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BOOK REVIEW: LOST TO YOU (Take This Regret 0.5) by A.L. Jackson

Lost to You (Take This Regret, #0.5)Lost to You by A.L. Jackson
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I SWEAR. I DIDN'T KNOW THAT THIS WAS A SERIES. I only knew about it when I was checking the author's Goodreads account and I was floored to find out that there are two more books that I need to read. I'm not complaining though, 'cause I really love every single bit of Christian and Elizabeth's emotional roller coaster ride. But I was quite a sad panda because there's no adorable Lizzie here in Lost to You for this is just the prequel novella for A.L. Jackson's Take This Regret series.

Lost to You takes us where Christian and Elizabeth's relationship began. In here, we see their friendship blossom, their undeniable chemistry and attraction to each other, experiencing heartaches and we witness them taking their relationship to the next level. Their relationship is one of the situations wherein they try to fight the connection that they know they have and just settle for friendship ... but after quite some time it manages to weave/burst out of their systems and then things get messy but in end they get to have a HEA.

Same with Take This Regret, this book was also written in alternating POVs of Christian and Elizabeth. I don't have any problem with that for I thoroughly enjoyed them voicing out their struggles of keeping to themselves their feelings towards each other. They also have a number of cute-sy and teasing moments in this book. I love it when Christian's like adoring something about Elizabeth and us, readers can exactly feel the surge of happiness within him as he witness that particular moment. Same goes with how Elizabeth gushes about how pretty and beautiful Christian is.

This book also give as a chance to read about the event that cemented Elizabeth's opinion about Christian's parents. His dad was just a total a-hole. Ughh I hate him with a burning passion. He doesn't have a decent bone in his body. In here we also see a VERY different version of Christian's mom. Completely different from the one we've met in Take This Regret. His mom was under the claws of his father and just acts to be the perfect wife for him. We see her like a robot and a stoic kind of person. Sad. But I'm utterly glad how her character changed 360 degrees in Book 1 of the series.

You must read this book, to fully grasp and understand (complete the experience) how wonderful Elizabeth and Christian's dynamics/relationship was before it went downhill at the beginning of Take This Regret. Perf prequel novella.

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