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[Year-Round YA and NA Guide: A List of My Most Anticipated 2015 Releases] Interview with R.S. Grey, Author of The Design

Up until now, I still can't believe that I did this interview with her. I tell you, it's such a surreal experience when you get to interact with authors. Especially with your favorite ones. The feeling just never gets old. I still do the fist pump thing, squealing and fangirling. Oh I may or may not be fangirling really hard when I was emailing and replying to this author's emails. 

Today's a very special day for me and my blog because I'm going to share an interview that I did with R.S. Grey a few weeks ago. R.S. Grey is just one of my favorite authors. No big deal, right? If you've been following my posts in this blog, I'm quite sure you've seen her name appeared more than once. I did book reviews (gave her books such high ratings because I love them) and Waiting on Wednesday features. Should I stop rambling now? Oh okay, just be sure to check out her books because I really and truly recommend those! 

In this blog post, R.S. Grey talks about herself, her upcoming book, her inspiration for Cammie and Grayson (MY GOODNESS!!!) and her playlist when she was writing The Design. She also has a special message to her Filipino readers! Enjoy reading! <3


Author: R.S. Grey (Facebook Page | Twitter
Publication Date: March 1, 2015


Five minutes until the interview begins. 

Fresh on the heels of her college graduation, Cameron Heart has landed an interview at a prestigious architecture firm.

Four minutes until the interview. 

She knows she’s only there because the owner, Grayson Cole, is her older sister’s friend.

Three minutes. 

For the last seven years, Grayson has been the most intimidating man Cammie has ever had the pleasure, or displeasure, of being around.

Two Minutes. 

But the job opportunity is too good to pass up. So, Cammie will have to ignore the fact that Grayson is handsome enough to have his own national holiday. 


After all, she shouldn’t feel that way about her new boss. And, he will be her new boss.

“I’m not scared of you,” I said with a confident smile.
“Perhaps we should fix that, Ms. Heart. Close the door.” 

Why is this book included on my list? I NEED THIS BOOK since that moment I've finished reading THE DUET, last year! During that book, I've been SUUUUUUPER TEASED about Cammie and Grayson's character and my eyes were itching to read this one already. It's that "need to know factor" on what'll next happen to these two! Gahhhd! The Duet basically built everything up for their characters; how the story will flow, how these two characters will be interacting, how they are towards each other and that frick frack chemistry between them! ///dying 

If you're curious about The Duet, better check out my review here

Q: Before I proceed in asking questions about your upcoming book, The Design, I shall ask you first something about yourself. Who’s your favorite author and what is your favorite book? How did this particular author influenced you as a person and as a writer?

A: J.K. Rowling is my favorite author. I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd and I will always look to J.K. Rowling for inspiration. While our genres and styles are vastly different, I love to think I’m using my imagination as much as she did when writing my books.

Q: Have you really dreamed of becoming a writer? Who or what inspired you to become one?

A: I’d always dreamed of becoming a writer. To me, it’s the sort of job that female leads have in movies, but that people in real life don’t actually get to experience. (Like opening a bakery or a little book store!) I was heavily influenced my an old co-worker and dear friend. She convinced me to try and write my first story, and I did!

Q: When you aren’t writing, where would we most likely find you? What are your hobbies aside from writing?

A: At present, I would most likely be found cuddled up with my two dogs. I just got a new puppy, so he takes up most of my time these days.

Q: Since The Design isn’t out yet, I won’t be asking much about the story and the characters. But can you give me an idea on how you came up with the story line for this book? Did you already plan having a book for Cammie and Grayson from the start or was it just a random addition when you were writing The Duet? I noticed that you were pretty much teasing us with these two in that book. (That’s why I’m dying to read this already!!!)

A: I absolutely love “office romances” and I wanted this to be a classic example of one. Every steamy scene I could think of concerning office relationships was thrown in for fun! I knew that Cammie and Grayson would get their own story, which is why it was so heavily hinted about in The Duet.

Q: How does The Design differ from The Duet?

A: Cammie and Brooklyn are vastly different characters. I think with two sisters you can have many of the same qualities, and yet, sometimes it seems as if they aren’t related at all. Cammie is much more outgoing than Brooklyn is. Cammie gets herself into situations that Brooklyn never would, and you’ll see those play out throughout The Design.

Q: What’s your favourite and least favourite part in the writing process of The Design?

A: My favorite part of working on a project is the final tweaking, when the words are there, but I just have to craft them into something better. Fine-tuning jokes is the most important part in my writing process!! My least favorite part is reviewing edits, hah.

Q: Can you give us a teaser or an excerpt from The Design? Or just a fun fact about it.

A: I think I’m going to hold off on excerpts, but I can tell you that this story will have the same feel as The Duet, but with a few surprises thrown in!

Q: Among all of the characters in The Design, who do you feel very connected to and why? (If this tend to be spoiler-y, I won’t include it on my post.)

A: Without a doubt, I relate to Cammie the most. I used her to channel thoughts and feelings I’ve had in my own life. I like to think I’m living vicariously through her in this story.

Q: Ooooh how do you do that? How do you manage to create such great chemistry between the characters of your books? I’ve read three of your books now and I adore their chemistry and them as couples.

A: Well thank you!! I wish I knew my secret recipe, because then I’d bottle it and sell it everywhere. I try to keep my characters as realistic and honest as possible. I try to concenrate on creating great dialogue paired with interesting situations for my characters!

Q: Do you have a specific actor/model in mind when you’re describing or writing about Cammie and Grayson’s characters? Any fan cast?

Inspiration for Cammie: 

Inspiration for Grayson: 

Q: Do you have a playlist that you’ve been listening to while you were writing The Design? If so, can you share it to us? 

A: I do have a playlist! Here are my top 5 songs that I’ve had on repeat while writing:

Pyro – Kings of Leon
Sex Is On Fire – Kings of Leon
Crazy in Love – Beyonce
The Heart Wants What It Wants – Selena Gomez
All I Want - Kodaline

I am completely astounded by the book community in the Philippines. I have such amazing fans there – fans that are loyal, and outspoken about their love for my books. I’m so grateful for my readers there and I cannot wait to visit one day. THANK YOU!!!!!

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