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Summary of Lucky Number Four

Pandora Ann Phillips' life is just normal-crazy.

Her mom's a psychic, her dad's mom is a snob, her mom's parental units are "too down to earth" and her best friends are newlyweds. Okay, so her best friends being newlyweds isn't really abnormal, but living with them in a cramped two-bedroom apartment definitely is. Sex, sex, sex is totally on their minds. Actually it's not only on their minds, but it's on the kitchen table, couch, on top of the washer...well, you get the picture. 

Being a celibate (not by choice, mind you) full-time college student, and an almost full-time barista, Pandora can't afford to lose anymore sleep. So, she seeks out a new place to lay her head. Enter three "drool worthy" male models that are looking for a fourth roommate and they want her...and won't take no for an answer. 

Hilarity ensues as Pandora's life turns completely upside down, and she begins to wonder if it will ever be the same again!

Ramblings. I think, it was on January 3 that I first had the knowledge about this book. I saw a banner of it on Jennifer Armentrout's Facebook page and the tagline immediately caught my attention. In which, it eventually led me checking out the entire summary on Goodreads and of course adding it up on my to read list. 

Eh surely, I won't pass up with that goodness. 

Immediate thought after reading this book.  I definitely love the epilogue, that was totally a cute way to end this book. I had high hopes with this book, with what being featured in JLA's page and all, but it just wasn't able to live up to it. A few more tweaks here and there could've done something good to this book. 

Story proper. Pandora "Dora" Philipps is in dire need of a new place if she wants to give herself some proper rest and sleep. WHY? Eh she's living with her two best friends who recently got married and youuuuu know... There's a lot thumping, moaning and screaming that is going on. Ughhh sooooo she really need to move out of the house ASAP!     

As she was doing some grocery, she noticed a "roommate ad" and got really interested into it. Dora gave the number a call and was immediately invited to check out the place. Surprise surprise surprise. Only to be shocked that the place she's currently checking out is also the home "drool worthy" male models (Drew, Liam and Colin)... Aha! And that's where the story picks up. 

What do you think will now happen to Dora? How will she deal with this craziness? How will these hot bods treat her? Join Dora as she deal with this testosterone filled and earth-shaking madness that she suddenly stumbled upon.  

My thoughts. First and foremost, I just have to say that all of the my guesses and predictions were riiiiiight. 

Lucky Number Four is an okay read for me (thumbs up for the hot bods, tho). This book got a small dose of humor and mystery and quite lot of romance (eh?), drama, craziness and relationships. I want to talk about these elements one by one. So, let's do this. 

Humor. With a premise like that, I truly expected it to be loads of funnier than this. There's so much potential to the story where it could've ended up even funnier. I appreciate the effort of the author though and she still managed to make me laugh in some parts of the story. So we're still good. [Ssssh but I think Tahereh Mafi's tweets are funnier than this book.]

Mystery. This book is also injected with a mysterious feel to it. How? Most (or all) of the chapters ends with a mystery guy's POV. [Yes, a mystery guy if you don't really notice the clues that much or at least the actions of that guy character. Teehee, I correctly guessed the guy. Not that hard.] The purpose of it is to quite confuse the readers on who's the guy that is having those kinds of feelings towards Pandora. With three guys to choose from, that's quite a task to figure out orrrr not. 

Romance. We got an insta-love on the part of the male character (won't mention the name). He got it bad upon meeting Pandora. Like wut?! How did that happen? I can't even fathom how this thing happen to him. Yes, Pandora's a breath of fresh air but uhhh that was really really really fast. For Pandora though, it's of a different story. She's got her eyes in one of her roommates but there wasn't any action coming from that particular dude. So, dropped. Then she suddenly feels something towards the OTHER one. That was fast again.  This OTHER roommate of hers was the one that she keeps brushing off the entire time she was pinning over the first roommate. I don't know boy but there isn't anything. It plainly lacks depth in it. 

Drama. Go figure! After the main couple of the story got together, obviously there's going to be some drama that will soon follow. I totally predicted how she will react and how the next few scenes of the story will play out. So yeah, I wasn't moved or got affected by the story. [I don't know if I should be happy about it or not. Ughhh the story gets predictable because my mind keeps on conjuring hunches and always getting ahead of me. And I always end up guessing it correctly.]

Craziness. Ha! The Grandmothers were always at each other's throats! Cat fight yesterday, today and tomorrow! If this is the funny element in here, nope. Not cool. It gets irritating after one fight after another. Her psychic mother and Pandora being an empath is pushing every aspect out/taking it too far. There's a part here in this book where she needs to figure out how to help Liam and Drew using her ability. I hope she didn't involve this thing. Sad. 

Relationships. We are presented with all kinds of relationships here, which I really appreciate. We have best friends, roomies to fellow roomies, parents to their children, grandparents to everyone and lastly, couples.  Oh wait. I also appreciate the author for having Liam's character in the story. That was actually good and a he was a great character to include in this story! :) 

THE ENDING. Despite my problem with the romance department, I still love the ending part. I'm just a sucker for scenes like that! Read the book, so you'll know why.

Rating: 2.75 to 3 out of 5 stars
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Bye x
PS: I also appreciate the author for having Liam's character in the story. That was actually good and a he was a great character to include in this story! :)

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