Friday, December 20, 2013

[Vampire Academy] NEW PHOTOS + INTERVIEW OF ZOEY DEUTCH for Afterglow Magazine!

Q: What was you inspiration to start your acting career?

A: I'm just really emotional. Pretty sure acting is the only career that facilitates that sort of emotional instability. 

Q: What can you tell us about your upcoming role as Rose Hathaway in the Vampire Academy movie? 

A: The coolest thing about Rose is that she's a total badass heroine, but shes still just a teenager who makes a lot of mistakes. Mostly shes hilarous. Just really cunning and funny. 

Q: What was the experience like filming vampire academy? 
A: Sweaty, Long hours, lots of weird British chocolates. relentlessly teasing one another. Very fun. 

Q: What has been one of you biggest strugles to overcome in the industry? 

A: Its an extremely inconsistent and bipolar job. So i think one of the hardest struggles to overcome is learning to have faith that things are going to work out the way they are supposed to. 

Read the the entire interview here.


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