Sunday, February 23, 2014

[The Mortal Instruments] NEW 'CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE' SNIPPET features 'THE DARK ARTIFICES' trilogy main characters - Julian and Emma!

Cassandra Clare responded to a fan question on Tumblr concerning if readers are going to be able to get know Julian and Emma in City of Heavenly Fire and here's what she said: 

"I do think you will get to know Julian and Emma in City of Heavenly Fire. There is a lot about them. The first notes my editor sent me back on the draft of CoHF were about Emma and Jules.
The hope was to introduce you to the whole family, including Tiberius and Livvy, and Drusilla and even Tavvy (though he is about 2.) It is worth remembering Jules and Emma are only twelve! They have a partnership, extremely focused around the littler kids, but not a great romance …though the seeds of something else are there."

In that same post, Clare graciously shared a NEW SNIPPET from City of Heavenly Fire which features these adorable pair, 

"Julian’s skin was cold, as if he’d been leaning out the window into the night air. She turned his hand and drew with her finger on his bare forearm. It was something they’d done since they were small children and didn’t want to get caught talking during lessons. Over the years they’d gotten so good at it that they could map out detailed messages on each other’s hands, arms, even their shoulders through their T-shirts.

D-I-D Y-O-U E-A-T? she spelled out.

Julian shook his head, still staring at Livvy and Ty. His curls were sticking up in tufts as if he’d been raking his hands through his hair. She felt his fingers, light on her upper arm. N-O-T H-U-N-G-R-Y."

Awww shizz, these two are just so cute! I think we're going to see a lot of how Julian  and Emma's dynamics work in City of Heavenly Fire because Cassie is totally preparing us for The Dark Artifices. dhfdhad I definitely cannot wait to get my hands on City of Heavenly Fire ... but on the other hand, *sobs* it's going to be the last book for one of my favorite series! *sigh*
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