Monday, January 21, 2013

...And OFFICIALLY joined ANOTHER FANDOM! *Initiate?*

I've been very busy for the past couple of months because of endless research works and loads of assignments being given to us in class. Fourth year college - is really a very tiring phase. I tell you that. Those were the reasons why I haven't read a book for a long time now and I have gone HIATUS in my blogging activities *missed it A LOT, shout outs to my ROBSTEN DREAMS FAMILY*. 

My hands and eyes were literally itching to read a book and get to fangirl again with the story and characters in it. Well. I corrected that error already over the weekend. Guess what I read? Uhmmm. Does Tris and Four ring any bell? 

Guess you figured out what I read already. DIVERGENT it is! Hoping that I'm not that late yet to party with you, guise! Blame school for not allowing me to read this one in an earlier time. Boo. 

But, this book didn't disappoint me. I immediately joined the FANDOM upon reading the first book. 

It was so good that I finished it in one sitting, gosh what a page turner we have here! The pacing of the events in the book would not leave you bored to death and wait for an epic scene to happen. BECAUSE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK IS EPIC! ASDFGHJKL Fangirling really hard. Divergent is not just some typical dystopian book out there, it really lets your mind work and work and work. Especially that we're seeing it in Tris' Point of View. 

I really love reading books with romance in it and this book didn't fail me in that aspect too. The ANGST AND ROMANCE in Divergent is totally in BALANCE. Angst not overpowering ROMANCE. Balance balance balance.  

What would you expect from me after reading this book? Haha! 

TADA! I PROCEEDED IN READING INSURGENT. As usual, read it again in one sitting for only a couple of hours. I just can't seem to put this book down, feels like it's already glued to my hands until I really finished it. 

The world Ms. Veronica Roth created is just .... AMAZING! I can't think ... AAAAH! How everything is weaved from simple information to another. How detailed everything is. From the names of the FACTION to the PERSONALITIES/ATTITUDE one should have in a given FACTION. *Names of the FACTION - is really really COOL* Whoo! It really is a good read and I enjoyed it so much! 

I guess, I can't wait for the last book ... dying to know everything. What a tease in the ending of Insurgent.

I'm also so stoked for the movie adaptation of this one! After reading the book, I already jumped into the "Shailene Woodley is perfect for Tris" boat. I can see her already in character and with the recent MTV interview she did from Sundance, yes totally fit for Tris. 

Now. The Dilemma is - who'll be the -perfect FOUR/TOBIAS? Uh-oh. Haha! I have several names in my mind. *Tapping my fingertips* Please announce who'll play Four already. *dying to know* Haha! 

So. That's it for now. 
This is another post from ME: the FANGIRL of ALMOST ALL OF THE FANDOMS!
Bye! xxx

- Amanda <3 

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