Sunday, December 30, 2012


Yes. You've read the blog post title correctly. INTERNATIONAL IT IS

You may now be questioning me on how did I manage to do that, am I right? Well, the answer is staying up late and being on Twitter for 1,2,3 ... I don't know hours. 

Even before I started this blog, I already had this game plan on my mind to have a "FEATURE" an artist or an author portion here in my blog. But I don't have that much time to look for potential interviewees because of too much school stuff going on. That's why I grabbed this holiday vacation as an opportunity to take time and focus on this part of my blog. Well, it turned out pretty fine because I already received a couple of responses from artists and authors! Wohoo! I'm so stoked to craft my individual blog posts for them! That's about it, everyone! :)
- Amanda xxx

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