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Louder Than LoveLouder Than Love by Jessica Topper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ramblings. Uhhh *waves* I'm back! Yes. I’m finally back after two weeks of ignoring Goodreads (LOL joke) of just being busy in real life which obviously led me into this semi-hiatus of writing book reviews. I read a couple of books during that time frame but because of time constraint and not really in the mood of writing, those books ended up just being rated. I do hope to be able to go back to those books later and still be able to write reviews for them.

Louder than Love caught my attention when Aestas added this book to her to read list. I immediately checked the summary of the book and it sure did got me interested. With this being included in its blurb, “It's been over three years since a train accident made a widow of Katrina Lewis, sending her and her young daughter Abbey back to the suburban town of her youth...” I usually love books with kids involved in it because they bring this additional heart-warming element to the story.

I’ve been reading this for a couple of days already but it’s just now that I finished it. *hides my face* I seem to get distracted with the Australian Open matches on our TV screens. Forgive me, but I’m a big fan of tennis that I try to watch the games on TV or on the internet whenever I have free time. That’s also prolly one of the reasons why I’m a no show here in Goodreads. Anyways, let’s get started with what I have to say to this book.

Immediate thought after reading this book. HAHA wait. I definitely need to stop myself from replaying and laughing my ass off with that “fanboying” moment of Kevin towards the end part of the book. Tap tap tap, my immediate thought upon finishing this one was “Huhu, there’s no epilogue.”.

My thoughts. Well, I must say that I really enjoyed reading this book. Louder than Love is a story about loss, dealing with the pain it has caused a person, finding strength in order to live and experiencing and giving love another shot. I’m happy that it’s not another case of “over the top” emotional kind of book. The drama involved here just fits the right dose of it given the premise of the book and with two mature people in the center of it.

Kat, whoa she’s definitely a strong woman. Her character experienced a major curveball in her life and despite the shaky few years after it she was still able to face life day to day. Obviously, Kat needs to do some fighting with the ghosts of her past before she can fully get through it and live a healthy future with the ones she care and love. And that’s what we witness in this book. She may not have acknowledged and dealt with it in the earlier pages of the book but the moment it happened … read the book if you wanna know. But there’s this situation that I was kind of iffy about her character, it was when she ended up having dinner and kissing Adrian that same day she met him. Uhmm yeah, that was fast. But Karma kind of bit her in the ass for that. The kissing thing ended up … HAHA Sorry not going to spoil you, guys.

Adrian “Digger” Graves. British, yes please! Readers will definitely learn mooooooooooooooore about Adrian’s past rather than Kat. We get the ins and outs of the Corroded Corpse (Adrian’s previous rock band), how he slipped into his drug addiction during their rock band days, his ex-wife and child and at the end of the day he’s just Adrian, a person who’s lonely and desperate to experience love and to be loved back. I love that he has this rock god status in the past and has this alter-ego (which Abbey love very much). And I love how the author managed to wrap that up in one person, which is in the person of Adrian. Adrian Graves who can manage thousands of teens to head bang and scream the lyrics of their songs at the top of their lungs in a jam-packed arena and at the same time, be able to enchant kids with his cutesy and kiddie songs inside a library.

Abbey, Kat’s daughter is such an adorable child. She seems quite mature for her age and is always armed with all her questions about these and that that surrounds her. And she has this huge obsession with the TV show Maxwell MacGillikitty, Feline Private Eye. Apparently, Adrian was the one who sang the opening credits of the show and this was what sparked Kat’s interest (to track down and invite him to play in their local library). Aside from Kat and Adrian moments, Abbey and Adrian interactions were my favourites. Everything is just so cute. Abbey’s innocent questions and Adrian taking time to answer all of those in a simple and kiddie way are just precious.

Let’s talk about Kevin. All throughout the book, his character was mentioned as a huge fan of the Corroded Corpse and complete with his room being quite a shrine dedicated to them. I never expected to actually meet his character so when he made this short appearance towards the end part ... I got the instantaneous feeling that his character is the one I felt most related to in this book. Kevin’s a true fanboy!!! His reaction towards Adrian and the whole band was just what I expected from him. Everything in that scene feels totally real. I feel you, Kevin.

I gotta share this thing here. Based on my observation, there are different types of fans that exist in every fandom – the aggressive ones (fans who grab every opportunity to pounce on their favourite celebs), screaming fans (fans who can’t wait to destroy everyone’s eardrums), stuttering ones (I…uhhh..can’t, yeah) and the “I should just prolly keep quiet, speechless” fans. Luckily, as tested in I’m previous situations with these idols of mine I just ended up with the latter one. Seriously. I can’t afford embarrassing myself to them. I’ll probably be digging my own grave as soon something like that happens to me.

Lastly, the ending. Not to worry, the book ended in a positive note. But, sigh. I hope the author really included an epilogue. She could’ve added a few more pages with a couple of months later after that last chapter. Don’t get me wrong, I like how this book ended but I think it would’ve amped up my “like meter” for this story if I knew what happened to these characters in the following months. Where did they ended up? Has Adrian moved to Lauder Lake already? How’s Abbey going to deal with this monumental change in her life? So yeah, I would’ve loved to see how those stuff play out.

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