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Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3)Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi
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Immediate thought after reading this book. WOW.

Story and Writing Style. I can still remember that moment last year when I entered the bookstore, just caught myself staring at this super pretty book cover and randomly picking it up among the stacks of books. Yes, it was just last year when I’ve read the first book of this series, Shatter Me, and I know that it was just in time for the book release of Unravel Me. Upon starting Shatter Me, I was kind of taken aback with its writing style … the strikethroughs, the repetition and the use of overly dramatic/poetic words which in one way or another quite bothered me. Yet still, I didn’t give up on the entire series because I know that there’s a bigger reason why that specific writing style was needed to be used on that book.

And I was right on that note.

Looking back to Shatter Me and finishing Ignite Me, fans of the series will surely notice the change on how these books were written. Gone are the strikethroughs, constant repetition of words and the hint of indecision of every word written down on it. All gone. But to people who’ve tried to read Shatter Me and just gave up on it because of those things won’t quite get the full reason to it. So, I tell you that it’s because of Juliette’s character being meticulously interwoven in its writing style/narrative voice– her growth, mental, emotional stability and every aspect of her character reflects on it. And I love that. This series is told not in the bland or angsty way but in a very unique and Juliette way. Shatter Me is just a chapter of Juliette’s life and yes, it may annoy you to some extent BUT please don’t give up on it. You won’t get the full effect of how beautiful this series is until you turn the last page of Ignite Me. I’m also sure that the fans appreciate all of these books more than ever upon finishing the entire series. Heads up, this book also shows the growth and talent of Tahereh Mafi as a writer.

Another thing that I love about this book is the fact that there’s the given tension about the war with Anderson/the Reestablishment yet the tension is being toned down by the writing style. Not most of the time we need to read and imagine tension-filled scenes through nitty gritty words but we can also have that same imagination using airy, beautifully chosen and poetic words. Sometimes it may even amp up our visions with those words in place. We also have to consider that these characters are just teens and right here enters how Mafi is the perfect storyteller for this book. It’s because of how fun she gets and how playful she is with her choice of words and sentence/paragraph structure despite the enormity of the situation. It somewhat gives us a young/fresh, so not dreading effect and the feel of “the weight being lifted off our shoulders” while reading this book. Additional: If you’re still not following this woman on Twitter, you better do it now because you’re missing a whole lot of coolness in your timeline. Her tweets are just LMAO and EPIC!

Dystopian or not. For me, Shatter Me Series or The Juliette Chronicles is a story SET in a dystopian world BUT HIGHLY FOCUSES on Juliette’s character and the relationships that she builds among the other characters of the story. Yes, there’s war and all rebellion stuff but it quite serves as the base/background for Juliette to accept herself and find her place.

Characters. In the beginning of the series, we were presented with characters that experienced so many unfortunate events in their lives which truly affected and shaped them to be who they are (during Shatter Me). And during the course of three books and two novellas we see them how they were able to pull through from their dark places, find themselves and go through the necessary changes to empower their characters.

I actually love the fact that the story focused more on the characters rather than the common world building and heavy war stuff because the characters in these books are so interesting and have so many layers and secrets that needs to be shed out. There are some books out there that present their stories and characters in just BAMMMM descriptive type of way but here in this series, the main characters are all fleshed out to the core. May it be negative attitude that we see in these characters or positive ones, all of it is presented to us. So, by the end of Ignite Me it feels like I or we know them personally.

Juliette. My my, Juliette. The writing of the books itself will tell you how much her character has grown from Shatter Me to Ignite Me. And I swear, witnessing how Juliette’s character changed/evolved book after book is purely amazing and wonderful.

Shatter Me Juliette is still there with her dramatics and all but we now have a very strong woman. From being a person who’s always full of doubt about herself and her surrounding, she turned into a self-assured one. From being passive, she turned into a very active and vocal one. She isn’t the complacent one either and just continues to lie around but she turned into a charged and powerful one – full blown leader. I also noticed that Juliette’s mind was working overtime here in Ignite Me, her plans are just whoa. Clap clap. clap. And lastly, I utterly commend her for not being all emotions in this book.

These changes may seem to be abrupt for some but nahhh … All of those were just inside of her, waiting to be tapped and for her to be willing and to own it. Juliette discovered what was lying dormant inside of her and used it to its full potential - for herself and for the greater good. She let herself go, feel mad about things, accept her powers and how she truly is and just learn to be more of what she previously was. With that I think, Tahereh Mafi perfected the self-discovery element of the story.

Warner. We actually learn a lot about his character in this book – his actions and intentions from Shatter Me days, his father, his mother, his grandfather, the jade ring and his connection to Adam. Warner is still the brutally honest person we’ve met in Shatter Me but readers will surely take in his character into a new light because of the revelations that surrounds his character. Though, *stares at my nails* I’m still here just sitting, grinning like a Cheshire cat and waiting for everybody to realize it. I KNEW IT! Since Shatter Me, I had already this weird fervour towards his character even if he was portrayed as this psychotic dude. And then Destroy Me came … Unravel Me … lastly Ignite Me.

Though, I would just have to comment on Warner’s attitude towards the plans of Juliette before and after they had this “thing” with Anderson and his force. I would love to have more scenes of himself questioning Juliette or in some cases even disagrees with her. (view spoiler)

Guys, is Warner the Christian Grey of YA Bookverse? READ. THE. BOOK. NOW. *fans myself*

Juliette-Warner. Hot damn, these two! All the feels in this world should belong to these two right now. Haaaaa those scenes *splashes myself with cold water*!!! I can say that Mafi can really deliver sexyyyyyy scenes! I like how she describes it through the different emotions Juliette experiences at that moment and not describes it to us in the typical way – which might end up for this book to turn from YA to NA genre.

Their whole dynamics just feels so right with both of them challenging each other and all. Yes, Warner is protective of Juliette but he isn’t the type of guy who will just cage her and won’t allow a room for her to grow. He pushes all the right buttons for Juliette to realize her full strength. And you’ll just know it that they’re perfect for each other.

Adam. I feel like I don’t know him already BUT of course we really don’t know him because we were just shown the other side of the coin. And from that we’ve perceived/created this whole notion of him to be this perfectly good character. Thus, we faced disappointment and spewing wtfs when we see this OTHER SIDE of his character.

Inhale, exhale. There were scenes that I hate him with a burning passion bbbut he’s just a human being who got hurt and got his heart broken. He even said terrible terrible things to Juliette and it truly broke my heart. *sigh* I don’t know if I consider this as a very great move from Mafi, when in fact she knows that there’s also a huge crowd supporting this character. It could’ve been great if Adam’s character was still able to fully redeem himself at the end of the book – like giving him a scene where we can see that other side of Adam that we saw in Shatter Me and Unravel me. I think, everything would’ve been perfect because of that.

Kenji. I would love to have a best friend just like Kenji, where can I possibly find one? Sad. Anyways. Kenji’s character is as fun as ever, that whenever he enters the room it is immediately surrounded by unicorns and rainbows arching up in the ceiling. LMAO! But wait, here in Ignite Me we also see the other side of his character – vulnerable one, who’s also accosted with sad feels. And because of that I love him even more. Awww Kenji, let me hug you. *hugs my pillow instead*

If there’s a person who could talk some sense into Juliette’s head, this dude is the answer! There were moments when I would laugh my ass off because of the things that he’s saying and sometimes I get the vibe that what he’s saying are straight off from what the readers are saying/complaining on how Juliette’s character is. His conversations with Juliette about Adam, Warner and the default thing were really lovely and truly served as an eye opener for Juliette and her feelings. And ughh I just admire his relationship with Juliette – which he calls princess or J. Dagnabit, Juliette you’re sooooo lucky.

Anderson, The Reestablishment and all that jazz. Weeeeeell. We get to see Juliette kicking some ass and using her cool magic tricks but it was just so fast – as fast as how the Anderson problem was resolved. Eeeep remember the focus of the story, though. And you'll be fine.

Ignite Me is definitely a satisfying, refreshing and beautifully written conclusion to the series.

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