

I pity Jack's character. He's tied down and has been lied around by people in the business whom he trusted with his career. That just sucks. But I was surely glad with what happened by the end of this book, when Jack reached his boiling point and had the courage to do what he should've done in past.

Same with Love series, this is also a book where you can see the downside of Hollywood (contracts and manipulating people). THEN we also have the Jack-Audrey-director scandal which was sooooo close to reality. It made me really squirm in my seat and not want to be reminded of that heartache I had last year. Yes, heartache because I was soooo invested to this Hollywood couple then a shocking scandal news ("her momentary indiscretion") just broke out. It may not have changed my shipping feels for them but it's really hard for a shipper to process/go through that kind of stuff. It still bothers me. I'm not going to mention the names here but I'm sure you have an idea on who those people are. *sigh*

You should definitely give this book a chance and read it. Aaaand I definitely NEED to read the second book, FOREVER JACK, because of that CLIFFHANGER! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT TO JACK AND KERI ANN!

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