Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Sunday Currently: Volume 1

Long time no post, huh? I know, I know. Here's the thing. I’ve been busy dealing with real life stuff which resulted to me having a hard time keeping this blog up and running. Sometimes a barrage of words rushes through my mind, I get this sense of “I know I should type it in and make a blog post out of it” but when I face my laptop or I’m in the middle of writing my post – the spark in me little by little fizzles out or time restrains me from finishing it up. Let’s not dwell too much on that, shall we? As a comeback post, I’m using siddathornton’s The Sunday Currently. I haven’t done this here in my blog yet (hence the Vol. 1 in the title) and so it’s going to be a new feature that I’ll be updating weekly or we’ll see what I’ll come up with the schedule for this. In addition to that, I think this is a great idea for me to reintroduce myself and talk about where’s my head at concerning my blog, Fandomly Bookish. Okay, let’s start!

Reading (or should I say, I’m going to read) Finding my Forever by Heidi McLaughlin. A couple of days ago, I find myself wanting to read. It was an out of the blue move for me because I’m currently into this reading slump period which was brought on by It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover. But surprise, surprise, not only did I finish one book in a few days but I ended up with two, which were the first two books of this series. I have to say that McLaughlin’s books are addicting. Once you start reading it and get introduced with her set of characters, you just can’t help it but to be curious about everyone. So that’s what happened to me. I devoured those books and now planning to add another one.

Writing this blog post. For a long time, I haven’t felt this level of joy with blogging. Probably it has something to do with it being a comeback post and at the same time, a new feature. I’m also having fun with just letting my thoughts out through a blog post. I’m planning to write another post today or tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

Listening to You and Me by Ahn Hyeon Jeong from W Original Soundtrack Part 7. Twitter friends wouldn’t be shocked with this but I’m sure my dear blog readers will be. I think ever since this blog existed not for once did I mention any Korean related stuff here and you’d be amazed with my progress in this area. Just so you know guys, my playlist is invaded and filled to the brim with Korean songs. Most of those songs are from the original soundtracks of the Korean dramas that I’ve previously watched and am currently watching. Some people will probably say that I can’t even understand the lyrics, so why listen? Wait. Hold up. This is something that I’ve came to realize after all these weeks that I’ve spent listening to these songs – I might be clueless with their lyrics but the emotions of the artists transcend the message of the song and affect me. And Google’s around too. I could do a one click to read about the English translation and double the song’s effect on me.

Thinking about the things that I should consider to spice up this blog and make it come alive. I have a few things up my sleeves and I’m still trying to finalize it in my mind. I'm also thinking about W - Two Worlds and Waves of Memories by Jonaxx. What a mind-boggling duo! 

Smelling the carbonara and fried chicken from the dining room. It's my cousin's 20th birthday and we had  a simple gathering awhile ago and the smell of the  foods and festivity are still lingering in the air. Happy Birthday, cous!

Wishing that I can really push through with those plans that I’m currently thinking. I’m wishing that I won’t be placed under a reading and blogging slump too. It’s seriously messing up with my plans.

Hoping that W – Two Worlds leaves its viewers fully satisfied and ends happily. Right now, W is delivering the satisfied part (just a few more triggers and my mind would probably explode already) but on the other end, nope. My heart is thoroughly crushed by that cruel ending and cliffhanger from Episode 13. This Korean drama is a MUST WATCH!

Wearing a tank top and shorts that I usually just wear inside our house. My comfy clothes.

Loving all the love my Twitter account is getting. I love all the interactions and mentions. I love my Twitter friends. Hi!

Wanting to make some changes here in my blog for quite some time now but distracted to do it. I think, I might be able to pull it off this time around. 

Needing more behind the scenes videos and photos of Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. For added feels and my strong need to check up on what’s happening with the two of them in between takes. I also need my on-screen couple – Kang Chul and Oh Yeon Joo – to end up together and be their saccharine selves.

Feeling sleepy. I didn’t get enough sleep last night because my mind went into an overdrive and kept on thinking about different things from my blogging life and real life. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Clicking through my blog to able to post this.

There you have it. I'm done filling out 'The Sunday Currently' feature and I certainly had fun! How about you? What were the things that you accomplished today? What were the thoughts that circled through your mind? Want to share it to me? Just comment down here on my blog post or let's talk about it on Twitter @ @fandomlybookish! I'd be glad to entertain you!

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