Monday, April 6, 2015


Hi, book nerds and fangirls!

Fandomly Bookish is quite back after entering a hiatus throughout the month of March. I’m writing this blog post to share to you what I’ve been up to for the past month and what were the things that led me into having a blogging hiatus. Nothing to worry, though, for I didn’t get sick or anything. So yeah, let’s get down to it.


Yes, we don’t have WIFI connection right now in our house because we’ve decided to have it cut off due to weeks and weeks of crappy connection. I don’t know when we’ll have a replacement for it. And you know what? I’m actually kind of okay with that. Recently, I’ve also felt like I need some time to step away from being so active in my social media accounts and focus more on my life outside of it. I know it will take a toll on my blogging duties but on the flipside I’ll be able to take a break and just chill aka read more books. Speaking of books, I’ve read quite a number last month and I ended up not being able to write book reviews because, phew the pile and my fervor for reading pushed me to read the next book right after the one that I’ve finished. I hope I’ll be able to have time soon to go through those books again and write mini book reviews for it. I updated my Goodreads account and in there you’ll be able to see the ratings for those books. I hope those ratings can still help you in choosing your next reads.


The whole month of February and for the most part of March, I’ve been constantly answering emails, communicating to a bunch of people, coordinating with the entire Colleen Hoover Philippines team to organize a release party and the first ever Filipino CoHorts gathering. This event definitely kept me busy every single day because our team is constantly tweaking the flow of the event (adding and removing activities), I’m always checking on my email account and constructing replies. I even felt the need of gluing my eyes and hands to my laptop and phone. Tiring but it was very fulfilling when you have an end result of a very successful event. The release party was definitely a huge success and I can say that everybody in attendance had a great time. The vibe of the event was very chill and friendly. There were games, great performances and everybody had a great laugh. I’m planning to write a blog post about this event together with another one which constituted for me to have the “best weekend ever”.

#OTRATMNL and nursing my PCD

After years of waiting, I finally had the chance to watch and hear One Direction perform live last March 21st and it was so surreal. I still can’t believe it but when I scroll through my phone’s voice notes and listen to the ones I’ve recorded during the concert, it proves to me that that particular night really happened. It was real. I really had the pleasure of hearing them sing and talk live in front of me. I’ve been a fan of this band from the very beginning and for me to able to witness them performing was very fulfilling. Their voices were really beautiful and if you’re very keen into distinguishing the similarities/awesome differences between the studio version and their live performance, you’ll just be doing two thumbs up. They were perfect and they really deserve everything that they have achieved all through the years. I’m very proud to be a One Direction fan!

It’s more than a week since the concert but I’m still here, still hung up over them. And then talk about the timing of the concert. It’s very difficult to nurse a PCD at the same time facing One Direction’s recent announcement and changes. I think I’m going crazy because I’m constantly bouncing back and forth from being a ball of happiness and then in a snap of finger to feeling so distraught and heartbroken. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s feeling this way.

#1D – Zayn = Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall

Looking back now, the signs were all there. The signs that could’ve been some serious warnings to us, fans, from the impending nightmare slipped through me because 1) I was so focused being excited and preparing for One Direction’s concert here in the Philippines and 2) I (or should I say, everybody) didn’t expect for a drastic change to happen as early as now.

I respect Zayn’s decision in leaving the band but you still can’t take away the fact that it was a heart wrenching and painful move coming from him. Like seriously? One Direction only lasted four full years (almost five years) to stick together? I’ve been imagining them to reach several years of staying as a band and making music together or AT LEAST finish the contract that they are currently signed on. I can’t stomach it. It’s very hard to take in. It’s just hard to accept that Zayn won’t be part of this band that I truly adore. I’m going to miss him and his high notes big time. No more breath-taking Zayn and Harry (or any other member) voice blending in songs. I’ll miss him in the music videos, promo photos, live performances or any other One Direction material. Now, there will always be a missing piece to this band.

But that won’t stop me from supporting the music and everything that these four remaining members will be releasing and sharing to us. During this particular moment, my love, appreciation and gratitude towards One Direction – Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall grew more than ever! I’m thankful that they are still there for us fans, trying to lift our spirits up and being strong for our fandom. As for Zayn, I wish him well and good luck to whatever career move he’ll be doing next. I’m also praying that in the future he’ll have the courage to talk about what really went down and eventually led him into leaving the band. As a fan, that’s like a million dollar question that really matters and needs to be answered.

See? Me and my feels were pretty active and busy last month. Now that I can squeeze in some blogging time, I can assure you that not having WIFI connection won’t be keeping me away from getting my blog up and running. I’m planning to schedule blog posts from time to time. Hopefully I can really see through that, be able to write stuff and for blog posts to appear on my blog. I’ll do everything I can to keep this blog alive.

If you want to contact and talk to me about books, ask for recommendations or anything please feel free to send in an email at or a private message on my Facebook account: Amanda Nicolette Gregorio Banzuela. I’ll be happy to respond to your messages! Thank you. :) x

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